Key Takeaways

  • When deciding where to party in Greece, the Greek islands always come out on top.
  • You get incredible diversity with nightlife on the Greek islands, from the infamous nightclubs of Mykonos to relaxed cocktails in the authentic Naxos Old Town.
  • Attend authentic Greek panigiria or enjoy al fresco drinks at the most popular beach bars in Paros.

If you are or feel young, and you are looking for the best islands to party in Greece and experience the authentic nightlife of the country, then opting for the Greek islands is a one-way street.

Due to the sheer number of islands on the Greek map, there is something to satisfy everyone. From relaxing in offbeat destinations to trendy cosmopolitan islands that never fail to amuse their visitors.

The sparkling sun, the endless sea, and the lacy beaches with crystal clear waters. The beautiful and diverse island landscapes. The intense nightlife, the excellent food, and the warm, welcoming crowds. These are all essential ingredients for an unforgettable vacation in Greece that young couples will treasure for life.

Having your mood as a guide, choose your carefree destination. Hopefully, this short guide to the best islands to party in Greece will become a loyal advisor to your holiday planning.

Little Venice, Mykonos – credits: Pawel Kazmierczak/

Getting the apparent destination out of the way, Mykonos is Greece’s most famous island to party, making it a top choice for bachelor or bachelorette parties. The infamous beach parties last from midday till the following morning and are not for the faint of heart.

Start your Greek island hopping experience with loud music, alcohol, and an almost Renaissance-inspired liberation that characterizes the island. These things welcome the visitors who want to dance, drink, and mingle with the locals. They are, after all, crucial to getting an authentic feel of the Greek nightlife.

Mykonos is infamously less affordable than most Greek island vacations. However, if cosmopolitan holidays, parties, and many people suit your style, the island is waiting for you 3-5 hours away from the port of Piraeus.

There you will experience the famous Cavo Paradiso parties until the morning with world-famous DJs. Before Cavo Paradiso, however, you can have your drink in one of the numerous bars and clubs of downtown Chora and Matogianni Street, the busiest alley of the island. The party continues at Super Paradise in the morning with dancing, loud music, and lifted spirits.

You can sleep off your hangover the next day on one of the best Mykonos beaches for couples.

Santorini: The most stylish island to party in Greece

Ammoudi old port, Santorini – credits: kavalenkava/

Second on the list is no other than the stunning island of Santorini, with its unique volcanic beauty, romantic Santorini beaches, and the crowds of loyal visitors that choose it year after year for their fun vacations and Greek cruises.

Santorini follows close behind despite Mykonos holding the crown as the island with the wildest nightlife. It manages to do so with a plethora of wine bars, pubs, and clubs that keep its guests entertained until the early morning hours. You’ll be drinking in style, since Santorini wines are some of the best in Greece.

In Santorini, you will find the most beautiful view in Greece. It is built amphitheatrically, and even if you stay in one of its villages, its view will certainly not disappoint you. After all, it is no coincidence that it has been recognized worldwide as one of the most beautiful islands in the world. This inspirational spot has spurred many couples to elope in Greece.

Paros: The most charming island to party in Greece

Naoussa port, Paros – credits: PitK/

Beloved by the youth of Greece and visitors from all over the world, Paros is another beautiful Cycladic island. It is great for a Greek island-hopping and is considered one of the top Greek islands to party.

Visit the beautiful Parikia, the island’s capital, with the picturesque Cycladic houses and the imposing neoclassical mansions.

Explore Naoussa, a picturesque fishing village with a half-sunken Venetian castle in its port, Lefkes, at the island’s highest point with intact Cycladic and neoclassical architecture, beautiful squares, and narrow streets paved with marble.

In Parikia, you can enjoy relaxed drinks in a laid-back atmosphere. However, if you want something more lively, you should go to Naoussa. There, you will come across small, scenic bars in the alleys and the port. You will also come upon large clubs for more intense fun.

If you enjoy a more alternative type of entertainment, you can avoid the crowds and go for a drink in Marpissa, Piso Livadi, and Drios. In Piso Livadi, you will also find the famous beach bar in Punda Beach. It is popular for its wild parties from day until night. Why not make Paros the spot for your first vacation as a couple in Greece?

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Naxos: The most varied island to party in Greece

Kastro old town, Naxos – credits: Nicole Kwiatkowski/

The largest island of the Cyclades has something for everyone, and just a walk to Agios Prokopios can prove this. It is the most famous beach on the island, 2 km from the town. The beach is always crowded with large groups of young people. However, we would also recommend Little Vigla on the island’s west coast, weather permitting.

In the evening, everyone tends to frequent Naxos’ Chora. Alternatively, they opt for the island’s most famous beaches for loud music and mesmerizing sea views.

