Key Takeaways

  • A Crete honeymoon is a chance to explore Greece’s largest island, giving you the variety of a vacation on the mainland and the scenery of a Greek island.
  • In Crete, your money will go a lot further, meaning you can make your honeymoon fun and luxurious.
  • Crete has outstanding hospitality, great food, and warm weather for a long tourist season.
  • Whether you love history, adventure, or lazy days on the beach, you’ll find plenty of things to do on your Crete honeymoon.

Crete is the largest Greek island and one of the most historically important places in the world. Apart from that, however, it is also one of the top honeymoon destinations.

Its rich culture, stunning beaches, and locals’ warmth make it irresistible for couples in love. Here is a Crete honeymoon guide to help you make the most out of your romantic vacation.

Why Visit Crete for Your Honeymoon

Loutro, Crete – credits: arturasker/

Aside from its staggering, undeniable beauty, Crete has plenty of more reasons for you to choose it for your honeymoon. To begin with, Crete is a destination that is suitable for all budgets.

You can have a luxury vacation in Greece and spend money as if you were on a cosmopolitan island like Mykonos.

Like Mykonos, it’s one of the best Greek islands for partying. But at the same time, you can also make your Greece honeymoon cost next to nothing. Especially in comparison to other Greek island vacations.

Secondly, the beaches of Crete are some of the most alluring you will come across. What can one say about the much-photographed and incredibly famous beaches of Crete?

Those that appear every day as you scroll the social? They are even more beautiful in person.

Vai, Balos, Elafonisi, Falasarna, Agiofarago, Chrysi are some of the ones you should visit. The striking landscapes will make you never want to leave. Some of them are also popular spots for snorkeling in Greece.

Lastly, if you want to incorporate Crete into a Greek island-hopping honeymoon, or a cruise in Greece, other famous destinations are just a couple of hours away.

The island has excellent transport connections by sea and air, making it an easy choice for a Greek minimoon.

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The culture of Crete

Moreover, in Crete one thing is for sure: you will never get bored! Did you arrive in Chania and sit for a few days and explore it? There is no problem at all.

You can head to the other side of Crete and see Heraklion, Rethymno, Agios Nikolaos, Ierapetra, the beautiful Sitia with its picturesque port, and many other places that will leave you stunned.

You can also explore its archaeological sites and museums, such as the Knossos Palace and the Heraklion Archaeological Museum.

Don’t forget that in Crete, you will eat like a king. Trying local food is one of the most romantic things to do in Greece and a must-do during your honeymoon.

All the Cretan food is carefully and skillfully prepared. It uses raw materials from the island itself and Mediterranean flavors to excite your palate.

Along with the food, you should drink a glass of raki, rakomelo, or a local wine variety from a traditional Greek vineyard.

A Cretan drink is an absolute must; you will drink raki from morning till night at every opportunity.

The hospitality in Crete

We left the best for last. As wonderful as everything is in Crete, nothing will win you over like the hospitality of its locals.

Every tavern owner will become your friend and won’t let you leave the table without being a hundred percent happy.

Whether you stay in your own Greece honeymoon villa or a luxurious all-inclusive resort for couples, you’re guaranteed a spectacular experience.

Moreover, the hotel staff will treat you like a personal guest. Not to add that every passer-by will advise you to make you fall in love with the island.

In general, Crete is an ideal place to have famous beaches on your feet. It is perfect if you want to dive into clear blue waters, eat the best food in the Mediterranean, and get to know the Cretans, their culture, and their hospitality. After all, they are famous for being able to make you feel at home.

When to visit Crete for your honeymoon

Falassarna beach – credits: lucianbolca/

Unlike the rest of the Greek islands, Crete is an all-year-round destination that is equally gorgeous during the summer and winter in different ways.

However, if you decide to have a winter Crete honeymoon, you need to be ready for cold weather and strong winds.

The beaches will be out of the question unless you’re a winter swimmer. However, the beautiful villages will keep you occupied. Make sure you add some warmer clothes to your Greece honeymoon packing list.

Of course, no one can deny that a Crete honeymoon during the warmer months is at its best. However, the high season months from late June to mid-August are the busiest for the island.

Therefore, if you want to avoid the tourist masses and the overcrowded beaches, you should avoid visiting during those months. 

In our opinion, the best time to visit Greece on a honeymoon, and Crete in particular, that will allow you to appreciate its beauty to its full potential is during the spring or early autumn. Specifically during May, early June, and from late August to early October.

