Key Takeaways

  •  A romantic trip to Italy has a lot to offer most of the months of the year. This makes it a bucket list wish for couples around the world.
  • You can feel luxury every step of the way without spending a lot of money. This is due to the breathtaking architecture and art.
  • Don’t forget to plan a little beach day to enjoy an Italian leisure lifestyle.
  • Forget about all the diets and be ready to eat, drink, and be merry. That is the essence of Italian culture.
Gondola ride in Venice – credits: Violeta Meleti/

Romantic walks through cobbled streets, subtle sun rays caressing your skin, cozy dinners al fresco. It all sounds like a set of a romantic comedy, doesn’t it?

If you love delicious food, breathtaking sights, and a passionate way of life, Italy is just the place you need to visit for your next romantic getaway.

You are about to find out when to visit, where to go, and even how to get there!

Read on if you are interested in top romantic activities in Italy for couples. You will also find details on some staple restaurants in the ancient land.

Traveling economy style? No problem. Useful tips on how to budget for your romantic trip are revealed further on.

Best Time to Visit Italy for a Romantic Trip

Couple in Italy – credits: Summer loveee/

When visiting romantic Italy, the variety of activities is so vast that it appeals to all sorts of travelers.

With a Mediterranean coastline through picturesque islands, all the way to the breathtaking Dolomites, the world is your oyster. 

If you are interested in sightseeing and following the footsteps of famous heroes from ancient history, spring and autumn are the best seasons for you.

Between March and May and then later in September, all through to November, the temperatures are most pleasant. This is especially true for romantic hikes and exploring with your other half.

Springtime is magical, with all flowers in bloom from April on. At the same time, autumn offers unforgettable evenings, especially around the beginning of October.

For all the beach fans out there, the hottest months are July and August. A nice refreshing swim or a cold glass of spritz to start a lovely date should be mandatory at that time.  

Couple in Cinque Terre – credits: TravnikovStudio/

While planning your romantic getaway, you should remember that it can get pretty busy in the most popular parts of the country around that time. Therefore, to avoid disappointment, you should book your attraction tickets or make dinner reservations in advance.

It’s worth remembering that wandering off the beaten track can reveal some hidden gems for couples in Italy.

If you don’t mind some raindrops here and there and a few blows of brisk wind, you can explore this beautiful country in winter.

The off-peak months could unravel more authentic and local experiences when the tourist season craze is over. 

Let’s not forget the Italian Dolomites, with one of the best skiing facilities in Europe. If you plan a romantic stay in ‘’Winter Wonderland,’’ November to March will give you the best chances for unforgettable feelings. 

Whether you have a date in mind or are still trying to decide, you should plan your romantic trip bearing in mind the seasonal recommendations. 

Top Romantic Destinations in Italy

What are the most romantic Italian cities, you ask? We have those below to consider and many others to choose from.

  1. Rome
  2. Florence
  3. Venice
  4. Portofino
  5. and Verona in northern Italy


Couple in Rome – credits: carlos calixto rayo bravo/

We could start with the obvious ‘eternal city’ of Rome. This is because the capital boasts many staple sights to see, romantic cobbled streets, and places from famous movie sets.

There isn’t anything more romantic than a sunset walk around beautiful architecture and a passionate smooch by a fountain.

Get ready for many kisses as Rome is the Italian city with the most fountains in the world! History buffs and art lovers will enjoy the Pantheon, the Colosseum, and the City of Vatican, to name a few.

Others can taste incredible gelato and coffee by the Trevi Fountain. Not to mention the incredible views while walking around Rome after dark. Surely a night to remember.

Home to most big luxury hotels, amongst other options, Rome will welcome you with open arms and offer you a world of things to do.


Couple in Florence – credits: loreanto/

Another charming destination is Florence, with its numerous bridges perfect for proposals and love declarations.

Also called the City of Lillies, it makes a perfect location for a romantic trip for two because of the countless magnificent flowers covering the landscape. Of course, delightful architecture and art are in their best form, such as the Florence Duomo.

Being in the very heart of Tuscany, Florence provides exquisite cuisine, cooking classes for couples, and, of course, the many vineyards you can visit for tasting or a romantic dinner in the evening.

You can stay in a big Tuscan villa on the outskirts of town or look for something more intimate in the center. 


Couple in Venice – credits: oneinchpunch/

Next in line is the one-of-a-kind city on water – Venice, arguably one of the most romantic places in Italy and probably one of the best places for a honeymoon in Italy.

It is not by accident that a honeymoon in Venice is an experience people daydream about.

Just walking around the old charming town is an experience, not to forget the St. Mark’s Basilica and the Doge’s Palace for sightseeing.

