Key Takeaways

  • Most people assume we don’t ski in Greece, but we have beautiful ski resorts in Greece that have been around for many years.
  • There are ski slopes in Greece for all disciplines and abilities.
  • Ski centers in Greece have spectacular mountain scenery and quaint stone chalets, perfect for a romantic ambiance.
  • When you’re not on the slopes, there are always cozy cafes and restaurants to snuggle up in.

Greece, for most visitors, is popular for its bright sun, beautiful beaches, and Greek island-hopping.

However, most people hardly realize that skiing in Greece is now a thriving tourist attraction. It is, in fact, wonderfully romantic and is widespread during the winter.

The ski season starts from December to mid-April. There are more than 14 ski resorts in Greece from which guests can choose. 

Skiing first appeared in Greece in the 1920s. Today, countless adventure seekers are turning the snow-capped mountain slopes across the country into their favorite winter destination.

So naturally, they choose it for skiing and snowboarding. Romantic mountain towns make it a prime spot for alternative couples seeking a winter honeymoon in Greece or a Valentines Day in Greece.

Here, we will travel to the best ski resorts in Greece for your romantic getaway.


Kalavrita ski resort – credits:

One of Greece’s most famous ski resorts is none other than Parnassos. It consists of the ski resorts of Parnassos, Kellaria, Fterolakka, and Gerontovrachos. The ski resorts of Parnassos are excellently organized and equipped with many possibilities for exciting descents off the ski slopes. 

Parnassos ski resort is located at an altitude of 1600 to 2300 meters. There, you will find operating a ski lift, six aerial, and seven sliding lifts with 20 slopes, with a total length of 14 kilometers. It also has parking, reception areas, helipad, restaurant, cafeteria, bar, first aid, roadside assistance, and babysitting department. 

Kellaria and Fterolakka are located at an altitude of 1,750 m. -1,950 m. And have 16 downhill slopes from 600 m. To 4 km. With altitude differences of 150 m. To 650 m. aerial, one two-seater aerial, and seven slidings. The area of ​​Gerontovrachos is at an altitude of 1,800 m. -2,390 m. With four downhill slopes and three sliding lifts.

The Ski Center has ski and snowboard schools, ski rental and clothing stores, and clothing boutiques. In Gerontovrachos, there is a ski school, a playground, ski rentals, boots, a snowboard, and a food chalet.

3-5 Pigadia

3-5 Pigadia ski resort – credits:

Of course, the list of the most popular ski resorts in Greece could not be missing the ski resort 3-5 Pigadia. It is located on Mount Vermio, in the western part and at an altitude of 1430 m to 2005 m. Its distance from Naoussa is only 17 km. 

The ski slopes of every degree of difficulty meet visitors’ requirements for sports and tourist skiing. Furthermore, the artificial snow system, the only one in Greece, ensures excellent snow quality throughout the winter season.


Pelion ski resort – credits:

The ski center of Pelion, Agriolefkes, which came to life on the initiative of the Hellenic Mountaineering Association of Volos, is located in the Prefecture of Magnesia. You can find it at the top of “Agriolefkes” of Mount Pelion. Its charming surrounding villages are a top choice for lovers on Valentine’s Day in Greece.

Today at the Pelion Ski Center, there are five lifts with a total capacity of 2000 people/hour. It boasts slopes with a total length of 7.5 km. Downhill skiing and 5 km. Walking ski, and a shelter with a capacity of 80 people. Also, there are three parking spaces with a total capacity of 350 cars.


Falakro ski resort – credtis:

The Ski Center of Falakro is located on the slopes of Mount Falakro. It belongs to the prefecture of Drama and has an altitude of 1720m., In the area of ​​Agios Pneumas.

It is the northernmost ski resort in the country, with the advantage of having the most extended ski season. The Ski Center of Falakro is exceptionally organized, with constantly updated and developed facilities. For other couple’s getaways in the north of the country, check out this guide to the most romantic places in Northern Greece.

It has 16 slopes of all degrees of difficulty and eight lifts. There is also a four-seater detachable chair 1500m long, the second in Greece and the largest in length. The Falakro Ski Center also has ski schools, shops with the necessary equipment, and three chalets for eating and sleeping. It is one of the most-loved ski resorts in Greece.