During that time, you will get to experience the incredible weather in Greece. This will happen without the intense heat the middle of the summer has.

Additionally, you will enjoy the island more authentically without the flocks of visitors getting in your way. It will be a much more romantic experience and perfect for your honeymoon

To get away from the kids on their summer break, make sure to book an adult-only resort in Greece.

Where to stay on a Crete honeymoon

The Venetian Harbor of Chania – credits: Neirfys/

Due to its vast size, there are many accommodation options for your Crete honeymoon. The most popular are Heraklion, Rethymno, and Chania. Heraklion can serve as your base.

When you visit Crete, the most common thing to do is stay in Heraklion or nearby. Heraklion has luxury hotels and fine beaches, and it is close to the city center, which is the most cosmopolitan part of the island.

Moreover, it is the ideal starting point to tour the island. Agios Nikolaos is close, and so are Rethymno and Chania, while Sitia is not much, but it is not too far away either.

Rethymno has it all. Many people consider it the most beautiful area of ​​Crete and among the top in Greece. It has the best qualities of an island, combined with the conveniences of a big city and the charm of a traditional island.

You fall in love with the area from the moment you enter the ring road that leads to ita and see the striking spectacle.


Of course, we cannot forget about Chania and its spectacular Old Town. It is the one you see in most photos when you google the word ‘Crete.’

The prefecture of Chania is the westernmost part of Crete and covers an area of ​​over 2,300 sq.m. Most of the region is mountainous, thus creating a magnificent setting of mountains and gorges.

The city of Chania consists of two parts – the Old and the New City. Although the two areas are different, they combine tradition with modern style perfectly.

Chania is beautiful, with old Venetian houses and traditional buildings rising in the Old Town’s narrow alleys, surrounded by the Venetian Castle, an impressive building built in the 15th century AD.

The whole city of Chania, with its picturesque port, the arrogant lighthouse, and its narrow streets, offers a unique setting as if it had come out of a colorful postcard. It’s a dreamy base for your Crete honeymoon.

Walking through the city’s streets and gazing at the old Venetian mansions will transport you to another era.

Everywhere, there are picturesque taverns, cafes, and bars where you can relax and enjoy a drink or try a delicious meal.

Chania is a wonderful place to visit any time of year and is even popular as a Valentine’s Day mini-break in Greece.

The best honeymoon hotels in Crete 

Blue Palace Luxury Collection Resort & Spa

An island so large cannot but have some excellent accommodation options. Crete will genuinely offer you luxury and comfort every step of the way during your honeymoon.

 Our top recommendations include:

  1. Serenissima Hotel in Chania
  2. Amirandes Grecotel Exclusive Resort right outside Heraklion
  3. Monastery Estate Venetian Harbor in Chania
  4. GDM Megaron in Heraklion
  5. Domes Noruz Chania
  6. Blue Palace Luxury Collection Resort & Spa in Elounda
  7. Paradise Island Villas in Hersonissos.

All of the above offer opulent facilities and services, as well as fun activities that will enrich your Crete honeymoon experience.

Tours & activities for your Greek honeymoon in Crete

Cretan food tour – credits:

It would be a shame to visit Crete for your honeymoon and not take advantage of its fun tours and activities. They will upgrade your Greece honeymoon itinerary and will gift you with once-in-the-lifetime experiences.

For foodies

A Crete honeymoon wouldn’t be complete without delving into the fabulous food scene. If you and your better half are self-proclaimed foodies, a food or wine tour in one more of Crete’s regions should top your bucket list.

Since Crete is known for its rich and aromatic olive oil, an olive oil tour would also be a great idea as it would give you insight into the fascinating process that brings this world-acclaimed local product to our dinner tables.

You can even join a traditional cooking class and learn for yourself how to prepare and cook some of Crete’s most well-loved dishes.

For adventure seekers

Crete is one of the top choices for adventure honeymoons in Greece and is one of the best Greek islands for hiking and nature.

If you are an adrenaline seeker and lover of adventure, embark on a diving adventure into the deep blue Cretan sea.

The richness of its bottom will take you aback, as a whole new underwater world will open up for you.

Alternatively, you can hike across the famous gorge of Samaria or the impressive Dikteo Cave.

The latter is located on the Lassithi plateau, near the village of Psychro. According to Greek Mythology, it was here that Rhea gave birth to Zeus.