Another must on the itinerary would be, of course, a gondola ride and an obligatory romantic kiss under the Bridge of Sighs, which, according to the old stories, should bring everlasting love and happiness.

For music lovers, an unforgettable performance of an Italian opera in the lavish interiors of Teatro La Venice will surely be a highlight of the trip.

Let yourself get lost in the labyrinth of narrow streets and explore the artisan shops of local crafters.

You can stay in one of the premium hotels right in the heart of the city or take a water taxi to the outskirts for a cozy bed and breakfast. 


Do you recall a breathtaking landscape with colorful houses on the Italian Riviera? That’s the fishing village of Portofino. This romantic town, although little, has a lot to offer, especially for couples.

You can visit the Castello Brown or the Church of San Giorgio or take a dive to see the monuments hidden underwater.

After a day of basking in the sun, a private sunset boat tour with some delicious refreshments will do the trick to elevate your romantic trip to Italy to a whole new level.


Verona – credits: Joseph Young/

If you are looking for a romantic location, the home of Romeo and Juliet, Verona, will be perfect for you.

After you visit Juliet’s house and look up to her balcony, couples can enjoy a romantic stroll through the iconic Ponte Pietra bridge or a picturesque view from the Castel San Pietro.

A romantic dinner with local vines can be ended with an opera show at the Verona Arena. For accommodation in Verona, a bed and breakfast type of hotel will be your best bet. 

Romantic Things To Do in Italy

Couple at Trevi Fountain in Rome – credits: Maridav/

Italy in itself is a perfect destination for lovers. With the incredible range of activities, locations, and landscapes, every couple will find something memorable to do.

From romantic walks, intimate boat rides, sunbathing, and spa breaks to wine tasting, cooking classes, and world-class sightseeing, couples will be spoiled for choice. 

In Rome

For the active duos, Rome can spoil you with a variety of walking tours. Most of them include the famous historical sights you want to see during your romantic trip to Italy.

From the Colosseum and Palatine Hill to the Roman Forum or around Vatican City, you are spoilt for choice. For extra pizzazz, you can book a romantic photoshoot for two.

In Tuscany

If you find yourself on a honeymoon in Tuscany, you must follow the Chianti Trail. You should have some delightful wines and refreshments on the way as it entails all a romantic walk should. 

After you tasted all the wine in the Tuscany countryside, it is worth exploring some other vineyard tours for couples in Italy.

Much like Greek vineyards, they offer a once-in-a-lifetime, delicious experience to their visitors!

In Florence

You should try a wine-tasting sunset tour in Florence. There, you can get your glass through one of the secret wine windows. As a bonus, you can learn how to make an authentic Negroni and even get some gelato.

If you and your partner want to combine a nice hike with some great wine, you should tour Etna, the volcano, with wine tasting included along the way.

In Venice

For those interested in combining wine and food experience, you can learn a lot about wine pairing in a few restaurants in Venice, which can make a romantic dinner even more exciting. 

For Foodies

Italian pasta – credits: stesilvers/

Are you a foodie couple? Say no more. Rome has to offer mouth-watering food tours around the romantic city, with the best chefs in the industry.

If you like a little more rustic feel, Tuscany would be perfect. From scrumptious starters to learning the difference between ice cream and gelato, you won’t be disappointed.

If you are interested not only in eating but also in recreating Italian staples, a range of cooking classes for couples in Italy is something you should explore.

All the bigger cities, but also many villages in Tuscany and the Tuscan countryside, offer a range of classes. From simple pasta making to a full three-course menu class crowned with a delicious tiramisu, you will leave with a new set of skills.

For Relaxation Seekers

Couples that are looking forward to some pampering will also enjoy their Italian adventure. If you fancy a spa break with a twist you can go all the way back to ancient times and try the historical Terme Torino SPA.

For a slightly more modern version, you can visit Terme Merano, conveniently located in the Traiano’s National Park, QC Terme Spa on the outskirts of Rome.

For Lovers of Sailing

What would romantic getaways in Italy be without a boat ride? You can take part in an all-day cruise along the Amalfi coast, which includes postcard-worthy Positano. Or take a boat to explore the famous Lake Como.

You can also splurge on a personal gondola tour around the “floating city” of Venice. This way, you can admire Italy’s natural beauty and popular sites, such as the Grand Canal and Piazza San Marco.

If you consider yourself more practical, why not take part in a hop-on/hop-off river cruise around Rome? Fancy a beach day? Blue Grotto boat trip with a full experience of the delightful tiny island of Capri will do the trick.

