Crafting Timeless Honeymoon Journeys Inspired by Love and Myth

Welcome to Eros+Psyche Travel, where we believe that every love story deserves a journey as unique and enchanting as the myth itself. We specialize in curating tailor-made honeymoon experiences that capture the essence of romance, culture, and adventure across captivating destinations. With a heart full of wanderlust and a passion for crafting memories, we’re here to bring your dream honeymoon to life.

Our Story

Eros+Psyche Travel draws its inspiration from the timeless Greek myth of love and soulful connection. Just as Eros and Psyche’s love defied all odds, we’re dedicated to creating journeys that transcend expectations in Greece and Italy. Founded by a passionate travel duo both in business and life, our company’s journey began with a vision to share the magic of travel and love across borders and cultures.

Your Love, Your Way

At Eros+Psyche Travel, we understand that every love story is as unique as the individuals it unites. Our commitment is to translate your dreams and desires into a personalized journey that reflects your love’s essence. From luxurious accommodations that embody elegance to handpicked experiences that resonate with your spirit, your honeymoon will be a reflection of your journey together.

Our Commitment

  • Local Expertise

    At Eros+Psyche Travel, we don’t just plan trips; we craft curated experiences that infuse every moment with magic. From intimate sunset walks along historic streets to private culinary adventures, each detail is thoughtfully designed to create lasting memories.

  • Curated Experiences

    Our team’s deep-rooted connections and local expertise allow us to reveal the hidden gems and authentic experiences that make a destination come alive. Through our network of trusted partners, we bring you insider access to the heart and soul of each location in Greece and Italy.

  • Bespoke Honeymoons

    Your journey is a canvas waiting to be painted with your dreams and desires. Our commitment to creating custom-made journeys means that every aspect of your honeymoon is tailored to your preferences. Your love story is unique, and your journey should be, too.

Stories of our couples

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