Key Takeaways – Best Time To Visit Greece On A Honeymoon

  • When deciding on the best time to visit Greece on a honeymoon, most people think of the beautiful summer destinations. But this diverse country has wonderful places to enjoy a honeymoon any time of year.
  • Spring is great for visiting idyllic islands without the heat and the crowds and the fall is all about romance and coziness.
  • Winter is perfect for authentic experiences on the mainland while the summers are peak times for Greece’s most famous islands.

As a married couple in Greece, celebrating the beginning of your life doesn’t necessarily need to occur in the summer, as it is most commonly advertised.

The best time to visit Greece on a honeymoon depends on your personal preferences as a couple!

They say that every day is a celebration when you’re in love. Subsequently, staying true to that, Greece offers you the opportunity to plan your dream honeymoon any time of the year you prefer.

However, that brings up an important question: What is the best time to visit Greece on a honeymoon?

The Best Time to Visit Greece on A Honeymoon is All Tear Round

The Greek mainland is famously suitable for holidays all year round. It is, therefore, an optimum Greece honeymoon destination no matter when you choose to experience it. There are great beaches in mainland Greece and lots of opportunities for an adventure honeymoon.

The Peloponnese region, in particular, is one of the most beautiful in Greece. It boasts numerous hidden gems that will leave you in awe.

The Peloponnese



Pylos – credits:

The striking Pylos is probably the closest to a Greek island that the Peloponnese has to show. With its white houses climbing the hill amphitheatrically above the homonymous bay, it’s hard not to fall in love.

Covered with red tiles and “protected” by the legendary Niokastro, they give the newcomer a holiday feeling at first sight.

Do not leave unless you explore its Ottoman castle, which offers panoramic sea views. Moreover, seek to enjoy ouzo and meze under the plane trees in Trion Navarxon Square.

Limeni and its magnificent stone tower houses make a perfect contrast with its spectacular two-tone, turquoise waters. The village itself consists of narrow streets.

Those invariably end up in the sea zigzagging between stone towers, houses with red-tiled roofs. They also pass between small surprises, such as the abandoned church of Panagia Vrettis with its impressive bell tower.


Koroni – credits:

The region of Koroni fuses elements from the picturesqueness of a Greek island, the Venetian glamor of a castle city, and the hospitable tradition of the foreign Zeus. The fusion results in one of the most beautiful, colorful villages of the Peloponnese.

The walking routes start from the pier and end through olive groves and heavy doors in the 13th-century Venetian castle. The castle is still inhabited today and offers breathtaking views of flowered neighborhoods and open seas.

Whether it’s rocky mountain villages or spectacular beaches, the Peloponnese has it all, and in some cases, combined!


kardamyli-Lev Levin-shutterstock
Kardamyli – credits: Lev Levin/

With its stone houses and tiled roofs, this mesmerizing town is located in a sheltered bay at the foot of Taygetos and has become the most sophisticated resort in Messinia.

The charming old town of Kardamyli has restored towers and pebble coves with olive and cypress trees. It also has the stone-built villages of Taygetos, which magnetize nature lovers and free-spirited artists.

Small hotels with a personable character, taverns in lush courtyards overlooking the sea, boutique shops, atmospheric bars, and an extensive network of signposted paths.

All of the above compose a small oasis of good taste. This oasis is in a resort where the tourist development does not detract from the tranquil charm of the landscape.



Leonidio – credits:

A naval town with neoclassical and manorial houses stretches across the foothills of a crimson rock, with three windmills on edge welcoming the visitors to the capital of Tsakonia.

Tourism is not the primary source of income for Leonidio. Regardless, it is a lively town that attracts both locals and foreigners. It achieves to do so with its architectural interest, beautiful nearby beaches, and delectable cuisine.

The biggest annual event in the region is the so-called ‘Eggplant Festival,’ which takes place at the end of August. During the festival, colorful paper balloons, with candles inside, take off and ignite the night sky, offering a magnificent spectacle.

The traditional neighborhood of Leonidio

Moreover, it is worth walking in its most traditional neighborhoods, hidden behind the busy, narrow main road. Among the already charming houses of folk architecture, look for the mansions of the 1800s with ornate front doors, painted ceilings, and rifles – a safety measure against the pirates.

One of the oldest and most traditional neighborhoods, Agia Kyriaki, is ideal for romantic wandering. Raise your head high and gaze at the windmills and the mountain of Orea Kimomeni. It translates to ‘Sleeping Beauty,’ as its form resembles a sleeping woman.


Astros – credits:

The favorite destination of many travelers is about 2.5 hours by car from Athens. It is located in the eastern Peloponnese, on the coast of Arcadia, while the waters of the Argolic Gulf bathe it.

Astros is an amphitheatrically-built coastal settlement, with its picturesque alleys and traditional tile houses, taverns, and tasteful bars, having gained population in recent years.

The landscape change from the blue sea to the green of the plain and the wild mountain is a fun challenge, especially for the demanding traveler who doesn’t appreciate monotonous scenery.

A reference point of Astros is its picturesque port, where you can spend your nights celebrating your life as a married couple with delicious cocktails and mouth-watering local dishes in one of the many eateries found there.

Astros’ beaches

The beaches of Astros cater to all tastes. Whether you want the beach of your choice to be quiet, busy, sandy, with rocks, or with pebbles, you’ll find something just for you. Portes beach is ideal for windsurfing and kitesurfing, while Xiropigado is perfect for diving.

