Key Takeaways

  • When talking about sandy shores, most people think of the Greek islands, but the best beaches in mainland Greece are also some of the best in the country.
  • Throughout Mainland Greece, you’ll find idyllic beaches with white sands, turquoise seas, and gentle waters.
  • You’ll find a destination for every type of beachgoer, whether you want natural and secluded or premium umbrellas and beach bars.

Greece has many beautiful Greek island beaches with mesmerizing clear waters. However, it also has a lot of beaches, where you can swim without having to board a ship. The best beaches in Mainland Greece are waiting for you to discover them!

Greece’s “best waters” are not only on the blue-green beaches of Crete, the turquoise of the Dodecanese Islands, the green shores of the Ionian Sea, or the endless blue of the Cyclades. In addition, mainland Greece has its own beaches that are capable of impressing its visitors.

The relief on the mainland coast and the green of nature rests on the sea. Additionally, the calm but also the wildness of the landscape. The clear blue waters, the sandy beaches, with pebbles or rocky.

Whether you’re looking for romantic things to do in Greece, snorkeling spots in Greece, or places for a wedding proposal in Greece, every way you look at the Greek mainland, it meets all the requirements. We have gathered the best beaches in mainland Greece to show you their hidden and unadulterated charm. Why not visit them as an alternative to Greek island-hopping or as a stop on a romantic road trip in Greece?

Mylopotamos, Pelion

Mylopotamos, Pelio – credits: Ververidis Vasilis/

On the Aegean side, close to Tsagarada, the exotic and beautiful Mylopotamos is one of Pelion’s most famous and most photographed beaches. The landscape is imposing. Turquoise waters, golden sand, white pebbles, and a rock that divides the beach in two compose a picture of beauty.

Walk among the rocks to pass to the second, quieter beach. Just be mindful that the second beach has waters that deepen a little steeper. Access to the shore of Mylopotamos is easy by descending a few steps.

Fakistra, Pelion

Fakistra, Pelion – credits:

The tiny bay of Fakistra is one of the most postcard-worthy corners of eastern Pelion. It has received awards from many international travel sites. The bay also features in a few lists of the best beaches in Greece and the whole world.
It has fine pebble sand, and steep and high cliffs surround it.

To reach it, follow the sign from Tsagarada, and then walk on a downhill path for 15 minutes. The beach is not organized, and you will need to bring your own supplies. That way, you will ensure your stay there is as enjoyable as possible. Think of it as the perfect place for a romantic picnic!

 Alonaki, Preveza

Alonaki Beach, Preveza – credits: Giorgos Karagiannis/

The small cove of Alonaki is one of the most beautiful and picturesque beaches in the area of ​​Preveza. It is located near the village of Ammoudia, accessible via a dirt road.

Alonaki has sand and pebbles around its coast, while its seabed is quite rocky. Regardless, the water’s fantastic blue and green color compensate for this. Alonaki is a great spot for snorkeling in Greece, as small and large rocks surround it. In addition, there is a small island right in front of the beach, making the experience even more fascinating.

Kourouta, Ilia

Kourouta – credits:

The beach of Kourouta, in neighboring Ilia, in recent years has attracted more and more people and not unjustly, as it is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Peloponnese.

The beach is a spawning ground of the sea turtle Caretta-Caretta. There is sporadic vegetation of tamarisk trees on the coast, as there are sand dunes and sea lilies.

It lies just 3 km from the second largest city of the Prefecture of Ilia, Amaliada.

The crystal clear sea has been receiving the ‘Blue Flag’ award every year. In addition to that, the area offers the visitor many options for accommodation and entertainment. Some of these options include some of the best all-inclusive resorts for couples.

The endless blue and golden sand comes to life from the beginning of May until October every year. That happens thanks to the mild climate. In ​​Kourouta, you will also find beautiful recreational areas and roads with bicycle paths that connect it with the region of Palouki.

Parts of the beach are organized and have infrastructures such as umbrellas, sunbeds, locker rooms, showers, bins, and trash cans. On the coast, there are wooden corridors to facilitate access to the beach. 

Sarakiniko, Parga

Sarakiniko, Parga – credits:

White pebbles, beautiful waters, and an olive grove at the back compose the puzzle of a dream beach. Sarakiniko is undoubtedly a beach that is ideal for families and young couples in Greece. Its name – they say – was a result of the Saracen pirates who, after a sudden summer storm that tore their boat, sought refuge here. It is about 19 km from Parga.

