Key Takeaways

  • Most people don’t think of Greece as an active holiday, but an adventure honeymoon in Greece gives you the opportunity for epic activities across the country’s mountains, lakes, and seas.
  • Try hiking, paragliding, and rafting in the mountains or diving, wakeboarding, and kiteboarding in the sea.
  • Or why not combine multiple disciplines and go on an exciting canyoning tour?
  • Whatever your adventure travel interests, you will find a destination in Greece to tempt you.

If you do not feel like your Greece Honeymoon is made for relaxing all day by the beach, and you are a couple that thrives on adventure and adrenaline, then you are in the right place.

Here you will find a guide to an adventure honeymoon in Greece. Are you ready to upgrade your romantic getaway into a once-in-a-lifetime experience?

From a 4×4 safari in Rhodes to hiking for a Greek sunset with Santorini’s imposing Caldera in the background. These and more will fill your days with fun and adventure, perfect for your first vacation as a couple in Greece.

So escape from everyday life and indulge in new experiences that will bring you closer to your spouse. All roads lead to Greece!

What to do on an adventure honeymoon in Greece

Rafting adventures in Greece

Rafting – credits: Trekking Hellas Arkadia

There are over thirty rivers in Greece to enjoy kayaking and rafting. Levels of difficulty vary from river to river, but overall, Greek rivers are not famous for being extremely challenging.

Some rivers have a greater degree of difficulty but are suitable for people who want action without necessarily having special knowledge of the sport. 

There are also rivers with a high degree of difficulty. They have adventurous passages, whirlpools, and waterfalls, which raise the adrenaline and make a name for extreme sports in Greece.

The following rivers of Greece are great for kayaking and rafting:

  • Nafpaktia – Evinos (degree of difficulty II).
  • Kastoria Nestorio (degree of difficulty II).
  • Kissavos Pinios (various degrees of difficulty from 1-3).
  • Zagorochoria – Voidiatis (degree of difficulty I-II).
  • Aggitis (degree of difficulty II).
  • Peloponnese – Lucius & Alpheus (degree of difficulty II-III).
  • Meteora – Aspropotaios (degree of difficulty III).
  • Aliakonas (various degrees of difficulty from 1-5).
  • Evritania Acheloos (degree of difficulty I).
  • Taurus (degree of difficulty II).
  • Trikeriotis (degree of difficulty III).
  • Tzouerka Kalarytikos, (degree of difficulty IV).
  • Arachthos (various degrees of difficulty from 1-4).
  • Grevena – Venetian (various degrees of difficulty from 1-5).
  • Myleopotamos (degree of difficulty IV.)

Hiking adventures in Greece

hiking-samaria-gorge-friends-Kasper Ketelsen-shutterstock
Hiking – credits: Kasper Ketelsen/

If you’re on a romantic road trip in Greece, getting out on foot for a few hours is the perfect way to break things up. Trekking or hiking is divided into simple and mountainous. In the first category, the minimum distance traveled is 5 km and takes place on a minimal slope with light equipment without a significant altitude difference. 

In the second category, the distance of 15-20 km and 5-8 hours of walking are the rules. Again, the equipment is specialized and especially in the winter season. 

Mountain hiking can be done on any mountain during your adventurous Greece honeymoon itinerary. The main characteristics of hiking are the altitude difference of the route, which can reach 500-600 m. Additionally, the fact that the course usually takes place at altitudes greater than 500 m.

If you are thinking about a romantic Christmas trip to Greece, the cooler weather during December makes it a great option for hiking.

The following are the areas where visitors can go hiking in Greece:

  • Kastoria-Waterfalls.
  • Arcadia-Lousiou Gorge.
  • Laconia-Taygetos.
  • Achaia-Helmos.
  • Chania-Samaria Gorge.
  • Ioannina-Vikos Gorge.

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Diving adventures in Greece

diving-Zivica Kerkez-shutterstock
Diving – credits: Zivica Kerkez/

The fascinating sport of diving is one of the most enjoyable extreme sports that attracts many visitors to Greece every year. In Greece, diving is at the same time a journey to the country’s underwater natural worlds and a search for the treasures left behind by the civilizations of antiquity, to be discovered by the younger generations. 

Why not pair your adventure travel with a Greek island-hopping honeymoon or a Greek cruise? The areas offered for diving in Greece are many and excellent, with the Greek islands being the apparent protagonists.

