Key Takeaways

Key Takeaways

  • A romantic road trip in Greece is a fun and flexible way to squeeze some of the country’s most diverse landscapes and idyllic towns into one trip.
  • On a Greek road trip, you can visit iconic sites like Meteora and the Oracle of Delphi and uncover off-the-beaten-path spots like Laconic Mani and Mountainous Corinth.
  • Whatever time of year you visit, you’ll find a perfect Greek road trip itinerary to fit your plans.

It isn’t easy to think of a better way to celebrate love and freedom than indulging in a romantic road trip in Greece.

That stands especially true if they include stops in dolly villages, fairytale castles, lakeside, and river banks. We have gathered some of the most beautiful routes that you can follow by car in Greece to give you ideas. It’s the ideal alternative to Greek island-hopping!

What does one need for a perfect road trip? A few days off -ideally, to coincide with Valentine’s Day in Greece– a good mood for exploration and good company that knows how to read maps.

However, you must also be ready to appreciate villages in the middle of nowhere. They are where you’ll end up if you get lost.

Here are the most romantic road trips in Greece. By following those, you will be able to explore Greece by car at your own pace and according to your needs and desires. Let our honeymoon planners help you create one for the books!

Why should I choose a romantic road trip to Greece?

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  1. Because they are fun! All you need is good company, good weather, and a good mood!
  2. They are flexible. You decide the departure time and return on your own, and you do not have to worry about delays. It’s the perfect option for a Greece minimoon.
  3. They are adventurous. On the way, you may discover something you did not know existed. Even a wrong turn can be the occasion to create new memories with your better half.
  4. It is easy to organize: No bookings or flight hours, delays at the airport, and such. 
  5. They give you a sense of freedom and independence. You are in complete control of your itinerary and the way you spend your time.
  6. They are romantic to their core! Is there anything better than drinking a glass of wine in front of the fireplace after a day of tiring driving? 

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Where to go on a romantic road trip in Greece

The ultimate winter road trip in Greece

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Meteora – Kastoria – Prespes – Pozar Baths – Thessaloniki – Kavala – Xanthi

Whether you’re on a Greek winter honeymoon or are looking for romantic things to do in Greece, it’s difficult to imagine a better place to start a big road trip from Meteora.

It is taken straight out of a road movie, especially when the imposing vertical rocks appear on the horizon as you drive from Trikala to Kalambaka.

It is one of those that tempt you to give up everything, get in the car, and leave towards the sunset. Why not make this the spot for your wedding proposal in Greece?

It’s in your best interest to spend a night in Kalampaka or Kastraki. Then, in the morning, you can ascend either on foot or by car to their peaks. Gaze at the people and the monasteries from above and take in the eerie vibe of this spiritual place.

Kastoria is one of the Greeks’ favorite cities in romantic northern Greece. It is a popular choice for romantic Christmas getaways in Greece, primarily due to its beautiful lake, suitable for winter walks on its shores. And also for its fairytale-like old town, delicious cuisine, and bars. The latter will remind you that having fun is essential for any romantic Greek road trip.

It is not only the unbeatable romantic ambiance of Prespes that makes it a must-visit destination on your road trip. It is also a genuinely wonderful landscape, declared a National Park. Scattered on Prespes’ banks, 17 traditional villages are offered for exploration and hiking against the backdrop of the nature that rages around them, a wonderful option if you’re on an adventure honeymoon in Greece.

The Pozar Baths

The explorations are good, but was your body caught in the car for so many hours? Do you feel that you need a little relaxation, some refreshing dips in magical waters, a hammam, maybe? Then a stop to the Pozar Baths is all you need.

In the Pozar Baths, otherwise known as the Almopia Baths near Aridea, you can swim all day in the thermal waterfalls and the warm aquifers. You can also admire the landscape that is questionable how it has not become more famous.