Sarakiniko beach is located 12 km from Parga, after the village of Agia. It is one of the most beautiful beaches in the area, with sand and pebbles, ideally combined. Centuries-old olive groves that enclose the coast and stunning blue waters form a unique landscape.

Valtos, Parga

Valtos, Parga – credits:

The beach of Valtos is a dream come true. It spreads over a length of 3 km under the impressive rock that stands proudly over the years. The castle of Parga attracts countless visitors every year with its turquoise, crystal clear waters for refreshing longboats.

Because it is covered with sand and pebbles, the coast is relatively safe from strong winds. That is because the bay of the city castle and that of Panagia Vlacherna protect it.

The beach is organized with umbrellas, sunbeds, and a beach bar, while water sports are also possible.

Karavostasi, Thesprotia

Karavostasi, Thesprotia – credits:

The beach of Karavostasi is enormous and combines golden sand and colorful pebbles. The icy waters of the river Paramythioti end here, dividing it in two. What’s more, if you follow the path through the tufted pine forest that surrounds it, you will find the archeological site of Dymokastro.

It is an organized beach, with deep blue waters, which deepen sharply. The depth of its waters is why its target group consists of adults for the most part.

There, you will find sunbeds to relax, coffee, food, or snacks in taverns located in the area. Additionally, you can stay in one of the various hotels that frequent the site near the beach. You can also rent canoes, pedal boats, etc., for your water fun.

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Ammolofoi, Kavala

Ammolofoi, Kavala – credits:

At a distance of 20 km from Kavala and 2 km from ​​Nea Peramos, a beautiful beach gives the feeling of an exotic island. Ammolofoi is a real jewel of the Municipality of Paggaio.

The legendary beach of Northern Greece has something for everyone. It has beach bars for all-day and all-night parties, secluded corners for private dives, and crystal clear, deep blue waters.

The beach has three enchanting coves, with fine sand and turquoise crystal clear waters. They are an attraction for many locals and foreign visitors, seeking relaxation in a unique natural environment.

Voidokilia, Messinia

Voidokoilia, Pylos – credits:

The star beach of western Messinia is a place that you must visit. Voidokilia is the shape of a crescent moon, with light-colored sand and incredible turquoise waters. It lies next to the Gialova Lagoon, 10 km from Pylos.

The wider area has been designated as a place of extraordinary natural beauty, making it perfect for an adventure honeymoon in Greece. It is part of the Natura 2000 Network. If you are looking for the best view of Navarino bay, hike as far as Paleokastro. While there, don’t miss visiting the cave of Nestor below it.

Its perfect semicircular shape, transparent, blue waters, and almost white sand are enough to include it in the best Greek beaches.

The two hills that embrace it contribute to the green scenery and the archaeological interest that causes couples to climb them when the sun goes down. In the south is Paliokastro, while in the north is the Mycenaean vaulted tomb of Thrasymides.

Fokianos, Arcadia

Fokianos, Arcadia – credits:

From above, the beach of Fokianos is awe-inspiring: surrounded by a green mountain and in the middle a bay with transparent turquoise waters. It is no coincidence that this one is among the top beaches in the Peloponnese.

The bay has blue-green crystal clear waters and large pebbles. What’s more, all around, you feel protected by the green mountain, where the trees reach the beach’s rocks.

A small part of it is organized, while in the rest, you can lay your towel anywhere you want. The good thing is that the beach does not gather too many people. The locals have kept this paradise hidden to enjoy it without overcrowding.

In Fokianos, you can spend your whole day. It has two taverns where you can order from coffee to food. Please keep in mind that in Fokianos, there is no signal at all. Therefore, have all the time in the world to enjoy the love you have for each other.

Zacharo-Kaiafas, Ilia

Zacharo-Kaiafas, Ilia -aiafahotels

At a distance of about 40 km from Pyrgos lies a massive beach with golden sand. It is bathed by the clear blue waters of the Ionian Sea. It is ideal for romantic sunsets, but also fans of water sports. Zacharo beach is essentially the beginning of the endless sandy beach of Kaiafas.

Kaiafas is one of the most extraordinary landscapes of the coastline of the western Peloponnese in terms of beauty and ecological importance. The beach with sand dunes, the coastal pine forest, the lake with its unique vegetation.