Karpenisi ski resort – credits:

The Ski Center of Karpenisi is 12 km away from Karpenisi, on a plateau of Velouchi. It was created at an altitude of 1840 meters in 1974, and since then, it has constantly been improving. It has ten slopes that differ in their difficulty level, and the seven lifts that exist in the area can serve up to 5,150 people per hour.

For the amateurs of the sport, there is a special ski school and shops from where they can get the necessary equipment by buying or renting. There are also chalets for 100 people, a restaurant, a cafeteria, a bar, and first aid on the slopes.

From the lifts, you have a fantastic view of the city, the mountains of the area, and all of Central Greece. Near the ski center at an altitude of 1840m. The mountaineering shelter ‘Takis Flegkas’ belongs to the Federation of Hiking and Climbing and offers a wonderful view of a real alpine landscape. It is 12 km away from Karpenisi and can accommodate 30 people.


Pertouli ski resort – credits:

The ski center of Pertouli is located forty kilometers from the city of Trikala and only twenty kilometers from the Gate. The ski resort consists of three slopes and three lifts. It boasts a red track 1,500m long, a blue track 400m long, and a green training track 80m long. Additionally, there is a 1,170m long two-seater aerial lift and a 350m long sliding one. 

The aerial lift also works for touring. There are also two snow machines, two equipment rental shops, and two chalets. Night ski nights take place during the ski operation. There is a large and comfortable parking space at the ski resort’s base, and access is safe and comfortable without the use of anti-skid chains.


Lailias ski resort – credits:

The ski center of Lailias is located in a forest of beeches and pines, at an altitude of 1600m. and is a creation of the Hellenic Mountaineering Association of Serres.

It is twenty-seven kilometers away from Serres, and the road that connects it with the city is paved and snowed daily, during periods of snowfall. It has a basic ski slope with a total length of 1000m. and 60m wide, which is served by a sliding ski lift, 850m long, which can carry 700 people per hour.

There is another small sliding lift, 200m long for beginners. At the starting point of the piste, ski equipment is rented for the unorganized amateurs. In addition, there are private ski training schools at the ski resort, which experienced teachers teach for beginners. 

With lighting installed on the slope, it is also suitable for night skiing. At the end of the ski slope, there is and operates a modern chalet with a restaurant, refreshment room, and dormitories.


Metsovo ski resort – credits:

The ski resort of Metsovo is one of the most beautiful ski resorts with a wild mountain landscape and demanding slopes. Its great advantage is that it is located very close to the town of Metsovo.

The options for accommodation and food are many, mainly in Metsovo and the surrounding villages. There are also shops renting the necessary equipment. The ski resort has three lifts and six slopes with various routes and difficulties.

At the starting point of the ski resort, there are five wooden huts where every visitor can find the necessary ski and snowboard equipment and make trips to the plateau or around the artificial lake Pigon Aoos by snowmobile and group excursions by snow truck.

The ski resort also has a restaurant cafe bar throughout the year. On its premises, you will find a track with synthetic carpet, which operates all year round, and a snow slide (tubing) track, which can also operate all year round since it is made of synthetic carpet.


Pisoderi ski resort – credits:

The ski center Pisoderi is located at the junction of the Varnuda Mountains of Verni, 19 km west of the city of Florina and at an altitude of 1600-1900m. where a neck is formed at the Vigla-Pisoderio crossing. In a beautiful forest of beeches, this superb location is one of the best ski resorts in Greece. 

The facilities of the Vigla ski center can offer the visitor and meet even the most demanding. 10 Olympic-sized slopes can cater to all categories of skier and snowboarder. In the ski center, there are five lifts, three slidings, and two aerials to serve many visitors. 

The panoramic view of Prespa from the peaks of the slopes is magnificent because it is combined with the view of the surrounding snow-capped mountains.


Kaimaktsalan ski resort – credits:

The stunning Kaimaktsalan Ski Center has the highest altitude in Greece. It is considered the “Arachova of the North” due to the traditional, picturesque settlements in the area, gathering all of secular northern Greece. This is a wonderful place to curl up by the fireplace in a traditional stone hotel for your romantic Christmas in Greece.

The center has an equipment rental shop, two ski and snowboard schools, snowmobile rentals, luxury rooms for rent, a restaurant, cafe, bar, a snow bar at an altitude of 2,069m, and many possibilities for outdoor activities.