They all have specialized centers with qualified divers for training. There, equipment and boats are rented to lead you to the most exciting places during your adventure honeymoon in Greece.

While Santorini is known for its romantic Santorini beaches, you can also discover excellent areas for diving here. Some of them are Taxiarchis with the shipwreck in Palia Kameni and Cape Tripiti in Thirasia.

Moreover, in Mykonos, you can dive to see the shipwreck of Kalafatis, the reefs of Paradise, and Super Paradise. The shipwrecks of the ships’ Peloponnisos’ and ‘Anna II’ and the seabed around the neighboring island of Rhenia are also fascinating sights.

Additionally, on a Paros honeymoon, you can admire the shipwrecks of the ships’ Mariana,’ ‘Beaufighter’ and the underwater beauty in Frouros, Tourlitis, Vryokastro, and in the bay of Santa Maria. Also, in Kea, you can see one of the most famous shipwrecks globally. The hospital ship ‘Vretanikos’ has been there since 1916 when it sank at 120m. depth near the port of Kea.

Away from the Cyclades

If you’re not Greek island-hopping the Cyclades and you want to experience a more alternative side of Greece, in Kefalonia, diving can offer you the experience of discovering the cave of Melissani. In Zakynthos, in the area of ​​Lake Keri, you can explore caves. At the same time, in other parts of the island, you can swim alongside Caretta-Caretta turtles and Monachus-Monachus seals. We cannot think of a best way to enjoy one of the best spots for snorkeling in Greece

In Agia Pelagia, in Heraklion, Crete, you will be impressed by the amazing underwater caves. Last but not least, in Leros, you can explore an underwater museum, while in Kalymnos, you can find many natural sponges the island is famous for.

Paragliding or ‘Parapente’ in Greece

Paragliding – credits: Darkdiamond67/

Another extreme sport is the paraglider or ‘parapente.’ Those who want to experience something extraordinary can fly like a bird with one of the most beautiful extreme sports, that of paragliding. 

It first appeared in Greece in 1980 and was first started by climbers. Subsequently, infrastructure was created in the tourism sector for the development of the sport. 

Paragliding is now included in adventure tourism as an alternative form of tourism. Today it has become a prevalent extreme sport worldwide and also in Greece.

The following regions are the most suitable for paraglider in Greece:

  • Arachova-Parnassos.
  • Attiki-Kithaironas.
  • Edessa-North.
  • Kalavrita-Amfiklia.

Canyoning adventures in Greece

couple-kayak-G-Stock Studio-shutterstock
Kayak – credits: G-Stock Studio/

Canyoning is an extreme sport that has it all: hiking, climbing, going downhill, caving, and swimming. With canyoning, you can cross gorges following the waters’ course and overcoming any obstacle with technical means. 

You can also walk through the water, dive in deep water, slide on natural slides, and if the region you explore has waterfalls, you can go rappelling.

There is no need for any previous experience to do canyoning. You do not need to have special sports skills or specific training. As long as you have an average physical condition, you’re not afraid of height, and you can carry your backpack, you’ll be good. 

In terms of fitness, you should have moderate endurance, know how to swim and be able to jump in the water from a height of 1-2 meters. In addition, you must have the necessary equipment to do canyoning: a helmet, a neoprene suit, a seat belt (boulder), and a backpack for canyoning. 

Below are the areas where you can enjoy canyoning in Greece:

  • Agrinio-Gorge of Kleisoura.
  • Hermione-Katafyki Gorge.
  • Xylokastro-Fonissa Gorge.
  • Epidavros-Vothyla Gorge.
  • Evia-Nea Styra-Gorge of Harakas.

Rock Climbing Adventures in Greece

Rock Climbing – credits: Photobac/

Meteora will be the sure answer for whomever you ask to tell you about Greece’s best region for rock climbing. 

Despite the apparent choice of Meteora’s imposing rock formations, there is also the rock of Varybombi, Kyparrisi of Laconia, and Kalymnos, which offer perfect conditions for bouldering. 

Varasova in Etoloakarnania will also satisfy your need for climbing more than adequately. However, there is also a destination very close to Athens for those who don’t want to lose time on Greek transport, and that is Mount Parnitha. 

Below are the areas where you can indulge in rock climbing in Greece:

  • Meteora.
  • Varasova.
  • Kalymnos.
  • Crete.
  • Nafplio.
  • Mount Parnitha.

Wakeboarding in Greece

Wakeboarding – credits: K Petro/

Almost the entire Athenian Riviera from Vouliagmeni onwards is offered for those who want to explore the sport of wakeboarding. 