Other beautiful beaches include Atsiganos, Anavalos, Heronissi, and Kryoneri. For those who love canyoning, the Lepida Gorge, with its impressive waterfalls, is an experience you need to gain.


Vytina – credits:

One of the most scenic and traditional villages of Mount Mainalo, Vytina, has a loyal fanbase. The popularity of Vytina is due to its proximity to Athens, which makes it an ideal destination for weekend excursions. Additionally, it makes it perfect for romantic getaways and honeymoons.

Old stone mansions testify to the unique architecture of the place. Moreover, the famous black marble of the area dominates the scenery.

In the heart of the village, the lively central square features traditional, picturesque cafés and tourist shops with local products. Those will introduce you to Greek culture in the most fun way possible.

Things to do in Vytina

Don’t leave Vytina before trying -or buying- the local handmade pasta, walnuts, and herbs. And, of course, the honey that the region is most known for.

Also, make sure to bring a wooden figurine back home as a souvenir. It is no secret that the area used to be the center of wood carving and weaving.

Make a stop at the Folklore Museum and the Church of Agios Tryphon, the region’s patron saint. It would be best if you also visited the Library of Vytina in the nearby square.

Since you’re on your honeymoon, taking a long, relaxed walk on the famous ‘Dromo tis Agaphs’ -or ‘Road of Love’- is an absolute must. It is a romantic tree-roofed alley at the entrance of Vytina. In autumn and spring, nature showcases all of its natural beauty.



gytheio-mani-Apostolis Giontzis-shutterstock
Gytheio, Mani – credits: Apostolis Giontzis/

Beloved by tourists, with a traditional aroma and a modern hue, Gythio is the largest and one of the most beautiful cities in the region of Mani.

Gythio is a port city worth exploring. It lies near the mouth of the river Evrotas, in the Gulf of Laconia, built amphitheatrically at the eastern foot of the ancient Larysios Mountains.

On the waterfront of Gythio, against the backdrop of the sea and the hill with its old neoclassical houses, you will leave your troubles behind and enjoy your honeymoon by strolling the charming streets and tasting local flavors.

Heading to the city’s southern edge, you will find a small island, the ancient Kranai or Marathonis. There, you’ll find the tower of Tzannetakis Grigorakis, a leader of the Greek Revolution, that nowadays hosts Gythios’ Historical Museum.

According to Homer, Paris and Helen took refuge on this verdant island. They stayed there to revel in their love shortly before heading to Troy.

The ancient theater hosts various cultural events at the foot of the hill. At the same time, north of the city of Gythio is the ruins of the ancient city.

Gythio’s beaches

If you choose Gythio for your honeymoon, you should pay a visit to its magnificent beaches. Dive into the nearby coast of Montenegro, or lay your mat on Selinitsa and Valtaki.

Continuing further from Mavrovouni, you will meet Vathi with its icy river that flows into the sea. At the same time, the beach of Agia Varvara just before Kotronas is famous for its spectacular waters.


areopoli-mani-Pit Stock-shutterstock
Areopoli, Mani – credits: Pit Stock/

At the same time, the wild and charming natural landscape of Areopolis composes a unique setting. It is ideal for your honeymoon getaway all year round.

The region has many attractions that offer a journey back in time. Starting from the center of Areopolis, you will see the statue of Petrobei Mavromichalis. He was a hero of the Greek Revolution, and his statue nowadays dominates Athanaton Square.

It is worth going up the cobbled streets of the traditional settlement. There, you can admire the tower of public figures of the past. It now operates as a Historical and Family Museum.

In Areopolis, you will find many notable churches scattered throughout, such as the church of the Greatest Brigadiers and the metropolis of Areopolis.

Inside the latter, the excellently sculpted iconostasis and the trademark multi-story bell tower of 1836 will impress you.
Despite its development as a tourist destination, Areopolis retains its traditional character.

Narrow stone alleys and well-preserved tower houses adorn the picturesque city declared a preserved historical settlement.


Elafonisos – credits:

Peloponnese is famous for being a rewarding destination, no matter when you decide to visit it. However, the region of Elafonisos should be exclusively saved for summer.

It is the one place in mainland Greece that competes with the romantic Greek islands in popularity during the warmer months.

Elafonisos’ beaches

The beaches of Elafonisos are its main attraction on the island, with Simos being the most popular one. It is one of the most mesmerizing beaches in the Mediterranean.

It consists mainly of two sandy beaches – Sarakiniko and Frango. They lay opposite each other and are surrounded by golden dunes and cedar trees.

The beach of Lefki is located close to Simos. Despite its relatively small size, it charms the visitor with its emerald waters. However, its most unique attribute is the tranquility it exudes.

Panagia Aglyftis, and Kontogoni, are also excellent beaches, with the latter being a favorite of Elafonisos’ permanent residents.

The port of Elafonisos

After diving in the exotic waters of the region, it is worth strolling the port of Elafonisos. It is the central settlement of the island. There, you can taste delicious dishes in the fish taverns that lie along its waterfront.

You will also find small bars full every night with locals and tourists in the region. There is no better place to enjoy a refreshing cocktail by the sea.

Spring: The Best Time to Visit Greece On A Honeymoon for Nature

Mild, warm Greece weather, the aroma of blooming flowers, and the sight of green landscapes sprinkled with all the colors of the rainbow. Those blessings make springtime a lust-worthy time to experience your honeymoon in Greece.

When deciding when to visit Greece on a honeymoon, it is difficult to choose between destinations in the spring. Regardless, there are places that will give you the complete springtime experience in Greece at its full potential.


