Key Takeaways

  • Tipping in Greece is prevalent, especially in the hospitality industry.
  • Understanding tipping guidelines for different services will help create a smooth experience.
  • Familiarize yourself with tipping etiquette dos and don’ts to navigate Greece with confidence.
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Tipping in Greece can be confusing for travelers, as customs and practices vary from country to country.

In this article, we will provide an in-depth look at tipping in Greece, including guidelines for different services and etiquette dos and don’ts.

With this information, you will have better preparation to enjoy your visit. You will also show appreciation for the services that the locals will provide you with during your stay in this beautiful country.

The tradition of tipping in Greece is deeply rooted in the hospitality industry, where locals and visitors alike express gratitude for the services rendered.

Whether dining in a restaurant, taking a taxi, or participating in a guided tour, tips are generally welcomed and appreciated.

However, tipping in Greece is not mandatory, and travelers from other countries should become familiar with appropriate tipping amounts and practices in various situations to avoid any misunderstandings or faux pas.

Understanding Tipping Culture in Greece

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In Greece, tipping is an integral part of the social norms, especially in the service industry. While it’s not mandatory, tipping is generally expected and viewed as an expression of appreciation for good service.

When visiting Greece, it’s essential to grasp the local tipping customs to avoid being perceived as disrespectful by your Greek friends and locals.

Tipping in Greece often ranges between 10% to 15% of the total bill. However, rounding up the bill can also be an acceptable tipping practice.

It’s worth noting that cash is the preferred method for tipping, as it’s more convenient for smaller amounts. Always have some cash in hand for tipping purposes to avoid confusion or discomfort.

Here are some common instances where tipping is expected in Greece

  • Restaurants: Tip between 10% to 15% of the bill, or round it up for a casual dining experience. For exceptional table service, feel free to tip more if you feel it’s deserved.
  • Taxis: Rounding up the fare is a common practice in taxis. Alternatively, you can tip around 5% to 10% of the total fare.
  • Tour guides: For tip-based tours, plan to tip around €15 per person for a 1-hour tour and €20-€25 per person for multiple-hour tours. For paid tours, a tip of 20%-25% of the tour price is appropriate.

By familiarizing yourself with these local customs, you’ll be able to navigate the Greek tipping culture more confidently. That is one of the top tips for traveling to Italy and Greece

It’s essential to remember that not all establishments and services have the same tipping etiquette.

For example, cafes in Greece don’t have a strong tipping culture, but leaving some extra money in the tip jar near the cash register can be a polite gesture.

In conclusion, understanding the tipping culture in Greece is vital when navigating the country’s social landscape.

Remember these guidelines to show your appreciation for quality service and make the most of your Greek experience.

Tipping Guidelines for Different Services

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In Greece, tipping is a way to show appreciation for good service, but it’s not mandatory. The following guidelines provide an overview of tipping practices for different services to help you navigate the Greek tipping culture confidently.


It is customary to tip between 10% to 15% at restaurants in Greece. If you experience exceptional service, you may tip up to 20%. However, if a further service fee or charge is added to the bill, tipping is not required.


Tipping the taxi driver or drivers is not expected, but it’s appreciated. You can simply round up the fare or tip around 5% for good service. Ensure that you use the local currency for tipping.


Hotel staff – credits: Pixabay

Hotel staff, such as bellhops and housekeeping, are generally tipped in Greece. For bellhops, a tip of €1 to €2 per bag is appropriate.

Housekeeping staff can be tipped between €1 and €2 per day for room service only. You may adjust the tip based on the quality of the service provided.

Cafes and Bars

At cafes and bars, tipping is not mandatory, but rounding up the bill or leaving a small tip or a few coins, for instance, 5%, is a nice gesture.

Tour Guides in Greece

The Parthenon of the Acropolis – credits: Pixabay

For free tours and group tours, a modest tip of €2 to €5 per participant is customary.

However, if you’ve taken a private tour (or multiple private tours), tipping your guide between €15 and €20 is reasonable.

Keep in mind that the tip should reflect the quality of service provided.

Remember, when tipping in Greece, always use the local currency and adjust the amount based on the quality of service.

While tipping is a way to express gratitude for good service, it is ultimately up to your discretion.

By following these guidelines, you will demonstrate your appreciation to the service providers and enhance your experience in Greece.

Tipping Etiquette Dos and Don’ts

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When visiting Greece, it’s essential to understand the country’s tipping etiquette to ensure a polite and respectful interaction with service providers.

In this section, we will discuss some tipping dos and don’ts in Greece for various services.

Restaurants and Cafes

  • Do tip between 10% and 15% of the bill for good service at restaurants and cafes, as this is customary in Greece.
  • Don’t feel like you have to tip if the service is not up to par or if a service charge is already included in the bill.
  • Do leave cash tips on the table for the wait staff, as this is the most common method of tipping in Greece.


  • Do round up the fare or give a small cash tip to taxi drivers, as this is a gesture of appreciation for their service.
  • Don’t tip excessively, as taxi drivers in Greece typically do not expect large tips.


  • Do tip the hotel staff who provide assistance, such as bellboys or cleaners, with a few euros as a token of gratitude.
  • Don’t tip every hotel staff member indiscriminately. You should reserve tipping for those who have provided helpful or exceptional service.

Tour Guides

  • Do tip tour guides with cash, generally around 10% of the tour price, to acknowledge their expertise and efforts.
  • Don’t feel obligated to tip if the tour was unsatisfactory or if the guide’s service was unremarkable.