A bit further west, there is the Ideon Cave in Psiloritis, where the father of the Gods was raised. The cave is at 1020 meters, so it is not for the faint-hearted. It’s a perfect stop on a romantic road trip in Greece.

For history buffs

Of course, the couples that consider themselves history buffs will be delighted on a honeymoon in Crete. The island has a world of history and ancient remnants that prove it.

The most popular and striking are Knossos Palace and the Archaeological Museum, which can be found in Heraklion. You can take a guided tour of Knossos and learn about the Minoan civilization, the oldest civilization in the world.

For the relaxed couple

All of the above may sound a bit much, especially if you’ve imagined your Crete honeymoon full of day-long excursions to the beach. And that’s completely fine.

In that case, you can tour as many of the island’s spectacular beaches as possible. You can also hop on a tour across its traditional villages to experience the authentic side of Crete and get to know its friendly locals. 

The best beaches in Crete for your honeymoon


Elafonisi beach – credits: Alexandros Kant/

Crete boasts a large number of beaches with landscapes that bewitch their visitors. It has arguably some of the best Greek island beaches for couples, too.

Some have dunes, others have pink sand, with a background of castles, with a cedar forest reaching to the water. All of them have crystal clear waters in all shades of blue.

There are too many to count, but we will mention our favorite ones here.

The southwest coast

On the southwest coast of Crete, the highly tropical beach Kedrodassos is full of juniper trees. They look like cedars and dunes.

The trees make the landscape fairytale-like. The white sand and tropical waters transport you to a completely different world.

A few meters beyond the usually quiet Kedrodassos is the popular Elafonisi. The turquoise waters, the pink sand, and the incredible landscape are responsible for the popularity of this beach, which is unparalleled in Greece.

And if you are in Crete, you have to go no matter how many people there are. The landscape is truly unique, reminiscent only of a Pacific beach.

Next to Balos is the most photographed and, most recently, the busiest beach in Crete. Gramvousa is a peninsula to the west that stretches the enchanting beach of Balos.

Balos is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean. It has been awarded as one of the best in the world by TripAdvisor, making it a must-visit on your honeymoon in Crete.

Very fine white and red sand, shallow waters, and at some point a lagoon with clear turquoise waters.

The northwest coast

17 km from Kissamos, in the northwest of Crete, is the beautiful beach of Falassarna. Crystal water and an endless sandy beach.

The white and red color of the sand and the view of the imposing mountains that surround it make the landscape unique. It’s a beautiful place for a wedding proposal in Greece.

Souda is located 41 km southwest of Rethymnon. It lies on the outskirts of the picturesque village of Sellia, just 3 km east of Plakias.

It is found at the exit of a narrow green valley that flows through the river Finikas, along which there are Cretan palm trees.

At the end of this “passage,” the beach of Souda unfolds with thick sand- only minus the air that often catches the beach, so you can not stand.

East of Sitia, about 25 km from the city and 6 km from Palekastro, on Cape Sideros, is the most famous beach of eastern Crete with the only palm forest in Europe, Vai. The setting is reminiscent of the tropical coast.

Where and what to eat

Greek gfood – credits: Veniamakis Stefanos/

It is generally accepted that the Cretan diet is a model of the Mediterranean diet. It meets all its standards without exception.

Its main difference from the rest is that it is based on the raw produce given by mother nature, without processing. The foods are used whole with all their aroma and natural taste.

Cretan cuisine combines the sour with the sweet and the salty with the bitter, and its results are unique and delicious.

The herbs that make the difference are: Arismari, the well-known rosemary, and dittany, which is used to prepare beverages. We enjoy it mainly as a drink, the sage that uniquely flavors the meat.

The local products

The star of Cretan cuisine is the famous Cretan olive oil, which is the key to the Cretan diet and replaces butter and other fats.

Its nutritional and antioxidant value is unique. It is essential that it protects the body from serious diseases and helps slow down aging.

Cheese, in Cretan cuisine, is treated as an appetizer, as the main course, and as a dessert.

Gruyere, kefalotyri, mizithra in salads, pies, cooked, and side dishes create explosions of flavors. Try fruit combinations with cheese, such as watermelon or melon with gruyere.

The local dishes

The most famous and well-known dishes of the island are the Dakos, the snails, the ‘apaki,’ the stuffed potatoes, the ‘gamopilafo,’ the smoked greens, the smoked meats, and the ‘kserotigana.’