Harbor of Chania, Crete – credits: Neirfys/

The beautifully diverse island of Crete is one of those places. The lower-profile and atmospheric town of Rethymno looks like it has come straight out of a fairy tale. It is set with its Venetian port and a castle that dates back to 1575, making it beautiful and fascinating.

After you walk hand in hand in cobbled streets and try the delectable flavors of authentic Cretan cuisine, spoil yourselves in one of the scenic seaside bars by drinking the local love potion of Cretan raki.

Taking a Crete honeymoon during spring also means enjoying its most significant archaeological sites without massive tourist waves. Knossos, magnificent in its grandeur, counts almost 3.500 years of life.

Free from the summer crowds, the spectacular palace of King Minos awaits you and your other half for time travel. Just because you’re not visiting in the summer months, doesn’t mean that you won’t swim in the island’s crystal-clear waters.

Whether you dive into the turquoise sea of the exotic Elafonissi, in Preveli and Triopetra, or the beautiful beach of Falassarna, your first dive for the year will be nothing but memorable. It’s also one of the best Greek islands for hiking and nature-gazing.


Pelion – credits:

Descriptions such as ‘the mountain of the Centaurs’ and ‘the country house of the Olympian gods’ have been used throughout the years to communicate the unique characteristics of Pelion.

Abundantly beautiful yet with simplicity as one of its main features, the mountainous region of Pelion is arguably one of the most attractive places in Greece, and a perfect honeymoon destination, especially during spring.

The cosmopolitan Portaria, the picturesque charm of Tsagarada, the tranquility of Milies and Agios Georgios offering the feeling of isolation newlyweds will most appreciate, are the best way to bid winter goodbye and welcome spring while celebrating your love.

Being based in one of the larger villages of Pelion, such as Zagora, you will get to explore fascinating paths through lush forests and running waters. Enjoy local tsipouro and traditional delicacies in the square of a village. There, you will sit in the shade of an ancient plane tree, together with the locals.

Buy folk art items from original local shops, and visit historical sites. The best ones include the Library of Milea and the Museum of Folk Art and History of Pelion in Makrinitsa square. What’s more, the library of Zagora, with its rare books and historical documents in Portaria is also worth a visit.

The beaches of Pelion

Pelion has some of the best beaches in mainland Greece. The first beach you will encounter on the road to Pelion, very close to Volos, is Kato Lechonia, while one of the most touristic beaches in the area is Kala Nera, which holds the award of a Blue Flag.

The absolute must of the city is none other than the beach of Mylopotamos. Crystal clear blue waters and a spectacular vertical rock, which cuts the beach in two, and creates a natural shade. A favorite destination for young and old, Mylopotamos is famous for its warm waters.

Famous and favorite, is the beach of Damouchari. Its incredible landscape inspired the actors of the movie “Mamma mia”, who chose her for a part of the shooting of the famous American movie.


Naxos island – credits: saiko3p/

A Greek island-hopping honeymoon may be considered as a paradise on earth during summer. However, Naxos is especially appealing during spring as it has a lot more to offer than its gorgeous beaches.

The largest and most fertile island of the Cyclades is known for its lush vegetation. At the same time, its mountain villages have nothing to envy from the most popular seaside resorts.

Thanks to its long history and many archeological findings, Naxos has a rich cultural heritage that is not limited to its landmark marble gate, Portara, to the left of the port. The Archaic temple of Sangri, built around 530 BC and dedicated to Demeter, and Kouroi, the two giant statues in the damars of the island, will reward the lovers of ancient history.

The Venetian Castle, with the well-preserved stone-cobbled streets around it, is the ideal backdrop for your dreamy walks on the capital.

Naxos’ mountain villages

Suppose you want to climb to the top of the mountain villages of Naxos. They flood with impressive greenery and architecturally-perfect stone mansions. In that case, you will need a car.

The most famous of these is Apeiranthos, which has four excellent museums: the Archaeological Museum of Apeiranthos, the Folklore Museum, the Geological Museum, and the Museum of Natural History.

On your way to Apeiranthos, it is worth making a stop at the traditional village of Filoti, with the impressive church of Panagia Filotissa in its center.


Fiskardo, Kefalonia – credits: s_kaisu/

Similar to Naxos but nestled in the deep blue of the Ionian sea, Kefalonia is another Greek island that offers itself as the ultimate springtime honeymoon destination. A real paradise for nature lovers; if you are lucky here, you will see up close the loggerhead sea turtles, dolphins, and Mediterranean monk (Monachus-Monachus) seals.

However, much of it will depend on each species’ yearly life cycle. Should your hearts be up for it, you can also dive into the cold but crystal-clear waters. It is guaranteed this will make your springtime honeymoon unforgettable.

Neighboring Italy has strongly influenced Kefalonia’s cultural identity. In the words of Lord Byron, ‘Kefalonia is an island of variety’. In spring, it becomes a carpet of beautiful wildflowers, while it is known for its unique fauna. Secluded coves, golden beaches, and many lovely villages are just a few of the island’s highlights.

The beach of Myrtos, the mountain range of Ainos, which is a national park, and traditional village squares, compose an enchanting atmosphere for a unique honeymoon experience.

Argostoli, Lixouri, Fiskardo, Sami, Assos, Xi, Platia Ammos, Makris Gialos, Skala, and Melissani Lake Cave, are only some of the countless places of Kefalonia that make it a truly outstanding destination.