After the Pozar Baths, a mandatory stop to Thessaloniki is due. The place that no person would explore the romantic north of Greece without stopping in it. Don’t miss the opportunity to take a walk on the seaside and catch the sunset in Kastra. In addition, you can taste a freshly baked bun from Aristotelous Square and eat more snacks around Hagia Sophia.

After you leave Thessaloniki behind you and drive on the spacious Egnatia street gazing at the lakes Koronia and Volvi, you will reach the wonderful Kavala. There, you will walk among the colorful mansions of the old town, called Panagia. Kavala is also close to the Greek ski resort of Paggaio, where you could stop overnight and do and afternoon of winter fun.

Then, you will drink coffee in one of the most beautiful buildings in Greece, Imaret. You will also explore the castle and go sightseeing in the fantastic archeological site of Philippi.

From Macedonia, you will then pass to Thrace. There, you will complete this trip to one of Greece’s most beautiful old cities, Xanthi. Please don’t leave the region before walking along its riverbank called Kosynthos and tasting its fantastic cuisine.

You can also take advantage of the mini excursions from there to the picturesque Pomakochoria and Nestos. They both carry an old-time charm that is hard to come across.

Road trips in Greece for fall and spring

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Laconic Mani

If you are a fan of the Peloponnese, Laconian Mani is waiting for you for a tour of its castles. From Oitylos to Areopolis and from the picturesque Limeni, to Gerolimenas and Vathia, Mani is full of surprises.

Enjoy walks on picturesque cobbled streets, photograph the imposing views, tour caves and taste the superb local cuisine. The wild beauty of the green landscape marries the sea’s beautiful blue. It is the ultimate invitation for a unique vacation.

Ioannina and surrounding villages

With its enchanting nature, Ioannina is dressed in the colors of every season and is waiting for you to explore it. Also, very close to Ioannina are some of the most picturesque destinations in Greece – from Metsovo and Zagorochoria to Konitsa, Mastorochoria, and Tzoumerka.

Picturesque stone-built villages, excellent traditional cuisine, beautiful bridges, rivers, hiking trails, and other activities in the wonderful nature are waiting for you to offer you unforgettable travel experiences.

Karpenisi and the surrounding villages

The “Switzerland of Greece” is only about 3.5 hours from Athens and is among the top destinations for nature lovers. Karpenisi is the capital of the Prefecture of Evritania.

It is built at the foot of the southwestern side of Velouchi, the ancient Timfristos, at an altitude of 960 meters. Apart from Karpenisi, its area is also interesting, with remarkable historical villages and sights.

Mountainous Corinth

A short distance from Athens, mountainous Corinth is one of the top mountain options for a weekend getaway. You can choose Trikala as a base. The beautiful village of Kefalochori is, by far, the most developed tourist village in mountainous Corinth. The sights are many and fascinating.

Traditional stone mansions and churches, cobbled squares, and stone fountains are some of the ones you will find in Trikala. It would be best not to miss a stop at Lake Stymfalia, Feneos, and Lake Doxa from your tour around.

Road trips for summer

Greek coast – credits:

Sivota – Parga – Preveza

The coastline of Epirus is full of coves with turquoise waters, hidden caves, uninhabited islands, and lush vegetation up to the sea! Starting the trip from the picturesque Sivota of Thesprotia, you will explore the area’s beaches. The best ones, without a doubt, are Bella Vraka, Perdika, Agia Paraskevi, and Arillas.

Descending, you will reach the cosmopolitan Parga and its enchanting Riviera. Home to some of mainland Greece’s best beaches, the city of Parga is amphitheatrically built, and at the top stands the Venetian fortress. The fortress is maintained in good condition, while small islands are scattered in front of the port, which creates a fairytale setting.

Leaving Parga, you will reach Ammoudia. There, you will come across the Bay of Odysseus and the exotic Alonaki. You can also find the famous beaches of Loutsa and Monolithi, the largest beach in the European Union.

From there, you will cross Ancient Nikopolis, and you will end up in Preveza. Preveza’s historic center of the city and port never fails to enchant its visitors.

