Key Takeaways

  • There are many wonderful ways to spend a Valentine’s Day in Greece. Picturesque locations are perfect if you’re looking for romance.
  • Stay in dreamy mountain towns like Metsovo and Pelion or coastal beauties like Nafplio and Chania.
  • Athens and Thessaloniki are both buzzing cities with endless things to do for the curious couple.
  • Greek restaurants are perfect for creating a romantic ambiance.

Valentine’s Day is approaching. This celebration offers the perfect opportunity for couples in love to take the trip to Greece they always dreamed of.

Despite its small size, the country has many romantic destinations one can choose from for a Valentine’s Day in Greece.

Here, our luxury travel planners have pitched some ideas regarding where and how you could spend the most idyllic Valentine’s Day in the country.

All the following places are picturesque, located in Greece, and are ideal for a romantic getaway on Valentine’s Day.

The History of Saint Valentine

A couple in nature – credits: Kavrishka/Shutterstock

St. Valentino, officially known as St. Valentine of Rome, was a widely popular Roman Catholic saint of the 3rd century, and people now honor him on February 14. Since the Middle Ages, it has been associated with a tradition of peaceful love.

Many stories have been connected with his name. According to the prevailing version, Valentine was a priest in Rome. He helped Christians who were victims of persecution in the area.

St. Valentino lived during the 3rd century and acted secretly from the emperor Claudius the Gothic, who was in power at the time. He performed marriages between Christian couples in love and generally helped Christians, which was a crime in those times.

For this, they arrested and imprisoned him. However, the emperor initially decided to pardon him. That was until Valentine tried to convert him to Christianity, and the emperor sentenced him to death by stoning. However, Valentino survived the stoning and was beheaded outside the Flaminia Gate on February 14, 169.

After Saint Valentine’s death

He was martyred and buried in a Christian cemetery in Via Flaminia near Ponte Milvio in northern Rome. His burial took place on February 14. This date has been celebrated as Valentine’s Day since 496.

His remains used to lie in the Church and Catacombs of St. Valentine during the Middle Ages. Then, they got transferred to the church of Santa Prasente in the pontificate of Nicholas IV.

Due to the confusing information is not mentioned anywhere in the Orthodox calendar, and the Orthodox Church never recognized it. The Catholic Church also reduced its celebration to a simple local holiday. Over time, the celebration went from Italy to Europe and Britain to America.

Today, Valentine’s Day is an official holiday in the Anglican Society and the Lutheran Church. In ​​the Eastern Orthodox Church area, however, we celebrate St. Valentine the Elder on July 6 and the Hieromartyr Saint Valentine (The Bishop of Terni) on July 30. 

Regardless, due to the general ambiguity of the life of this Saint, it has been established that the name Valentine or Valentine is celebrated on February 14, the most prevalent Day of the death of this Saint, and the flower-decorated relic of Valentine is exhibited in the Royal Church of Saint Mary in Cosmedin in Rome.

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Where to spend Valentine’s Day in Greece


Nafplio – credits: Milan_Gonda/

The first official capital of the Greek state, Nafplio, is gorgeous. For a young couple in Greece, It is everything you need to celebrate the most romantic day of the year with your other half.

The alleys of its Old Town, the balconies of the neoclassical mansions, the romantic lighting, and the sight of Palamidi and Bourtzi. These are only some of the elements that contribute to its allure. This seaside town is perfect for Valentine’s Day and is also a wonderful choice if you’re looking for a romantic way to spend Christmas in Greece


Metsovo – credits:

The town of Metsovo is located in the heart of Pindos and is one of the top winter destinations in Greece. On your Valentine’s Day in Greece you and your partner will eat delicious local food, you will see beautiful landscapes, and relax.

What’s more, if you are a fan of winter sports you can visit the romantic Greek ski center, which is only 7 km from Metsovo.


Pelion – credits: dimitrisvetsikas1969/

The striking Pelion is an excellent choice for Valentine’s Day in Greece. Whichever village you choose to reside in with your other half, you will have the time of your lives.

Once you reach Pelion, you will realize that the landscape’s natural beauty is unparalleled. It is a heavenly landscape that will help you both relax from the city’s daily stress. The winter is also a great time to visit for your Greek honeymoon.

On this winter honeymoon in Greece, you can enjoy your stay in traditional hostels. There is no doubt that they will make you feel comfortable and warm. What’s more, there is always the option of luxury accommodation if you want to spend Valentine’s Day like royalty!


Chania – credits:

Who said that Crete is exclusively a summer destination? Whoever said it must have never experienced Crete in the winter, and especially the region of Chania. It is no coincidence that it is one of the most popular regions for a Crete honeymoon! Chania during Valentine’s Day combines the refreshing island air with the picturesque finesse of the city. 