The beach is extensive, with white lilies that grow in the sand, while on the opposite side of the road are Lake Kaiafas and the spa facilities. However, the area is suitable for low-key holidays on the sea, combining a wide range of suggestions for driving routes.

Kalogria, Achaia

Kalogria, Achaia – credits:

The beach of Kalogria in Achaia, 45 km west of Patras, has fanatical friends – and not unjustly. It is one of the largest and most beautiful in the Peloponnese. The golden sand of 9 km, the turquoise crystal clear waters, and the natural beauty offered by the pine forest of Strofilia, will enchant you.

In it, there are dunes, with the most impressive one in its northern part. It is an ideal destination for those who want the comforts of an organized beach and those who prefer relaxation and seclusion to enjoy quality time with their partner.

Kavourotripes, Halkidiki

Kavourotripes, Halkidiki – credits:

After Vourvourou and before Sarti, you will find one of the most famous beaches on the Sithonia peninsula and in the whole of Northern Greece.

Kavourotripes is not an ordinary flat beach, but small coves, hidden behind a beautiful pine forest, with small white sandy beaches, crystal clear turquoise waters, white rocks, and dense pines that reach the sea.

Water so clear that makes you tempted to taste it, rocky coves, and vegetation that reaches the sea in the absolute “star” of Halkidiki. The beach boasts a small “shelter” in its protected creek for nudism lovers.

Armenistis, Halkidiki

Armenistis, Halkidiki – credits:

Halkidiki, especially the middle leg of Sithonia, is famous for its beaches, while this year, the prefecture collected 71 blue flags and emerged first. However, apart from being clean, the seas of Halkidiki are also beautiful and enjoyable, with bright colors.

Vourvourou and Kavourotripes are definitely among the most beautiful. However, the vast beach of Armenistis in Sithonia, puts Halkidiki on the map for the best beaches in Mainland Greece. With its crystal clear turquoise waters, it is an absolute pleasure. That is, of course, only if it is not flooded with people.

There is a beach bar on the beach, while at the back is the homonymous campsite for those who want to be within walking distance of its waters at any time.

Tigania, Halkidiki

Tigania, Halkidiki – credits:

The wild landscape that one sees as soon as one reaches Tigania beach makes one think that it is located on one of the exotic beaches of the Caribbean. And yet it is located in Halkidiki, on the peninsula of Sithonia, very close to one of the oldest and most traditional villages of the area, Sykia.

Between the beaches of Klimataria and Kriaritsi, this earthly paradise is found with the turquoise waters, the golden sand, and the rocks that penetrate the water embrace of the sea.

In essence, these are three consecutive small shores separated by rocks, with the first two having a small parking lot and beach bar and the third being an ideal choice for longboats away from prying eyes.

Bella Vraka, Sivota

Bella Vraka, Syvota – credits: Georgios Tsichlis/

There is a genuinely heavenly beach, a breath away from Sivota in Thesprotia. It is called Bella Vraka, and it is the beach that connects Sivota with the island of Mourtemeno.

The visitor can cross the island by crossing the sea on foot, as the water does not exceed 40 points in depth. One of the beach’s peculiarities is the pink sand color, which is due to the rich red soil of the area.

Mezapos, Mani

Mezapos, Mani – credits:

Two gigantic rocks embrace the tiny and unknown beach in Mesa, Mani, creating an extremely imposing setting that brings images from Southern Italy to mind. The reason for the quiet and small Mezapo, just 8 km away. from Gerolimenas, in Mesa Mani of the municipality of Itilo.

Protected from the Tigani peninsula, the tiny fishing village hides two equally small beaches, surrounded by imposing vertical rocks that add extra imposingness to the already wild landscape.

There are two sea caves on the rocks near the beaches that anyone can explore by swimming in the turquoise waters. An alternative is relaxing on the beach overlooking the castle in Tigani.

As you can see for yourself, the romantic Greek islands are not the only part of Greece one can enjoy a romantic swim with their other half on stunning beaches. Don’t forget to include them in your romantic getaway to Greece and Italy. If you’re still craving the Greek island experience, why not squeeze some of the most romantic islands near Athens into your itinerary? The best beaches in Mainland Greece are waiting for you.

Now that you’ve discovered this well-kept Greek secret use our luxury travel agency to enjoy the coastline of Mainland Greece hand in hand with your partner!

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