Key Takeaways

  • Greece weather has a wide variety of weather conditions and temperatures to experience depending on the season.
  • Summer is the busiest season, so you can visit Greece on a honeymoon, which has hot temperatures and weather to look forward to.
  • Spring is a shoulder season and has some rainy weather, but great for a budget honeymoon option.
  • With a seemingly unworldly hue of sea blue, a clear sky, and a constant feeling of ease in the atmosphere, a Greece honeymoon is a treasured experience throughout the year.
  • Northern Greece has harsher winters, which makes it the perfect place for a skiing honeymoon.
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While many people will have a season preference, this notion is entirely based on your traveler’s needs and desires. But if you are looking for ideal weather in Greece, you are in the right place.

Still, determining which weather conditions will seal the deal for your honeymoon in paradise? Our luxury travel planners have broken down the seasons to better understand what each time of the year entails for its visitors.

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Important note: Temperatures may differ depending on your location and what region you’re staying in. So, check out this packing list for a Greece honeymoon to make sure you’ve got everything you need.

Weather in Greece: Seasonal Overview

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While you can always determine and research Greece’s weather predictions in the month you’re traveling, a glimpse of what the specific season usually brings is a good idea.

Each season in this part Balkan country is a snowflake. As a matter of fact, in Greece, every time of the day and year brings something unique.

Temperature Summary:

  1. Summer – 75 to 95 °F
  2. Spring – 57 to 75 °F
  3. Autumn – 50 to 75 °F
  4. Winter – 41 to 59 °F

Summer (July to August/Mid-September)

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Escaping from the dreary weather back home into glorious sunshine is one of the biggest reasons people choose to visit Italy and Greece.

From the diverse aesthetic of Athens and Attica to the party atmosphere in Mykonos and the beautiful beach sunset spots in Santorini, Greece, honeymoon destinations are buzzing during summer.

Not to mention that this time of the year is the best for an island-hopping honeymoon in Greece!

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However, you’re more than likely to get swooped in by tourist crowds that have the same idea because visiting Greece for your honeymoon is a wonderful idea indeed. Get away from the kids on summer break by booking an adult-only resort.

As summer tends to be the hottest time of the year in Greece, you’ll be able to explore the stunning beaches of this country at full throttle and with minimum winds and hardly any rain.

The warm, sunny weather and sense of carefree living during this time make it one of the best times to visit Greece (but certainly not the only one).

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Summer brings a treasure trove of activities experience, ranging from trips to romantic Greek island beaches to exploring quaint villages in the countryside.

As this is generally the busiest time of year, you’ll need to book your accommodation well in advance to secure a spot in your chosen destination. It’s ideal if you’re planning a cruise in Greece.

With the high temperatures and large crowds, this may not be the best time for a babymoon in Greece.

What you can expect: 75 – 95 °F

Spring (March to May)

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With the merriment of wildflowers blooming in the surroundings and the festivities of a variety of traditional holidays, Spring in Greece is a wonder to travel and explore. 

The springtime is known for providing temperate weather conditions, but this usually only comes into play in late spring, something to bear in mind if you’re planning an elopement in Greece or a wedding vows renewal ceremony in Greece.

Before then, you can expect a few rainy days sprinkled along your holiday abroad and budget-friendly accommodation options this shoulder season, perfect for a young couple’s trip to Greece. If you are an active couple, this is an ideal time for your adventure honeymoon in Greece and visiting the best Greek islands for hiking and nature.

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As nature becomes alive during this time, you’ll experience nature-gazing on the Greek islands at its prime.

There is a variety of fresh produce ready for harvest during this time in Greece, including olive groves and citrus products.

What you can expect: 57 – 75 °F

Autumn (September to October)

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This season in Greece is an excellent option for couples looking for the perfect blend of affordable accommodation prices and milder weather in every location they visit.

With the buzzing atmosphere settling down from the summer rush, you’ll also have the opportunity to explore the vast plains of this country without feeling too crowded. It’s a great time to plan to elope in Greece.

Couple lounging in Santorini – credits: Vania Tonova/

As the summer crowds might still dwindle, there are a variety of Greek islands to hop and trot along to find your perfect tropical fit.

If you’re looking for an alcohol-infused excursion, early autumn is a great opinion for couples to make their way to local Greek wineries. This is when the harvest season ( from grapes and various olives) begins.