In summary, the key to tipping etiquette in Greece is understanding when and how much to tip to ensure a polite and respectful interaction with service providers.

Recognizing those who have provided exceptional services and showing gratitude with a cash tip when applicable is essential.

Following these simple dos and don’ts will help visitors foster positive relationships with service providers during their stay in Greece.

Handling Tipping as a Couple

Tipping in Greece – credits: Pixabay

When traveling as a couple to Greece, it is essential to understand the local tipping customs to ensure a smooth experience, provide appreciation for good service, and maintain a romantic ambiance.

This section will guide couples through the tipping etiquette in hotels, restaurants, and other services they may encounter on their journey.

For each occasion

In hotel settings, it is customary to tip the bellboy around €1-€2 per bag upon arrival and departure.

For housekeeping staff, it’s best to leave €1-€2 per day or €5-€10 at the end of your stay, depending on the level of service.

These tips can be left on the nightstand, in an envelope, or you can give them directly to the staff. It is important to note that tipping for housekeeping is best done in cash.

Couples enjoying meals in Greek restaurants should consider tipping between 10% to 15% of the bill or rounding up the amount.

If service is exceptional, leaving a higher tip can show appreciation for their effort. When paying with a credit card, it’s preferable to tip in cash whenever possible, as it ensures the server receives the tip directly without delays.

For couples taking taxis during their time in Greece, a straightforward method is to round up their transportation fare to the nearest euro. For example, if the fare is €7.50, it is appropriate to give €8.

This shows your appreciation for the driver’s service while also making the transaction more convenient for private drivers.

If you participate in guided tours, be sure to tip the tour guide at the end of the excursion.

A general guideline is around €2-€5 per person for a half-day tour and €5-€10 per person for a full-day tour, depending on the quality and depth of the guiding experience.

Here’s a summary of the main tipping guidelines for couples in Greece:

Service Provider Suggested

Tip Bellboy: €1-€2 per bag

Housekeeping: €1-€2 per day or €5-€10 at the end of your stay

Restaurants: 10% to 15% of the bill

Taxi Drivers: Round up to the nearest euro

Tour Guides: €10-€15 per person (half-day), €20-€25 per person (full-day)

By following these recommendations, couples can demonstrate their appreciation of the service providers’ efforts by tipping appropriately, ensuring a memorable and romantic stay in Greece.

Final Thoughts

Greek money – credits: Pixabay

In Greece, tipping is a way to express gratitude for good service and is an important part of the local culture.

While it is not mandatory, it is appreciated and deeply ingrained in various aspects of Greek hospitality, such as dining at a restaurant, taking a taxi, and staying at a hotel.

When tipping in Greece, it is customary to leave between 10% and 15% of the bill or to round it up. However, if the service is exceptional, one might consider tipping as much as 20%.

It is worth noting that natives and Europeans may not tip as frequently, and it is entirely optional. To avoid any confusion, it is best to tip in local currency, either in cash or with a card.

For those planning a honeymoon in Greece or any other vacation, being aware of this tipping etiquette can help ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Chania Lighthouse – credits: Pixabay

By understanding and following the local customs, travelers can demonstrate their appreciation for the services provided while respecting Greece’s cultural nuances.

In summary, tipping in Greece is a common practice to show gratitude and appreciation for the hospitality received during your visit.

Adhering to these customs allows travelers to fully embrace the local culture and make the most of their time in this beautiful Mediterranean country.

We hope our Greece tipping guide will ensure a smooth sail during your trip to Greece and the Greek islands and will save you from awkward moments! See you soon!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the customary tipping percentage in Greece?

    In Greece, tipping is not mandatory, but it is appreciated. If you decide to tip, a general guideline is to leave around 10% for decent service.

    However, for exceptional service, you may consider tipping 15% or even 20% to show your appreciation.

  • Are tips expected in all service industries in Greece?

    Tipping is more common in the hospitality industry, such as restaurants, bars, and cafes.

    In hotels and serviced apartments, tipping is also appreciated by the staff.

    Additionally, tips may be well-received in places like spas or salons, although not required.

    It’s important to note that tipping customs can vary depending on the location, so be aware of local practices.

  • Can I tip using foreign currency in Greece?

    It is advisable to tip in Euros, the local currency, as it is more convenient for the recipient.

    Keep in mind that exchanging foreign currency may come with fees or unfavorable exchange rates for the service provider.

    To avoid any inconvenience, try to have some cash in Euros on hand when traveling in Greece.

  • How much should I tip my tour guide in Greece?

    There isn’t a set amount, as it can depend on the length and quality of the tour.

    As a general rule of thumb, consider tipping around €5-€10 per person for a half-day tour and €10-€20 per person for a full-day tour.

    However, use your discretion and adjust the amount based on the quality of service and your satisfaction with the tour.

  • Do I need to tip hotel staff in Greece?

    Tipping hotel staff is customary but not mandatory. Nonetheless, showing appreciation for their hard work is a nice gesture.

    For hotel housekeeping, consider leaving €1-€2 per day. A tip of €1-€2 per bag is generally acceptable for hotel room porters.

  • Is tipping at restaurants mandatory in Greece?

    Tipping is not mandatory at restaurants in Greece, but it is deeply ingrained in their culture and always appreciated.

    As mentioned earlier, a tip of around 10% is recommended for decent service, and you can increase the amount for excellent service.

    Remember that tipping in cash is preferred over adding the tip to your card payment.


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