Vonitsa – Paleros – Mytikas – Astakos

Western Central Greece has beauties that are unknown to the general public. Starting your course from the picturesque Vonitsa, with the taverns by the sea, you will descend to Palero, an up-and-coming tourist destination just opposite Lefkada. It is worth visiting the ancient city and the exotic beach Vathiavali, with its turquoise waters.

From there, continue the route to Mytika, a traditional fishing village, which has in its arms the green island of Kalamos. Boats connect the settlement with Episkopi, located opposite, hidden in the pine forest.

The last destination of this route is Astakos, with the old mansions and the cave of Cyclops. From there, you can visit the ancient Oiniades and the estuary of Acheloos, where you will enjoy a magnificent Greek sunset.

Nafpaktos – Galaxidi – Itea

This road trip is quite well known and has a unique charm. The journey starts from the castle town of Nafpaktos, with the famous port and the statues of Anemogiannis and Cervantes, the historic buildings, and the extensive beaches.

Then, you will head to Eratini and visit the traditional Galaxidi. There you can admire its beautiful captain’s houses, the picturesque alleys with blooming bougainvillea, and the extraordinary coastline.

From the settlement, you can also visit Trizonia. It is the only inhabited island in the Gulf of Corinth, with crystal clear waters and separate walking paths.

The trip will end in Itea, with the whitewashed houses and the fish taverns, which is a suitable place for utter relaxation. But, of course, for lovers of history, a visit to the Oracle of Delphi is a must.

Gythio – Areopolis – Kardamili

What can one say about Mani? Spooky landscapes, remarkable architecture, rare natural beauty, and history, all within just a few kilometers.

Starting the route from Gythio, with the island of Kranai, Pyrgos Tzannetakis, and the famous shipwreck ‘Dimitrios,’ you will descend to the exotic Kotronas. From there, you can make a stop at the famous Cave of Diros for a unique wandering in its land.

The next stop is the picturesque Areopolis, with its preserved towers, beautiful churches, magnificent port, Limeni, and turquoise waters.

Continue the route to Itilo, and after passing Lefktra, with the castle and the ancient settlement, and Stoupa with the beautiful coastline, you will end up in Kardamili, the “capital” of Exo Mani, with the enchanting old town and the beaches of Ritsa and Fonea. They seduce travelers with their turquoise waters.

Tips for your road trip in Greece

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  • Take care of your vehicle so that it can take care of you as well. A few days before the big escape, check the oils, liquids, tires, and other related. 
  • Check the weather. Going to the final destination with short sleeves while snowing or having only long sleeves in the heat does not help. So, find out the Greece weather conditions at the destination, to know what to take with you.
  • Βefore you leave, add your IDs, passports, and everything else you deem necessary to your romantic Greece packing list.
  • Get organized! Make your schedule, and if you want, do not follow it. Even a draft with the bullet points will keep you a compass on how you will spend your days on the road. 
  • The playlist is just as necessary as gasoline. So make the soundtrack of your romantic road trip in Greece in advance, share hours and hit lists, and never rely on the radio. From one point onwards, instead of notes, you will hear parasites.
  • Before the battle with the kilometers, make sure you have enough snacks and water in the quiver. 
  • Two drivers are better than one. As long as the counter writes, the one behind the wheel gets tired. It is, therefore, suitable for everyone to take turns in the role of driver.
  • Take pictures: lots and lots of them. Our lives are memories, and in the end, these images that you immortalized will remain to remind you of what you experienced on this romantic road trip in Greece. So pose fearlessly, shoot videos, and record the whole experience!

What are you waiting for?

Road trips are timeless for a romantic vacation with your partner or spouse. They are also the best way to get to know a foreign country. You can see 3-4 different places through a single getaway and have as much fun as going to the best remote Greek islands.

Thankfully, the options are many in Greece, and you can find the best places to visit in Greece for your honeymoon relatively easily. So put on gas, pack up, and have the romantic road trip of your lives!

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