Don’t leave without catching the sunset on the top of Mount Ainos, the highest point of the island. The view is stunning. On a clear day, you can see from there the islands of Ithaca, Lefkada, and Zakynthos.


rhodes-old-town-Murat An-shutterstock
Rhodes Old Town – credits: Murat An/

The island of Rhodes is the largest of the Dodecanese and the fourth-largest in all of Greece. The beautiful city of Rhodes is both the capital of the island and the capital of the Dodecanese complex.

Its Old Town is surrounded by strong walls, one of the largest and best-preserved in Europe. The buildings located inside the Medieval wall testify to the past and history of the island. You will see remnants from antiquity, the Byzantine times, the Middle Ages, and the period of Turkish rule.

Lindos is one of the most beautiful villages on the island. It is amphitheatrically built on a hillside dominating the landscape of the Acropolis overlooking the sea.

Things to do in Rhodes

Walk the narrow alleys between the whitewashed houses with the cobbled courtyards. You will feel the influence of Byzantine and Medieval architecture. Faliraki is located a few kilometers east of the city and attracts a large number of tourists each year.

As a young couple in Greece, take advantage of its lively nightlife and have the time of your life! Monolithos is located southwest of the city of Rhodes and has an incredible tourist infrastructure. Visit the 15th-century castle built on a rock and enjoy the unique view. Inside the fort, you can visit the church of Agios Panteleimon.

Other Rhode’s highlights you shouldn’t miss are the Valley of the Butterflies, the Seven Springs, and Kamiros and Ialyssos, the ancient cities that count around 2,500 years of age.

Don’t leave out of your itinerary the Byzantine churches with the beautiful and ornate frescoes. They are scattered on the island. Also, the Palace of the Grand Master is also worth your time.

Last but not least, some of the best beaches on the island are Afandou, Faliraki, Tsampika, Agia Agathi, Lindos, Pefki, Ladiko, Soroni, Kopria, Kiotari, Plymiri.

If you decide to go swimming with your partner, choose any of the beaches mentioned above. They will grant you nothing short of a fabulous time.

Summer: The Best Time to Visit Greece On A Honeymoon for Islands and Beaches

If you are getting married and are planning on a summer honeymoon in Greece overlooking the sea, taking in the salty breeze that calms the mind, there is no better place to go than the Greek islands.

Their striking beauty is undeniable, and it is no coincidence that they host thousands of newlyweds year after year.

What’s more, the sheer number and diversity of the islands ensure that even the most demanding of visitors will find one that fits their criteria. Let’s explore some of the best Greek islands for couples.


Sanotrini couple
Couple in Santorini – credits: Kalamurzing/

It is known all around the world that Santorini always ranks at the top of the honeymoon destination lists, as it is a truly unique spectacle that exudes luxury and romance.

The Cycladic white and blue domes at the edge of the island’s cliffs paint a picture no couple could be able to resist. They are perfect for having as the background to your honeymoon photos.

Santorini’s infamous volcanic activity has created the island’s heart-stopping caldera and added to the heart-stopping landscape of the region.

The main settlements of Santorini

Akrotiri and Oia are the two main settlements, and each has its advantages. Akrotiri is a large archaeological site that has been preserved in near-perfect conditions. That is due to the volcanic ash it was buried under. A visit to Akrotiri will allow seeing magnificent murals and various artifacts that have been preserved from the Minoan times.

Oia, on the other hand, may not be famous for its archaeological value; it is, however, famous for one of the most incredible sunsets in Greece. Go swimming at the romantic beaches of Santorini. There, you can swim with your other half in unusual settings that will leave a lasting impression on you.

Choose Perivolos, Red beach, Vlychada, Perissa, or Ammoudi. No matter where you go, you will admire a volcanic landscape you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

Don’t leave the island before trying as many of its wines from the best Greek vineyards as you can. The fertile volcanic soil helps to produce a fantastic selection of world-famous Santorini wines. They have received numerous international awards throughout the years.

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milos fishing village
Milos fishing village – credits: Jana Hake/

The remote Greek island of Milos, famous for the statue of Aphrodite, which is located in the Louvre Museum in Paris, will surely dazzle you with its beautiful beaches and delectable cuisine. There’s a reason this is one of the best Greek islands for couples.

The lunar landscape of Sarakiniko beach is a spectacle that you must see. The volcanic sediment has stigmatized the solid rocks forming a unique tree-like design.

Additionally, Kleftiko beach offers the most impressive exhibition on the island. The collapsed underwater caves have formed a maze that will intrigue you. Not to mention that the deep-blue waters invite you for a refreshing dive to combat the summer heat.

Discover the importance of the volcano and the mineral wealth of the island with a visit to the Mining Museum and continue to the famous Catacombs, one of the most important monuments of Christianity.

Stroll the picturesque capital of the island, Plaka, and photograph Klima, the most colorful fishermen’s settlement in the Cyclades. Equally charming however less known, are the fishing villages of Skinopi, Areti, and Fourkovoni.

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Fassolou beach, Sifnos – credits: Pinkcandy/

The island of Sifnos is one of the richest in the folk tradition, and mainly pottery. With its history, picturesqueness, and local flavors, Sifnos is offered for those who want more than a golden beach to lie on all day long.

Sifnos’ traditional villages boast stark white and blue contrast, flower beds, stone windmills, and the domes of the churches. All these create the ideal setting for an atmospheric honeymoon in Greece.