Do not forget the raki, rakomelo, and Cretan wine that will uniquely accompany your dishes and will raise the mood!

Recommendations for food

In the center of Chania, we would highly suggest you try ‘Tamam.’ It’s a lovely establishment with mouthwatering local dishes.

‘Chrysostomos’ is also good and extremely popular. For a tavern in the city, our top pick in Daliani would be ‘Ladokolla.’

Also, another affordable tavern, which attracts younger crowds but lacks variety in its menu, is ‘Steno.’ After a wild night out, walk to the ‘Agapini’ cookhouse in the Municipal Market.

It offers various stews. Its tripe is famous amongst the locals, and it is also very affordable.

Near Kastelli Kissamos, specifically in Kaliviani, is the traditional tavern ‘Gramvousa.’ It offers excellent dishes made from almost exclusively local products.

It is not cheap, but it is worth it. A little further out, in Vatolakko is the lovely and budget-friendly ‘Kapilio.’

Nearby, in Alikianos, is the tavern – pizzeria ‘La Bomba.’ It has excellent food, large portions, and good value for money.

We also recommend ‘Emilia’ in Zourva. It has delectable dishes and offers its guests amazing views.

More recommendations

In Drakona is ‘Dounias’. It has excellent food. However, keep in mind that it is not easily accessible. If you happen to go to Omalos, stop at the hotel – tavern ‘Omalos.’

You will be impressed by the taste of the meat. You may pay a bit extra money, but it is worth it.

At the direction of Elafonisi, in the village of Elos, is ‘Filoxenia.’ It won’t break the bank, and it offers high-quality food.

Finally, near the springs of Argyroupolis, between Rethymno and Chania, is ‘Sarakas.’ It’s a traditional tavern that produces cheese and greens.

Its owner is exceptionally courteous and may even recite to you a couple of ‘mantinades,’ the traditional 15-syllable rhyming couplets in the Cretan dialect that are an integral part of the local culture.

At Piges in Argyroupolis, my favorite is the ‘Palios Milos’. In Rethymno, ‘Zisis’ is our top pick. Then, in one of the most beautiful villages of Rethymno, Maroula, you will find a nice tavern with a beautiful view of the village. It’s called ‘Fantastiko.’ It may not be the most affordable choice, but it is the best one.

Finally, In Kyrianna is the ‘Faraggi.’ It is a nice tavern with tasteful minimalist decorations, reasonable prices, and tasty dishes.

What is the most excellent part of Crete on a honeymoon?

saaria gorge-crete-honeymoon
Samaria Gorge – credits: Kasper Ketelsen/

The beauties of Crete are many, and so it is hard to choose just one part of the island and declare it the “nicest.” However, it is a part of Crete that never fails to amaze us, and it is the gorge of Samaria.

A green gorge that stretches over 13 kilometers is inhabited by kri-kri, crossed – and photographed – by 500 people a day, and “closes” with spectacular rocks, the distance between which does not exceed three meters.

It is a hiker’s paradise. It is a stunning route that ends at the beach, where you can take a refreshing and highly rewarding dive. You cross it only on foot, and it takes an estimated six hours.

There’s a reason so many couples choose Crete for their elopement in Greece and wedding vows renewal in Greece. Start planning your romantic break in Greece and Italy today!

Our honeymoon travel planners will help you spend the best days of your life in the most magical destination you can.

A Crete honeymoon will be the best kickstart to your new life and one of your sweetest memories with your significant other.

Let the heartwarming hospitality of Crete’s locals make you feel welcome and valued. In Crete, you will have fun, rest, eat well, take excellent selfies, and return at the first opportunity.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are the beaches in Crete free?

    By government regulation, almost all of the beaches are public in Greece and don’t charge for entry.

    The beach bars and restaurants will charge for sunbeds and umbrellas. But there are plenty of places to lay your towel down if you prefer.

  • How many days in Crete is enough?

    Crete is a huge island and you could spend weeks exploring here if you wanted to.

    So, asking how long to spend in Crete is like asking how long is a piece of string!

    Depending on the activities you want to do and the time you want to spend at different attractions, a Crete honeymoon could last anything from five days to two weeks.

  • Is there a ferry from Crete to Santorini?

    If you want to plan a two-center honeymoon in Greece, Crete and Santorini is an excellent combination.

    There are regular ferries between the two islands.

    The journey is approximately 2-3 hours, so it would even be possible to do a day trip from Crete to Santorini if you wanted to.


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