Key Takeaways

  • With idyllic landscapes and vibrant culture, you won’t be short of romantic places in Italy.
  • Gather as much information about your trip details as possible, like budget, accommodation, and itinerary.
  • Decide where you want to go during your couples’ holiday in Italy, including major cities and some hidden gems.
  • Make sure to add must-do activities for each of your chosen destinations.
  • Plan your itinerary to include a number of days dedicated to certain activities and destinations.
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From intricate architectural details to stunning coastal views with a cocktail in hand, Italy is a mixed bag of treasures to see and explore for partners in crime. Explore the most romantic places in Italy using our guide.

Whether you’re looking for an Italian honeymoon spot or looking to rekindle your romance, a romantic escape or eloping in Italy is the ultimate space for sparks to fly on your journey abroad.

Unsure which heaven-like haven will suit your couple’s holiday in Italy needs? Take a look at a few idyllic options to ensure your vacation is one for the books.

Before Booking Your Trip to Romantic Places in Italy

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While exercising spontaneity by booking your stay to the most romantic places in Italy last minute might be thrilling, you’ll want to consider your destination options beforehand.

Every city and region is like a snowflake. Each with its own unique twist, and all are some of the most romantic places in Italy one can find.

So, before planning your Italy suitcase necessities, you’ll need to know what you’re looking to gain from your trip. This includes a variety of factors to keep in mind, such as:

  • Budget restrictions (you need to be sure how much a honeymoon in Italy costs)
  • Climate preference
  • Duration
  • Atmosphere (ex., A busy city)

Romantic Places in Italy for Lovers

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This country has a vast repertoire of experiences to choose from, ranging from the simple pleasures of coastal towns to luxurious living cities. Here are a few love-infused Italian cities to spark some travel envy before your trip:

  1. Venice – The Classic Choice
  2. Rome – The Historic Choice
  3. Florence – The Artistic Choice
  4. Naples – The Coastal City Choice
  5. Amalfi Coast – The Island Life Choice
  6. Verona – The Fairytale Choice

1. Venice – The Classic Choice

Venice – credits:

From the sweet melodies of a rowing gondolier to the painted marvels at Venetian museums, Venice is the perfect place to experience a slice of Italian culture at its finest.

This captivating city is known as one of the most romantic cities in Italy. This can be confirmed by traveling through its vibrant streets, Italian honeymoon resorts, and divine canals.

While this pick might not be the best option for couples looking to experience a sense of solitude, this is one of the most perfect romantic places in Italy for travelers looking to immerse themselves in decadence. Make sure you take a classic gondola ride through the Venice canals.

Whether it’s the bedazzled altar at St. Mark’s Basilica or simply basking in the romantic city on water scenery with a gelato in hand, Venice is a treat to visit, especially if you’re staying in one of the romantic hotels in Venice that will make you feel like the main characters from a fairytale.

Top Activity: A visit to the Palazzo Ducale is the ultimate place to feel like you’re venturing through a fairytale. A civic building with dreamy painted ceilings is an excellent place for couples to walk hand-in-hand. It is also excellent for admiring an almost otherworldly beauty.

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2. Rome – The Historic Choice

Rome – credits:

With stunning buildings such as the ancient Colosseum and Pantheon ruins embedded in the eternal city skyline, Rome is full of romantic activities.

This is true especially if you’re looking for grandeur and, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the most romantic places in Italy; a honeymoon in Rome is as close to a fairytale as humanly possible.

This capital city of Italy has a wide variety of attractions and sights to get lost in. This is perfect for couples looking for a romantic holiday.

A metropolis sprinkled with a variety of remains of the past, this city has a way of transporting you through the ages of civilization in a mesmerizing way.

As Rome is the home of the smallest European state, Vatican City, you’ll also be able to say you’ve traveled to various states in a matter of seconds.

Top Activity: No romantic getaway to Rome is complete without stopping by the Trevi Fountain. This Baroque-styled stoned marvel is the ultimate background for a couple’s photo. Not to mention that you can cement your love in memory with a toss of a coin.

3. Florence – The Artistic Choice

Florence – credits:

With a sea of terracotta-roofed buildings, fascinating museums, and the birthplace of the romantic Renaissance era. Florence is the place to be.

Within its bounds, you’ll find a stunning array of quintessential Italian bucket list items to experience. One of them is witnessing the craftsmanship of the Statue of David.

Another top pick for travelers looking to jampack their itineraries with cultural activities and tourist attractions to see, Florence is a must for art lovers.

With its narrow streets and the Arno River flowing through its plains, this Italian city will be sure to offer a glimpse into the effervescent essence of Italy’s atmosphere.

Of course, one cannot mention Florence (or a Florence honeymoon) without mentioning the Tuscan countryside and the medieval town of Tuscan. It is a picturesque region in central Italy known for its rolling hills, cypress trees, olive groves, and vineyards.

While the Val d’Orcia area is often considered the typical Tuscan countryside, Tuscany -and an idyllic honeymoon in Tuscany– offers a great variety of unique landscapes. Therefore, visitors can find the typical Tuscan countryside in other areas as well.

Top Activity: Why not break a sweat to see a stunning view that will make any romance lover swoon? The climb up the Duomo of Santa Maria del Fiore is 436 steps to the top. It will allow you to see the magnificent frescoes of the building along the way.