The island has a good tourist infrastructure. Especially in Apollonia, and holiday resorts such as Platis Gialos, Kamares, and Vathi. As a result, it is a sought-after destination for honeymooners around the world.

Apart from the picturesque Apollonia, the most cosmopolitan settlement of the island, make sure to visit the Castle, the old capital of Sifnos that preserves its fortified medieval buildings and reminds its visitors of a living museum.

Below the Castle, the small bay of Seralia with its many fish taverns offers the perfect setting to try the local food.


Little Venice, Mykonos – credits: Pawel Kazmierczak/

There’s a reason Mykonos is the top island for luxury vacations in Greece. Known for its wild nightlife and intense winds, a honeymoon in Mykonos is perfect for the more adventurous couples. The excellent food, the romantic Mykonos beaches, and the multinational mix of travelers will ensure a fun honeymoon. It’s also a great option if you’re looking for a bachelor or bachelorette party in Greece.

Take pictures before the trademark Windmills, and enjoy a coffee or a drink in the romantic, nearby district of Little Venice. If you have the time, plan a trip to the neighboring islets of Delos and Rhenia, famous for their rich history that goes back to antiquity.

Mykonos’ beaches

The romantic beaches of Mykonos are some of the best beaches in the Greek islands. Perhaps the most beautiful beach is Paraga, which has sparkling waters, soft sand, and a beach bar.

Another famous beach is Psarou, offering to its Hollywood clients blue waters, a beautiful bay, and various watersports. Elia beach is the largest on the island. It is also the one with the least people and is primarily known amongst surfers and nudists.

Don’t pass up the chance to visit the attractive village of Ano Mera, which happens to be also the oldest village of the island that is worth a little of your time for a walk and exploration while enjoying the peace and quiet, as well as the sights of the area.

Wandering the region is one of the best things you can do in Mykonos to escape the crowds and focus on your love.

Fall: The Best Time to Visit Greece On A Honeymoon for Hiking and Coziness

Fall is arguably in itself the most romantic time of the year. When the blazing summer heat subsides, and sweater weather arrives, getting cozy with your significant other sets the tone for an unforgettable honeymoon. The cooler weather makes it a great time to get outdoors on an adventure honeymoon in Greece.

Thankfully, fall is also one of the most magical seasons you can experience in Greece. Here are the top destinations perfectly suited for it.


Zagorochoria – credits:

Steep cliffs, imposing peaks, arched bridges, stone houses, smoking fireplaces, paths that cross the dense forests, and picturesque cobbled streets compose the scenery of Zagori, which is dominated by the ravine of Vikos and the towers of Astraka.

This complex of stone villages, which has a unique architecture that strongly resembles the Cyclades, offers a complete travel experience, starting from the local flavors, such as the traditional spirit of ‘tsipouro‘, passing through stunning mansions decorated with paintings on the walls and ending with enchanting routes in the forest.

After making a first stop in the village of Vikos to admire the famous view of the legendary gorge, you can opt for a stop in one of the many villages nearby for food or shopping. Aristi, Ano and Kato Pedina, Mikro and Megalo Papigo are the ideal choices.

Where to go

Following a steaming meal by the fireplace, creating the ultimate atmosphere of a winter destination, stop at Monodendri and, of course, at the monastery of Agia Paraskevi.

From the beautiful cobblestone road that leads to the entrance of the monastery, it is worth following the signs to the edge of the cliff. The breathtaking view will reward you. According to many, it is the most magnificent view of the gorge of Vikos.

Later, it is worth choosing the route to Vradeto, the highest village of Zagori, also known as the “balcony” of the area. Steep, awe-inspiring cliffs, a sense of calm, and a peaceful landscape will mesmerize you.

Of course, no one can miss the historic ornate staircase that connects Vradeto with Kapesovo. Until the early ’70s was the only access to the village. Made by local stone craftsmen with stones, it took about twenty years to complete.

The ambiance of Zagorochoria, their historical and cultural heritage, and the multitude of options that are generously offered, highlight this region of Greece as the ultimate destination for unforgettable travel wanderings.


Nafplio city – credits: Olga Kot Photo/

No honeymoon destinations list would be complete without the mention of Nafplion. It is, after all, the city most consider as the most romantic in the whole of Greece.

Nafplio, the first capital of the Peloponnese, is a beautiful and sophisticated destination. It perfectly combines the picturesqueness and the beauty of the sea with significant historical monuments, all in an elegant environment.

Autumn in Nafplio has a distinctive, almost unique aura that makes it even more beautiful. Start an autumn walk in the city of Nafplio, and let the magic of the city guide you.

Things to do in Nafplio

Pass through the historic alleys of the town. Take a peaceful walk in Acronafplia and relax with a drink in Syntagma Square.

If you are one of those couples who enjoy exploring history, you are in the right place. Inside the city, you will find significant sights from many different eras of Nafplio.

Venetian, Ottoman, and many other monuments from the Greek Revolution compose the multicultural puzzle of this beautiful corner of the Peloponnese.

For those of you who can endure the climb of 999 steps, a visit to the castle of Palamidi will be unforgettable. There, in addition to the panoramic view of the city, you will have the opportunity to see up close the prison of Theodoros Kolokotronis, the most famous hero of the Greek Revolution.

But even if you prefer a tranquil, relaxing honeymoon, Nafplio is still ideal. There is a wide variety of cute cafes and local bars where you can unwind and enjoy the beautiful setting around you. In Nafplio, everything is at your feet.


cape-tainaron-mani-Heracles Kritikos-shutterstock
Cape Tainaro, Mani – credits: Heracles Kritikos/

Long walks in picturesque alleys. Endless hours in front of the sparkling sea. Nights under the star-filled sky. These are just some of the reasons why a honeymoon in Mani in the fall will be extraordinary.