What temperature is you can expect: 50 – 75 °F

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Winter (December to February)

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While a winter honeymoon in Greece might bring an icy coating to your trip, you’ll be able to enjoy this country on a budget.

With its off-season in full swing, travelers will gain an advantage through cheaper flights and accommodations. It’s a chance to significantly lower your Greek honeymoon costs. The scenery transforms in the winter, making a romantic Christmas in Greece an underrated option.

The average winter temperatures are generally not too cold for travelers not to enjoy everything Greece has to offer. However, temperatures drastically drop once entering the northern regions.

Couple on a Greek beach – credits: Marjan Apostolovic/

Destinations with higher altitudes provide magical skiing opportunities in Greece for couples looking to experience an adventure-filled honeymoon

For couples looking for milder winter conditions, Corfo is an excellent option to choose due to its generally warmer temperatures than other locations for a luxury holiday in Greece.

Note: If you’re looking for an incredible (pun intended) adventure without hitting the slopes, take a look at a few winter honeymoon destinations in diverse Greece to win you over.

What to expect: 41 – 59 °F

Greece Weather | Tips for Travel

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A honeymoon has the potential to be a blissful and bountiful experience, but necessary planning around weather conditions is vital to ensure a vacation without a hitch and you high on cloud 9.

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Take a look at a few pointers to make your trip to Greece a love-filled excursion to remember:

  • Pack carefully – While there is always a risk of overpacking, you’ll still need a few items to make your trip comfortable. Early in the season, there is the possibility that this time still might have some lingering weather patterns from the previous one. This includes Greece in spring which has rainy weather to brave at the beginning.
  • Always pack sunscreen – Whether it’s the blazing rays in summer or the frost in winter, you’ll need to slather on sunscreen daily. As the Greece UV rays are intense, be sure to use this essential product in every season.
  • Pack by destination – A general overview can be given for seasons in Greece, but gathering information on your Greece honeymoon itinerary‘s destinations is essential. While some places in Greece experience mild winters, other locations (such as Northern Greece) have freezing conditions and snowfall.  

Final Thoughts on Greece Honeymoon Weather

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Whether you crave a steamy Mediterranean adventure (from hot weather, of course) or prefer galivanting in Greece in milder conditions, mostly sunny, this country provides it all.

While the weather is an important factor to consider when choosing the time period for your trip, you can always find a sliver of beauty in all the seasons this beautiful country provides.

Couple in Greece enjoying the view – credits: Sven Hansche/

Are you looking to add love-infused items to your holiday itinerary? Take a look at a few romantic things to do in Greece to get you excited for your honeymoon, as well as what you need to know about a romantic getaway to Greece and Italy.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the ideal time of year to plan a honeymoon in Greece for great weather?

    The best time for a honeymoon in Greece with pleasant weather is typically during the late spring (May and early June) and early fall (September) months.

    The temperatures are comfortable, and the tourist crowds are generally smaller compared to the peak summer months.

  • What can we expect in terms of weather during a summer honeymoon in Greece?

    If you’re planning a summer honeymoon (July and August), be prepared for hot and sunny weather.

    Average temperatures range from 25°C to 35°C (77°F to 95°F), so packing lightweight and breathable clothing, along with sunscreen, is essential.

  • Are there any romantic destinations in Greece that offer a unique weather experience for honeymooners?

    Due to its stunning sunsets, romantic Santorini beaches, and breathtaking views, the island is a popular choice for honeymooners. Mykonos and Crete also offer romantic settings.

    Greece’s islands provide a picturesque backdrop for a memorable honeymoon, with warm temperatures and beautiful coastal scenes.

  • What kind of clothing should we pack for a winter honeymoon in Greece?

    Greece experiences mild winters, but you’ll still need warm layers, especially if you’re planning to visit mountainous areas or northern regions.

    Pack sweaters, a jacket, and comfortable walking shoes. Coastal areas may have milder temperatures, so bring a mix of clothing to be prepared for varying conditions.

  • Are there any specific weather-related considerations for honeymooners traveling to Greece?

    Be aware of the Mediterranean climate and potential heat during the summer months.

    Stay hydrated, use sun protection, and plan outdoor activities for the cooler parts of the day.

    Also, check for any local festivals or events that might impact your plans.

    Keeping an eye on weather forecasts and having a flexible itinerary can help you make the most of your Greek honeymoon experience.


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