Best Romantic Restaurants in Italy

Couple in front of the Colosseum – credits: oneinchpunch/

The old proverb says that ‘you are what you eat,’ so why not be the best of what Mediterranean cuisine has to offer? Especially if it’s served in the most romantic locations this continent has ever seen.

Whether you have a taste of hearty comfort food or elevated five-star masterpieces on a plate, Italy will not leave you hungry. 

You can transport yourself into the fairytale-like La Sponda with the panoramic view of picturesque Positano. Alternatively, you can try the cozy romantic Library in Rome, which serves authentic local food with perfect wine pairing.

For a taste of luxury and an atmosphere full of love and flowers, you should visit Enoteca Pinchiorri in Florence. It is famous for its Michelin-starred 16-course tasting menu.

If you are looking for something intimate, Bistro de Venise in beautiful Venice has a personalized menu for couples and private tables for two.

Italian cuisine does not need to be introduced to anybody. We all like a bit of pizza or pasta every now and then.

While this can seem ordinary for some, authentic Italian chefs take it to the next level, making every meal a romantic experience and an absolute explosion of tastes and feelings.

You must taste Arancini or fresh focaccia, not to mention classic lasagne. For the wildest sensations, try fragrant risotto with mushrooms or truffles on simple pasta or gnocchi.

Meat lovers have to try Ossobuco, a mouth-watering veal shank with a hollow bone in the middle. If you want to reenact the Lady and the Tramp scene, spaghetti should be your choice.

Let’s not forget about desserts. You can share heavenly tiramisu, creamy panna cotta, or delicious cannoli!

If you want to opt for a lighter date night, Italy will spoil you with perfect wine and cocktail bars for an unforgettable romantic evening.

When in Bellagio, don’t miss out on Angolo DiVino! This eighteen-century local wine cellar provides the best wines, a mysterious atmosphere, and a cheese board to remember.

Wine in Rome seems to taste best in Enoteca Bortone or VinAllegro, with a charming ambiance and nibbles to die for.

Fancy a Negroni with a view? Hotel Continentale Terrazza in Florence will give you that and more. Your date will be lost for words.

Iconic bar Longhi in Venice, with lavish rooms and Murano glass chandeliers, will make a perfect spot for a romantic evening. For a modern and sophisticated evening, pick Romeo Bistrot & Cocktail Bar in Verona

Whether you decide to go for a full dinner or choose a cocktail-themed evening, it is absolutely worth booking your bucket list venues beforehand. That is because they can get busy, especially in peak season.

You can simply try to do it online. However, while most popular and romantic places have robust websites, some more rustic ones may not take online bookings.

You can try and call (how’s your Italian?) or pop in while you’re there and try to reserve a table.

Big chain hotels with concierge service may be able to sort it out for you upon earlier request, too. Try your luck!

Romantic Accommodation in Italy

You seem to have the dates; you know what you would like to fill your days with and even what you will eat and drink, but where will you stay? Italy has some of the most romantic hotels in the world.

Hassler Roma in the heart of the ancient capital of Hotel Splendide Royal for a very luxurious stay also in Rome with its magnificent views, to name a few. 

For more affordable yet very cozy stays, Hotel Calimala in Florence, Hotel Artemide in Rome, or Hotel Moresco in Venice will satisfy even the fussiest guests.

For a different vibe, Villa Belvedere in Taormina and Borgo Dolciano in Tuscany are worth mentioning. 

If you are looking for truly unique accommodation for your romantic trip, you should definitely look into the Chapel next to Villa Volpi in Venice. It sleeps up to 6, so you can enjoy the space or consider a couples trip.

If that’s not cozy enough, you can have a look at the Treehouse in Ostuni, Puglia; a lovely landscape and a romantic feel are guaranteed.

While in Puglia, you could also stay in a Trullo – a whitewashed stone hut, an incredible one-of-a-kind experience.

Just 30 minutes outside of Florence, in the Chianti Hills, there is an Old Hay Loft. This is not only intimate, charming, and special, but it also has full access to a hot tub and neighbors a vineyard. It’s a fan favorite, so book quickly!

Looking for something extravagant? How about a private island on the Venetian Lagoon? Valle Falconera is accessible only by a ferry. If this is the intimate spot you are after, say no more and enjoy your stay. 

Of course, you can spend a lot trying to find something special, but let’s not forget about family-owned, Italian bed-and-breakfast hotels, which are not only budget-friendly but also can give you the authentic feel and reveal unexpected treasures in their vicinity.

If that’s your style, Cima Rosa in Venice, I Milord on the Amalfi coast, or Casa Rovai in Florence are some to check out.