Mani is a strip of land with an interesting history, just like its landscape. Especially during the fall, nature becomes enchanting.

The scenery softens because of the autumn sun, the sea remains warm, and the earth gives its most precious fruits; oil, figs, prickly pears, and grapes. The beneficial effect of the rain nurtures the “botanical garden” of Mani with a multitude of rare plants.

Visit Itilos, a quiet little village that can host your walks in its quiet streets, between cute houses and courtyards, or even your hikes as many well-marked paths that start from there.

The caves of Diros

The famous caves of Diros, known as one of the most beautiful lake routes in the world, are worth a visit. The first half of the tour includes a fascinating boat ride. It passes under impressive formations of stalactites and stalagmites and spooky tunnels, which adds to the dream-like atmosphere.

A few meters from the exit of the cave lies the Neolithic Cave of Diros. It houses findings such as tools, marble figurines, and vessels. All these were brought to light by excavations in the caves of Vlychada and Alepotrypa.

Perched on the top of a hill, the landscape of Vathia is one of those that never fades from memory. Imposing towers rise to the sky, surrounded by low, stone-built houses overlooking the sea.

Spend quality time with your spouse by exploring the staggering splendor of Mani. Experience a honeymoon that will feel like a dream come true.


Monemvasia Town – credits: Nataliia Budianska/

Spending your fall honeymoon in Monemvasia is the closest you can come to living for a few days in an oasis.

The golden light of the sunset reflected in the early afternoon on the walls of the castle. The view of the sea from the church of Agia Sophia at its highest point. Those are good enough reasons to convince any couple to visit this magical region of the Greek mainland.

The cobbled streets of Monemvasia meander through stone mansions. They branch out and intersect in a medieval labyrinth that is both intriguing and incredibly photogenic.

Where to go

Follow the winding path to Ano Polis. From there, you will admire the stunning view of the entire Kastropolitia and the endless blue of the Myrtoan Sea.

At the highest point of Ano Polis, you will find the Byzantine church of Agia Sofia built in the 12th century. The well-known Canon, the Church of the Dragon Christ, and the 16th-century Mosque dominate the square of Monemvasia.

The mosque houses the Archaeological Collection of Monemvasia, where the findings of the excavations of the Castle are exhibited, from architectural sculptures to ceramics and objects of daily use.

In the southern part of Monevmvasia, the sidewalk that runs along with it offers the most breath-taking setting for a heart-to-heart. It is interrupted by two plateaus, the Small and the Big Dapia.

The route ends at the east wall of the castle and reaches the lighthouse. There, you can take advantage of the still-warm weather and take a dive into the waters.

Crete – Chania

Chania Old Town – credits: Patryk_Kosmider/

We may have already mentioned a Crete honeymoon as an ideal option for spring. However, when it comes to the region of Chania, fall is the best time of year to plan your whimsical honeymoon.

Chania is a mosaic of culture, tastes, history, mountain, and coastal landscape, with its people in the foreground.

Things to do in Chania

Everything starts and ends in the Venetian port of Chania, one of the most beautiful parts of the city. Start at the fountain in the paved square. Wander around the charming old town with its traditional houses and its incredibly photogenic corners.

Continue in the district of Splantzia with its picturesque streets and the church of Agios Nikolaos. Then, walk to Topana, full of both Christian Venetian elements and the hill of Kastelli, the old acropolis.

Move on to the new city with the municipal garden and the elegant district of Halepa, with its luxurious villas. There, you can come across the home of Eleftherios Venizelos. He was one of the leading figures of Greek politics of the past.

Shop to your heart’s content in Chania’s Municipal Market, in Sifaka street, and in Srydlof street. There, you will find handmade leather goods and traditional Cretan clothing.

In the broader area of Chania, endless routes lead you to historic monasteries, archeological sites and ruins, castles, mountain and coastal villages, plateaus, and imposing gorges that end at beaches with crystal clear waters.

From the villages of Apokoronas and the historic Therissos to Sfakia and from Kastelli Kissamos to Paleochora, the Prefecture of Chania with the developed tourist infrastructure will steal your heart.


Cordu Old Town – credits: Gimas/

Most people may choose Corfu in the summer, but the season that highlights its beauty is fall. From mid-October onwards, the island’s excessive tourism stops, and life on the island returns to a relaxed pace.

The architecture and colors of the Old Town match perfectly with the pale autumn leaves. You will enjoy its autumn nature. Moreover, if the weather allows it, you will take a dip in the beaches of the Ionian.

Spianada is the largest square in Greece and the Balkans. During the fall months, Spianada is one of the most romantic places in Corfu. It is a sight to behold with its yellowed trees and benches covered with autumn leaves.

Perhaps the most idyllic spot on the island for a walk in the fall is Mon Repo. It was built in 1830 as a summer palace of the English Commissioners. Mon Repo covers 258 acres and occupies the most substantial part of the hill of Analipsi.

The palace used to host the legendary Princess Sissy. At the top of Pelekas hill and at an altitude of 270 m, you will find the Kaiser Observatory. It is a specially designed platform on the rock, from where you can enjoy a stunning panoramic view. Of course, it offers the perfect setting for sunset-watching on the island.