Besides Attica, however, Paros is famous since the Panhellenic Championship is organized there. In addition, Naxos, Mykonos, Rhodes, Lefkada, and Ios are also well-equipped with experienced teachers that will introduce you to wakeboarding.

For more watersports action, you could also head to Italy for a honeymoon in Lake Como.

B.A.S.E Jumping on a Greece honeymoon

base-jumping-Wolfgang Petrach-shutterstock
B.A.S.E Jumping – credits: Wolfgang Petrach/

Undoubtedly B.A.S.E Jumping is one of the most extreme, extreme sports. There are now several spots for B.A.S.E Jumping in Greece. In fact, some of them are considered the best in the world! 

First comes Shipwreck Beach in Zakynthos -one of the most beautiful spots in the world- with a height of 200 meters. Yes, the famous white beach that has been imprinted in thousands of photos and postcards. Hundreds of jumps have been made from this spot, and it is widely known worldwide.

Other excellent B.A.S.E Jumping destinations are Meteora, Parnassus, and specifically, a spot just before you reach the beautiful town of Arachova. Moreover, Baldoumas Bridge in Ioannina, Vikos Gorge, which, according to the Guinness Book, is the deepest gorge in the world, Metsovo Bridge, and Ai Giorgis Beach, in Symi are excellent choices.

Kitesurfing in Greece

Kitesurfing – credits: Wallenrock/

Anavyssos and Lavrio are the areas near Athens most suitable for kitesurfing, which also have more frequent winds in summer. Loutsa is also a favorite spot of Attica for the popular extreme sport. 

However, the most beautiful kitesurfing spots in Attika are in Marathon and Schinias Beach because of the forest behind them. The region of Varkiza has nice waves, and you should go there or to Glyfada if there are south winds. 

However, if the winds are northwestern, you’d be better off going to Voula and Bati. There, the spot will give you an industrial feeling because you will have a view of the urban landscape. However, the water is not as clean as in other regions of Greece. 

You could also try kitesurfing on remote Greek islands. For example, in Megali Vigla in Naxos, you will find excellent opportunities for kitesurfing. In Kolimbithra in Tinos as well. The same goes for Kalafatis in Mykonos, Mylos Beach in Lefkada, and many more places.

Where to go for your adventure honeymoon in Greece

Paros for kitesurfing, windsurfing, and cycling

Paros – credits: Bill Anastasiou/

Suppose you wish to travel to an island this year, which will offer you many options for gastronomic experiences, tours, entertainment, and active activities. In that case, you have every reason to choose Paros. 

The winds in Paros never stop, which is why the island is an ideal destination for water sports fans. Furthermore, this is why in Paros you will find many learning schools, which offer lessons and equipment for kitesurfing and windsurfing. 

For kitesurf lovers, the canal between Paros and Antiparos on the beach of Pounta is the ideal location to indulge in their favorite sport. However, equally popular with surfers worldwide are the beaches of Santa Maria and Chrysi Akti. 

Those who do not prefer water sports, of course, but remain active, can choose Paros to combine relaxation with cycling and have the opportunity to contact the Athletic Cycling Club of Paros for more information regarding the routes on the island.

Because Paros is a relatively large island, it is good to take your car with you, so that you can comfortably carry your sports equipment, whether it is a board or a bicycle. 

If you want to do the Greek islands for your adventure honeymoon but are short on time, Paros is a fun and accessible option for a minimoon in Greece.

Halkidiki for scuba diving

Halkidiki – credits: Marjan Apostolovic/

The locals say that ‘there is no place like Halkidiki,’ and the truth is that for sports fans, Halkidiki is a destination that combines everything they seek from their summer vacation: relaxation, golden beaches, and of course, active moments. It is, therefore, one of the best places in Greece for your honeymoon.

With some of the best beaches in mainland Greece, in Halkidiki, water sports are the most popular sports activities. Scuba diving is one of the unique water sports you will enjoy on the beaches of Kassandra or Sithonia.

Epirus for hiking and rafting

Epirus – credits: Arnaoutis Christos/

The region of Epirus is the ultimate destination for a Greece honeymoon for couples who love adventure. In this place, with its wild beauty and breathtaking landscapes, travelers can enjoy the active holidays they dream of, choosing from exploring the Vikos gorge to hiking in Tzoumerka and rafting on the rivers of the area, Arachthos, and Kalaritiko. 