Last but not least, visitors who are looking for an alternative way of nighttime entertainment can also move to the beautiful Old Town. Its alleys are the perfect setting for a relaxed drink and an authentic Greek island atmosphere among friendly locals.

Ios: Voted by young couples as the best island to party in Greece

Ios island – credits: Aerial motion/

Known for its organized camping facilities and, therefore, a more commonly preferred destination by younger couples, Ios has become a cult classic partying destination that boasts a more alternative flare.

Ios competes with well-established destinations such as Mykonos and Santorini. That is because there, you can enjoy one of the most picturesque towns of the Cyclades. You can also swim in internationally-renowned beaches, such as Mylopotamos and Manganari, and try delicious local recipes.

Visit the island’s Chora, which is amphitheatrically built on a hillside and is one of the best-preserved settlements in the Cyclades, and pick one of its welcoming bars for your nightly endeavors. Keep in mind that the festival of Panagia Gremiotissa on the 15th of August is one of the most fun on the island. It includes a traditional feast with island songs and dances until late in the morning.

Crete: The most cultured island to party in Greece

The narrow streets in the old town of Chania – credits: Patryk_Kosmider/

Crete has incredible beaches, beautiful villages, incredible feast festivals, delicious food, and unique dances, making it a top choice for a Crete honeymoon. It has everything one can ask for and then some. So be sure that you will love it forever if you visit it once.

But it is not just an island for romance! Its long list of assets completes the vibrant nightlife that keeps its locals and visitors entertained. There, you will find everything from trendy bars to legendary taverns with live music. They are all ready to host your evenings on the island in the best way possible.

The nightlife starts from the hangouts in the old town of Chania, the Venetian port, and the seaside Kum Kapi. Then, it continues in the large tourist area of Agia Marina and Platanias until dawn.

A bit more traditional but just as vibrant and stunning, Crete, the largest island in Greece, is a haven for all party-goers of the world.

Ikaria: The most alternative island to party in Greece

Nas beach, Ikaria – credits: NDT/

The most alternative and offbeat inclusion to the list is the faraway island of Ikaria. It is the place that holds the title of being the region of Greece with the longest life average. Once you visit it, it will be easy for the reasons why to be detected. Along with its lusciously vegetated landscape, its uniquely incredible beaches, and its relaxed pace of life, its people know how to have fun.

There may not be a selection of bars and clubs like in the rest of the Greek islands, but the traditional fairs, or ‘panigiria’ in Greek, that occur daily from the evening until around 10 in the morning make up for it.

As authentically Greek as they can be, when you attend a ‘panigiri,’ you will have the opportunity to taste delicious homemade food and dance your troubles away in the embrace of fellow visitors. If you decide to travel to Ikaria, do not forget to practice the Ikarian dance. You will most definitely need it!

Skiathos: The prettiest island to party in Greece

Skiathos – credits: Cara Foto/

The island of Skiathos is known to be a pole of attraction for all party animals. However, it offers a wide range of entertainment options. That happens whether you’re in a party mood or you’re looking for something a bit more laid-back. From big clubs to small bars and alternative hangouts, all found in the island’s heart, there is something for everyone’s taste.

Right above the Old Port is where you will find the famous bars with pillows on the steps to enjoy your cocktail. If you want to avoid the hustle and bustle of downtown, you can have your drink in small cafes and bars in various parts of the island. Some of the most popular are Koukounaries and Agia Paraskevi.

Just because you’re in love, it doesn’t mean that you need to spend all the nights of your romantic getaway in the arms of your partner. Instead, you can visit one of the best islands to party in Greece and go out together, dance, drink, engage in easy conversations, and rekindle the flame that brought you together. Don’t want to deal with screaming kids the morning after? Why not look at some of the best adult-only resorts in Greece?

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do people wear to nightclubs in Greece?

    The dress code for clubbing in Greece isn’t strict. But when packing for a vacation in Greece, always think about keeping your clothes stylish but effortless.

    Tight dresses and heels will look like you tried to hard and it will be a nightmare to walk on cobbled streets.

    While light flowy outfits with high-quality sandals and pretty jewelry will easily carry you from day to night.

    In most venues, anything goes! So just enjoy yourself and try not to worry about what others are thinking.

  • Which Greek island has the best beach bars?

    Mykonos is famous for having incredible beach bars. But you’ll find great beach bars all over Greece.

    Join in the revelry of the wild beach parties in Paros or the beautiful cocktail bars in Skiathos.

  • Can you go to Mykonos and not party?

    There is lots to see and do in Mykonos if you don’t party.

    From the stunning Mykonos beaches to some of the most romantic activities in Greece, you’ll find plenty to fill your itinerary.

    Try to stay in a quieter neighborhood away from the noise.

    That way you can wake up early and see all the sights before the crowds have recovered from the night before.


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