Where to go

If the weather allows it, don’t miss the opportunity for a walk inside the Old Fortress. The Old Fortress of Corfu is built on a rocky peninsula on the eastern end of the island.

To enter, one must cross the bridge that connects the city with the island. Inside the Fortress, you will see various buildings with a long history.

You will also find the Church of Agios Georgios. At t its entrance, lies the historical archive of Corfu, which gathers more than six centuries of history. Do not forget to climb the stone steps, which lead to the highest fortification level of the Old Fortress.

Corfu Town Hall Square is probably the most picturesque square on the island. There, you can savor an incredible view and taste the famous Corfiot donuts.

On Prosalandou Street, in the heart of the area of ​​Spilia, you will find the traditional eateries of Corfu. Each tavern has its range of well-cooked appetizers and a wide variety of ouzo, tsipouro, rakomelo, and wine.

Winter: best time to visit Greece on a honeymoon without the crowds

A winter honeymoon in Greece is perhaps considered a bit unconventional. That is due to the fame that surrounds Greece as the ultimate summer destination. But it will take you to many of its most remarkable regions. Why not explore them on a romantic road trip in Greece?

Regardless, the relatively mild winters of Greece allow honeymooners to benefit from the lack of mass tourism. Just make sure you add some layers to your Greece honeymoon packing list. During that time of year, they can enjoy a much more offbeat face of Greece. It also has many underrated spots for a Greece Valentine’s Day break.

If that sounds like something you’re interested in, read below about the top honeymoon destinations in our country that will host your winter adventures. Who knows? You may be spending your next Christmas in Greece.


Anafiotika, Athens – credits: eFesenko/

Much like during fall, a honeymoon in Athens is equally gorgeous in winter, giving couples a plethora of options for romantic things to do in Greece.

Although swimming is out of the question -unless you’re a winter swimmer of course-, there are so many more ways to spend your time in the Greek capital. We promise the lack of sea escapades will never even cross your mind.

During winter, you can discover the world-acclaimed local cuisine by visiting Athens Food Market. There, you’ll be able to see the local produce of the land and taste its riches.

From vegetables and fruits to meat, fish, and spices, you’ll discover the abundance of fresh ingredients that compose the traditional Greek recipes.

A walk around the neighborhood of Monastiraki, with its multicultural square and fascinating flea market, will further submerge you into Greek culture.

Learn all about the monuments of Monastiraki Square, and shop original souvenirs to bring back home. A cup of Greek coffee in one of the coffee shops in Avissinia Square will seal the deal. It will give you a taste of Athens in the olden times.

Suppose you’re in the mood for a winter hike. In that case, Mount Parnitha lies a mere 45-minute drive away from downtown Athens. With its casino, ski center, and an intricate web of hiking trails, it entertains those seeking an adventure. It’s a perfect place for a romantic ski break in Greece.


Arachova town – credtis: Vagelis Pikoulas/

The picturesque town of Arachova is to mainland Greece what Mykonos is to the Greek islands.

Built at the foothill of Mount Parnassos, cosmopolitan, popular, with an intense nightlife and an unmatched aesthetic, it has become the favorite winter destination for couples due to its eerie ambiance, incredible architecture, and picture-perfect landscapes. With excellent ski facilities just steps away, you can have a romantic white Christmas in Greece.

One of the most original images you will come upon when entering Arachova is the imposing clock. Also known as ‘The Hour,’ it is the trademark of the town and stars in all the photos of its visitors.

Next to the cliff where the clock stands lies the church of Theotokos – the Virgin Mary. There is also the old Primary School of Arachova that today operates as a Folklore Museum.

The main road is the heart of the town. Everyone and everything meets on this narrow, winding road. Lakka Square is the ultimate meeting point, with boutiques, coffee shops, and bars scattered across its premises. The tables outside are breathtaking, especially on sunny days.

Two hundred and sixty-four steps must be taken to reach the church of St. George, patron saint of Arachova. However, the impressive view of the village from above will reward your efforts. It will offer you the romantic setting any couple dreams of.


Kalavryta – credits:

The stunning natural landscape around Kalavryta offers a world of choice for the traveler: the ski center of Helmos, the Odontotos train, the incredible Cave of the lakes, but also smaller caves where the sanctuaries of churches have been built.

The heart of Kalavryta beats in Agiou Alexiou Street. It is the main pedestrian street that is full of cafes-bars, taverns, grocery stores, and shops selling ski equipment.

The plane trees and the fir trees found all around emphasize the mountainous character of a town that was substantially rebuilt after the Second World War and is now a top-rated winter destination.

Kalavryta owes its tourist development first to its ski center. However, if you are not a fan of sports, you can visit villages such as Vlassia, Kertezi, and Klitoria. These, feature traditional taverns scattered across their main squares.

In those taverns, you can find lit fireplaces or wood stoves and lots of local tsipouro. Let the mountainous Achaia surprise you with a visit to the Planetero, from where the Ladonas river originates.

It is gorgeous in a rich plane tree forest, at the foot of the mountain, to watch the water gush from the ground and turn into a river.

Natural monuments you should visit

From the springs of Ladonas, along the road to Klitoria, begins a path that leads to the ‘vine of Pausanias’, a protected natural monument that counts thousands of years of age. These are large vine trunks that spread on trees, in the courtyard of the church of Agios Nikolaos, in the village of Pagrati.

In Kalavryta, Odontotos, one of the rarest trains of its kind in the world, will offer you the ride of a lifetime. The journey takes one hour and crosses forests of plane trees, particularly narrow crevices of rocks that make the train whistle, and steep slopes that invigorate the crowds.