Transportation in Italy for Couples

Couple on Vespas in Italy – credits: Lucky Business/

When considering the best way to move around Italy, it all depends on your luggage and where you want to go.

Thankfully, there are wonderful options for couples when it comes to transportation in Italy.

Of course, the first option that comes to mind is a car. While it is a brilliant and quite accessible idea, you may need to consider an alternative.

This is purely so you can enjoy all the beverages Italy has to offer, such as rich wine, delicious cocktails, and great craft beer. 

Many tourists take the train, as Italy has a great network of train connections, especially between the bigger cities.

What’s great is also the fact that train stations are generally in the center. Therefore, you can get off the train straight into the arms of historical sights

If you are not against public transport, you can also try buses to reach places where the train won’t take you.

Couple in Pisa – credits: illpaxphotomatic/

City transport or longer routes are popular, especially in the peak season. As a result, you shouldn’t struggle to find one suitable for you.

If you want to explore shorter distances and are up for an adventure, why not rent a Vespa and explore Rome or other cities in a truly Italian style?

You can do it directly by popping into one of the rental shops, ordering it online in advance, or even through an app there and then. Don’t forget to take photos!

For those of you immune to sea sickness and willing to switch it up a little bit, you can also take the ferry to travel around the Italian coast.

It surely can double as a romantic attraction and get you to your desired location at the same time.

Another option for transportation is a little pricey. However, it is very suitable for couples seeking intimacy and privacy.

You can easily hire a private driver to take you around during your trip. Checking credentials and references is recommended for your comfort.

Budgeting for a Romantic Trip to Italy

Couple in Positano – credits: Kateryna Onyshchuk/Shutterstock

So, you have decided. It’s happening; you are ready to fall in love with Italy. How do you budget for your Italy romantic vacations, and how much does a honeymoon in Italy cost?

Think of how you will get there and where you will sleep. Consider the cost of your meals and drinks. Then, decide what you would like to see and do and check out all the costs online

Make a ‘money is no object’ version and a version of things that are the bare minimum for you so the romantic escape is worthwhile.

Then, calculate how much money you are prepared to spend and add a sprinkle of luxury where you can to make the trip even more interesting. 

Top tip: read travel blogs like this one to save money while you are there. The web community is there to help you every step of the way. 

Enjoy your trip, squeeze every day like a Sicilian lemon, and feel all the romantic feels!

Final Thoughts on A Romantic Trip to Italy

Couple in Lake Como – credits: Feel good studio/

Tested and beloved by the rich and famous of the world, like Gwyneth Paltrow, Mariah Carey, and even the Kardashians, Italy seems to be a must-do on the bucket lists of many.

Versatile and filled with endless possibilities, planning a romantic Italian trip can get overwhelming, but fear not.

By following our advice above and contacting our travel specialists, a romantic trip to Italy full of fairy dust and magic is at your fingertips!

To delve more into romance and explore your options, don’t forget to read about a romantic getaway to Greece and Italy and a couple’s holiday in Italy.

requently Asked Questions

  • What are the most romantic cities or destinations in Italy?

    Italy offers numerous romantic destinations, but some top choices include Venice with its gondola rides, Florence for its art and architecture, Rome for its historical charm, the Amalfi Coast for breathtaking coastal views, and Tuscany’s countryside for its tranquility and vineyards.

  • What are the must-visit romantic attractions or activities?

    Some must-visit romantic attractions and activities for your romantic trip to Italy include a gondola ride in Venice, watching the sunset over the Colosseum in Rome, exploring the art and history of Florence, enjoying a leisurely wine tasting in Tuscany, and taking a scenic drive along the Amalfi Coast.

  • What’s the best time of year to plan a romantic trip to Italy?

    Spring (April to June) and early autumn (September to October) are often considered the best times to visit Italy. That also stands true for a romantic vacation.

    The weather is pleasant, and there are fewer crowds compared to the peak summer season.

  • What are some recommended romantic restaurants in Italy?

    Italy is known for its delicious cuisine and romantic dining experiences. Some renowned romantic restaurants include Le Jardin in Florence, and Ristorante Il Palagio in Florence.

    Ristorante Aroma in Rome, Antico Caffè San Marco in Venice, and La Terrazza at Hotel Eden in Rome are also incredible options for your romantic trip to Italy.

  • How can I plan a memorable proposal in Italy?

    Italy is a popular destination for proposals. You can plan a memorable proposal by choosing an iconic location.

    Some of the best include the Trevi Fountain in Rome, the Rialto Bridge in Venice, or a scenic spot along the Amalfi Coast.

    Consider hiring a photographer to capture the moment and make dinner reservations at a romantic restaurant to celebrate afterward.


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