After raising their adrenaline levels to total capacity, the visitors of Epirus can get back in the car to go even further and, specifically, to cross the enchanting coastline of Epirus and discover beaches with crystal clear, turquoise waters.

Pelion for nature tours, canyoning, and cycling

Pelion – credits: Giannis Papanikos/

The striking Pelion is, for many, the ultimate summer destination for an adventure honeymoon in Greece, and not unjustly.

It is a destination where one can easily travel by car to enjoy moments of relaxation on enchanting beaches, such as those of Mylopotamos and Fakistra, and experience intense experiences. 

In general, the area is suitable for sports and fun activities, such as hiking, climbing, canoeing, canyoning, cycling, and of course, diving.

So, if you visit Pelion by road this summer, try to include it in your Greece honeymoon itinerary by hiking on the marked trails of the area and, of course, canyoning in the gorges of Tsagarada.

And when you’re ready to relax, you’ll have your choice of some of the best beaches in mainland Greece. If you happen to be here for a winter honeymoon in Greece, it’s also a top Greek skiing destination.

Crete for hiking and canyoning

elafonisi-beach- Alexandros Kant-shutterstock
Crete, Elafonisi Beach – credits: Alexandros-Kant/

A Crete honeymoon is a top choice for couples in Greece. The most famous route for gorges in Greece is in Crete, in the Samaria Gorge. During the summer, the excursions to the south of Chania start at 6 in the morning. That way, the sun has not reached its highest point when you begin this adventure amidst your adventure honeymoon in Greece. It is a distance of at least 6 hours, and you will see many adults trying it.

In general, Crete is one of the best Greek islands for couples and it is full of exciting spots for extreme sports. The Gorge in Lassithi, Rodakino in Rethymno, Kavousi, and Tsoutsouros in Heraklion.

Naxos for surfing and hiking

emerald-beaches-naxos-Alessandro Carnevale-shutterstock
Naxos – credits: Alessandro Carnevale/

Finally, in case you want to enjoy an active vacation on an island this summer, you can travel to Naxos, one of the most popular summer destinations in our country, for lovers of gastronomy and sports. 

Naxos is famous for its cheese products, beautiful and traditional villages, such as Halki, Filoti, Apeiranthos, Sangri, and impressive beaches with blue waters and golden sand. However, apart from all the above, the island is an important attraction for surfers and hikers. 

More specifically, Mikri Vigla is considered the best beach on the island for surfing and kitesurfing, while the beaches of Agios Georgios and Plaka are equally good choices.

In fact, the island is an excellent destination for hiking since there are about 15 hiking trails. As a result, it is also excellent for your adventure honeymoon in Greece.

It is essential to know that Naxos is the largest -in area and population- island of the Cyclades. This means that you will need to travel to it by car to get as far as possible and explore its options, every beach, and village.

Final thoughts on adventure honeymoons in Greece

For adventure lovers, summer in Greece does not only mean diving in clear blue waters, relaxing under the hot Greek sun, and tours on cobbled streets.

On the contrary, young couples in Greece who prefer active holidays are well aware that our country is one of the top sports destinations in Europe, offering many exceptional options to those who choose it.

So please take a look at our Greece honeymoon packages, Greece honeymoon costs, and packing list for a Greece honeymoon, and live your daring myth in Greece in the arms of your better half. The best time to visit Greece on a honeymoon is now!

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And if you’re not convinced yet, all you have to do is read the top reasons to visit Greece and Italy. Use the guidance of our luxury travel agency to help you plan the trip of a lifetime. You’ll never look back!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the best time to visit Greece?

    The best time to visit Greece for a honeymoon depends on your interests.

    The summers are very hot and crowded, but if you plan on doing a lot of water sports, you should be okay. The best time for diving in Greece is between April and October.

    Hikes are possible in the winter if you stay away from snowy areas. But the real winners are spring and fall, when temperatures are comfortable and the crowds are manageable.

  • How long should a honeymoon be in Greece?

    It’s recommended to spend 10-14 days on a honeymoon in Greece, especially if you plan to visit more than one place.

    This gives you enough time to tick off everything you want to do and also relax and recover from the wedding.

    But each couple is different, so have a look at what sights and activities might interest you and start creating the perfect Greece honeymoon itinerary.

  • Which island in Greece is not touristy?

    There are plenty of more remote Greek islands with lots of things to do, including Amorgos, Folegandros, Milos, and Naxos.


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