A fascinating natural phenomenon that is also worth a visit is the Kastria Cave of the Lakes. It used to be a sanatorium of the mythical seer of antiquity, Melamboda, and continues to maintain an almost mysterious atmosphere.

The cave is full of beautiful stalactites, stalagmites, and other unique phenomena, which will leave you speechless.

Orini Korinthia

Oreini Korinthia – credits:

Orini Korinthia is a cult classic mountain destination among the Greeks and a superb haven for your honeymoon.

It offers so many activities that you won’t know which one to choose first, whether you decide to stay in one of the surrounding villages or the cosmopolitan Trikala of Corinth.

Start your excursion from Kyllini or Ziria. There, you will breathe in the fresh air, and then have a cup of traditional Greek coffee under the wild cypress trees in its small and picturesque villages, Goura and Messino.

Enter the heart of Mountainous Corinth by visiting Lake Doxa, in Feneos, at an altitude of 1100 meters. The plateau of Feneos is often referred to as the ‘Switzerland of Corinth.’

From the usually snow-covered neighborhoods of Trikala to the artificial lake Doxa and from the sports center of Ziria to the mythical Stymfalia lake, the attractions of Mountainous Corinth never end.

Combined with the delicious food found in any of the dozens of taverns in the area, and the more than adequate tourist infrastructure, it is enough for a unique and unforgettable romantic getaway.


meteora- saiko3p-shutterstock -
Meteora – credits: saiko3p/

A miracle of nature, Meteora is a spectacular region of Greece full of beauty and spirituality. It is, therefore, a perfect honeymoon destination if tranquility and self-reflection sound like your cup of tea.

There, you will come in direct contact with the greatness of nature, with a different level of energy and history, and with a geological wonder, everyone should see up close at least once in their lifetime!

The region of Meteora is dominated by an evocative combination of huge dark vertical sandstone rocks. They are sculptures that nature itself crafted with immense skill.

On them, you will find the second most important monastic complex in Greece after Mount Athos.

It is worth noting that UNESCO has characterized Meteora as a ‘Preserved and Protected Monument of Humanity’ and the Greek state as a ‘sacred, unaltered, and inviolable place.’

Take a walk in the old town of Meteora. Visit the unique wood carving school in Greece, and the traditional coppersmiths, where you can find rare handmade bronze creations.

Meteora is easy to pair with a Thessaloniki or Athens honeymoon, making it a great stop on a minimoon in Greece.

The city of Kalambaka

You will soon realize that the city of Kalambaka should not be treated as a means to get to Meteora. The picturesque village of Kastraki is also worth a visit.

There, you will find traditional eateries and excellent tourist infrastructure. Palio Kastraki -the old town of Kastraki- has been characterized as a traditional settlement.

Exploring Meteora will be one of the most rewarding experiences. Not to mention that your honeymoon photos will put all other honeymoon photos to shame.


Ioannina – credits:

One of the most beautiful and historically rich regions of Greece, Ioannina is a sight for sore eyes. It is simultaneously one of the top winter destinations in the country, and one of the most romantic spots in Northern Greece.

The lake and the island found in its middle, the Old Town and the Castle, the beautiful excursions in the surrounding areas, and even the delicious food, make Ioannina a sought-after destination.

Walk the streets of the old town, its castle full of legends, and enjoy the colors of the lakeside zone; whichever way you choose to celebrate your love, Ioannina will never disappoint you.

Ioannina is one of the two lakeside cities of the country next to Kastoria. In addition to the beautiful natural landscape that surrounds it, a significant cultural and historical heritage has sealed its residential fabric, leaving the imprint of the East in the neighborhoods around Lake Pamvotida.

What to do in Ioannina

Wander in the alleys of the Old Town, which has been designated a protected settlement. Climb up to the castle of Its Kale, where the palace and the mosque of Aslan Pasha, the Fethiye mosque, the tomb of Ali Pasha, and the walls built by the Norman crusader Boimundos stand out.

From there, you can enjoy the enchanting view of the lake and Mount Mitsikeli. Don’t forget to take a walk in the old market.

There, famous traditional silversmiths keep this art form alive from generation to generation. Their workshops will be the best place to buy a token of your Greece honeymoon.

Final Thoughts on The Best Time to Visit Greece on A Honeymoon

Greece is known for its magical beaches, bright sunlight, and unforgettable summers. However, that’s not all there is to the country that combines mountains with sea and wilderness with luxury. For ultimate relaxation, why not check out the best all-inclusive resorts for couples in Greece and take a cruise of the Greek islands?

Depending on the time you choose to visit the land of the Olympian gods, there are ideal destinations that will give you everything you didn’t even dare to dream of. Care to explore them yourself? Let our luxury travel agency help you to pick the perfect trip.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When should I avoid crowds in Greece?

    If you want to visit Greece without the crowds, it’s best to avoid the summer months.

    But if you avoid the more popular tourist spots and go off the beaten track, you’ll find some quieter spots in the summer months too.

  • How far in advance should I book a trip to Greece?

    How far in advance you should book your honeymoon in Greece will depend on the destination and the time of year you want to go.

    Popular destinations get booked up fast during their peak season.

  • How much does a 10-day honeymoon in Greece cost?

    There are a variety of things that will influence the cost of your honeymoon in Greece, including the time of year, where you want to go, and what you want to do when you’re there.

    Check out this helpful honeymoon budget guide for Greece for more information.


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