Kalavrita ski resort – credits:

The Ski Center of Kalavrita lies on the north side of Helmos, at an altitude of 1700m that goes up to 2340m. It is located a little less than 15km from Kalavrita, while it is about 200km from Athens. It has been operating since 1988 and has seven lifts, 12 slopes, ample parking spaces, cafes, restaurants, ski equipment sale and rental shop, ski school, and a First Aid station.

In addition, on the premises, there are special tracks for ski and snowboard moguls, cross country ski trails and the unique snow tubes park.

The state-of-the-art Aristarchus telescope was installed and is in operation (in honor of the ancient Greek astronomer Aristarchus) of the Athens Observatory with a diameter of 2.3 m, the largest in the Balkans and the countries of the Eastern Mediterranean. The telescope can and does observe objects at a distance of 5 billion light-years.

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Elatochori ski resort – credits:

In Pieria, at the back of Olympus, there is one of the closest ski resorts to Thessaloniki, just under 100 km.

From there, you can escape to the mountain villages, which are many and all face Mount Olympus in a way that causes awe. Many hostels have been opened to serve tourists in Elatochori, which is 8 km from the center. This dreamy spot is perfect for an adventure honeymoon in Greece.

Dion and its archeological site stand out for their excursion potential. Litochoro is a perfect base for climbing Olympus to Prionia. Finally, Palios Panteleimonas overlooking the Aegean is ideal for picturesque walks and traditional tavern visits.

The slopes are slightly steep for beginners, although there is little learning, which is used by the teachers from the schools that exist here and in all the other ski resorts.

Elatochori is a relatively small ski resort that fills up quickly but is the best solution for a short overnight getaway in winter if you’re in Thessaloniki.


Kastoria ski resort – credits:

A unique ski resort that belongs to the army and that needs special arrangements to visit is located on the back slope of Olympus, just 98 km from Thessaloniki.

The base of the ski center is at an altitude of 1800m, and you must have your ID or passport to enter. However, the joy of stepping on Olympus, which is always snowy, is intense on a track of 1140 meters.

The operation of the center is free. It has three lifts for the use of elevators. All that is required is a responsible statement that the center is not accountable in case of an accident.

At the borders of the Camp, there is a shelter maintained by the army. It has about 30 beds, a bathroom, and heating. Organized excursions require approval from the Special Forces Directorate and the Camp Administration. For accommodation, we also recommend the nearby Elassona.


Papigo ski resort – credits:

Paggaio Ski Center or Orpheus Valley is 42 km away from the city of Kavala. It is located at an altitude of 1780 m., while it is one of the smallest ski resorts in the country.

In the enchanting white landscape near Kavala, one can enjoy the two slopes and the view of the altitude of 1850 meters. 

Prophet Elias

Prophet Elias ski resort -credits:

The Ski Center Profitis Ilias or Politsies, just 4km from Metsovo, has easy slopes and a short length.

It is located on Mount Mavrovouni. Moreover, it spreads at an altitude of 1360 to 1620m. An area of ​​25 km from the peak Mavrovouni / Flegga is located at an altitude of 2160 m. Visitors are led to the slopes by three sliding lifts.

The ski resort of Prophet Elias has a chalet with a restaurant and a cafeteria. The chalet is open all year round. Anyone interested can visit the ski school for intensive lessons before the track. There, you can also find ski and snowmobile equipment rental shops. A snow truck, a bus-type vehicle consisting of two wagons, rides passengers in the snow.

Wherever you choose to go, you will have a great time in the ski resorts of Greece. Do not forget to equip yourself with everything you need and look at the weather before setting on your adventure.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What months can you ski in Greece?

    Greek mountains have good snow between December and April, depending on the resort.

    Remember Mother Nature is always changing her mind, so you should check the snow conditions before you go to be sure.

  • What is skiing in Greece like?

    While it may not be popular for its snowsports, Greek ski resorts are very popular and get booked up fast.

    Most of the ski areas are smaller than the immense resorts of the Alps.

    But the lift passes are a lot cheaper and you can enjoy a more intimate, laid-back atmosphere.

  • Can you ski in Athens?

    You can’t ski directly from Athens. But, if you wanted to pair a Greek ski holiday with a city break in Athens, there are great resorts less than a five-hour drive away.

    Parnassos and Kalavrita are excellent options for a weekend or overnight trip from Athens. It’s the perfect option for a minimoon in Greece!


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