4. Naples – The Coastal City Choice

Naples – credits:

While Naples might not be known for dripping in glitz and glam, this city is an excellent opportunity to experience Italian urban life in all its glory.

Within this Southern Italy city’s bustling streets, you’ll find busy pathways. These are peppered with a variety of foodie spots that will have any carb-lover transfixed.

As this city has long been theorized to be the birthplace of pizza, Naples is the best choice for travelers looking to experience a budding romance with Italian cuisine.

Cathedral – credits:

Other than the saucy pleasures of this spherical wonder, this picturesque place is also known for its street food options and zesty liquor of Limoncello.

If you choose to go for a honeymoon in Naples, you can be sure it will be delicious!

Top Activity: The Royal Palace of Naples is a lavish landmark to explore. Especially, if you want to see how the Italian elites live. It is also perfect for exploring one of the most romantic places in Italy thoroughly.

This tourist attraction is located in Piazza Plebiscito. It has a remarkable selection of artwork and artifacts to explore in the museum on the premises.

5. Amalfi Coast – The Island Life Choice

Amalfi Coast – credits:

When thinking about the most romantic places in Italy one cannot help but think of Amalfi.

From pristine beaches to the salty sizzle and smell of seafood in the air from local restaurants, Amalfi Coast is the ultimate pick for travelers craving a sun-soaked stay.

While it can cost a pretty penny to stay in the vicinity of this stretch of sand, Amalfi Coast’s sparkling blue waters and medieval coastal cathedrals are well worth the hype.

Along this coast, you’ll find a variety of activities and attractions that is sure to fit any traveler’s aesthetic. Whether you’re looking to explore charming villages or bask in the rays of the best beaches in the bay, Amalfi Coast will have what you’re looking for.

What’s more, Amalfi is home to the ‘Hike of the Gods.’ This legendary trail, aptly named for its spectacular views, takes you on a thrilling journey along the rugged cliffs of the Amalfi Coast.

The trail’s dramatic twists and turns reveal breathtaking panoramas, where cerulean waters merge with azure skies, and pastel-hued villages perch precariously on hillsides. It is one of the most beautiful hiking trails in the country, and it is more than worth your time if you are an active lover of natural beauty.

Top Activity: Grotta dello Smeraldo, also known as the ‘Emerald Grotto,’ is a stellar activity to add to your itinerary if you’re looking to partake in a unique experience.

Much like the marine caves you’ll find when hiking and nature-gazing on the Greek Islands, you’ll be able to marvel at the electric glow of turquoise waters framed by hanging stalactites.

6. Verona – The Fairytale Choice

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What romantic Italy spots is complete without mentioning the literary triumph of Romeo and Juliet? As Verona is the setting of this lover’s tragic story, this city is a top choice for romance fans seeking to live out life in a place filled with medieval charm.

From cobblestone streets to Roman ruins, the city of Verona is sure to make you feel like you’ve stepped back in time by gazing at the surrounding buildings’ architectural splendor. 

Due to its ties to the Shakespearean play, Verona is a hot spot for plays and theatrical pieces to be enjoyed throughout the year. This includes:

  • Opera Festival (June to August)
  • Verona Shakespeare Festival (June)
  • Verona Jazz Festival (July)

Top Activity: Casa Di Giulietta, also known as House of Juliet, is one of Verona’s most popular tourist attractions. This homestead’s walls are lined with graffiti, often with a love theme, and complete with the famous fictional heroine’s balcony.

Final Thoughts on The Most Romantic Places in Italy

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From Amalfi’s inviting coastline to Florence museums’ cultural delights, Italy has something for every love lover. Not to add that the romantic places in Italy are far more.

A visit or a honeymoon in Lake Como or a picturesque fishing village will make you realize that a romantic escape in Italy is easy to achieve.

This country is a playground of activities and attractions to see and experience with your loved one. Our luxury travel agency will help you create cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

Whether you find natural beauty and romance within magnificent landscapes or historical sights, you’ll be sure to feel your heart skip a beat from all Italy has to offer on a romantic Italian getaway made of dreams.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • When Should I Travel to Italy?

    With the high influx of tourists in summer, the best time to visit Italy is mid-April to June, when spring has sprung.

    This time of year calls for mild and temperate weather as well as less seemingly unending lines at popular Italian tourist attractions.

  • How Many Days Is Enough in Italy for a Honeymoon?

    The duration of your romantic trip could be determined by your budget restrictions as well as the number of cities you’re looking to visit on your honeymoon.

    Be sure to allow a minimum of two to three days for each Italian town to thoroughly experience the essence and atmosphere of each area.

    Whether you’re looking to spend a few days or weeks in this idyllic country, you’ll always feel like your time has been cut short in the romantic region on an Italian honeymoon.

  • Is Greece or Italy More Romantic?

    Both seaside countries have a variety of strengths and unique attributes. However, Italy is the perfect choice to experience the decadence of romance.

    There is dreamy medieval architecture and stunning winding landscapes sprinkled throughout the country.

    So, you’ll have a ball dipping your toe into the passionate ways of Italian culture.

    However, if you want to spend your time exclusively in a coastal setting, a honeymoon in Greece is also a great option.


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