Thus, it is impossible to visit Chania year-round and not have a great time! Besides, the whole aesthetics of the city is from another, more romantic. As a result, this alone contributes to creating a more sentimental atmosphere. Why not choose Crete as the spot for your wedding vows renewal in Greece?

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Thessaloniki has always been one of the most beloved romantic destinations. Especially in the last years that the city has undergone much redesigning. As one of the most romantic places in Northern Greece, it’s a wholesome place to spend your Valentine’s Day.

Start your walk or bike ride from the bottom of Aristotelous Square and end up at the Thessaloniki Concert Hall. Your heart will open, and you will probably fall in love again from the beginning. Otherwise, constant values ​​Tsimiski, Ano Poli, and the endless options for good food and entertainment will keep you awake.


Monastiraki, Athens – credits: Milan_Gonda/

There is no doubt that the Greek capital is a perfect Valentine’s day destination. Not to mention, it is an incredible Greek honeymoon destination in general. It is as impressive as every other part of the country, if not more.

It might not offer its visitor luscious green landscapes of irresistible natural beauty. However, its urban aesthetic and gorgeous hidden spots make it a haven on earth for hopeless romantics worldwide. That’s why so many couples choose to elope in Greece.

If you love historic cities, you could also look at a Florence honeymoon and romantic things to do in Rome.

Suppose you decide to visit Athens for Valentine’s Day. On your luxurious Greek vacation, you will be able to admire the fascinating archaeological sites, picturesque neighborhoods, and impressive local eateries hand in hand with your better half.

Allow yourselves to fall in love all over again in one of Athens’ many romantic, high-end restaurants and enjoy their atmospheric and special menus. If love has really captured your heart on this trip, why not use one of the Athens attractions for a Greek wedding proposal?

Below you will find a list of our top choices regarding restaurants in Athens. Now nothing is keeping you from celebrating the lovers’ holiday to its fullest.

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Romantic restaurant in Athens for Valentine’s Day

Horizons of Lycabettus

Orizontes Lycabettus – credits:

The view from Lycabettus Hill is one of the first corners of Athens that come to mind for a romantic dinner on Valentine’s Day. The magnificent Athenian panorama unfolds in front of the restaurant’s guests. The backdrop of the green hill is extra special for a Greek sunset, so choose to climb there ideally when the sun sets.

The extra romantic menu combines original ideas with a sophisticated mood. It also includes first quality ingredients and, of course, the enjoyable atmosphere of an excellent urban restaurant. The unmatched ambiance of the restaurant makes dinner there every night of the year feel somewhat like a festive outing.

Hotel Great Britain

GB Restaurant – credits:

Suppose someone was to film a rom-com in Athens. In that case, it could not have a better setting than that of the most historic hotel in the city especially, if you have the opportunity to visit it on Valentine’s Day and enjoy the complete package of experiences. From champagne and strawberries with chocolate in the room to dinner, every aspect of hospitality here has the stamp of silver service.

The “GB Roof Garden Restaurant” menu includes scallops with urchin ice cream and pansy flowers, polari with lemongrass, chili, tapioca, coconut milk sauce, and Wellington fillet with truffle, potato rolls with leek and sauce Madeira. 

You can bring your luxurious culinary experience to a close with the sweetest bouquet of roses by Haute patissier Arnaud Larher milk chocolate mousse with ganache gianduja and bitter chocolate mousse with raspberry and brownies. 

Please remember that GB Spa Suites for couples welcome guests at special rates for treatments such as a massage or a facial rejuvenation treatment.

King George

king George – credits:

High gastronomy, elegant romance, enjoyable stay, and wellness come together in the package of experiences that the “King George, A Luxury Collection Hotel” has prepared for lovers.

The menu’s highlights at the atmospheric “Tudor Hall” include fresh shrimp marinated with passion fruit and watercress, as well as handmade agnolotti with potato, truffle, and truffle freshly harvested potatoes.

Again, you can choose your dinner to end with a sweet bouquet of Aréud Larher signé roses and milk chocolate mousse with ganache gianduja and dark chocolate mousse with raspberry and brownies.

The festive package King George offers on Valentine’s Day includes a bottle of Bava Moscato D’Asti and a box of macaroni, as well as a rich breakfast and complimentary late checkout. Try the enjoyable treatments for two of the GB Spa for extra enjoyment.

Hilton Athens

Hilton – credits:

The “Hilton” hotel in the center of Athens is ideal for a romantic weekend with dinner, overnight, and a spa. On 14/2, the impressive buffet of “Byzantino” welcomes couples with a feast of flavors.

It has everything from oysters, sushi, and beetroot ravioli with crab stuffing to rib eye and Alfredo pasta, prepared in front of you. It also offers a highly provocative buffet of sweets. Its top feature is a chocolate fountain you can use to garnish fruits and sweets!

For the ultimately luxurious and extravagant experience, the “Galaxy Private Room” next to the “Galaxy Bar” offers a gourmet 6-course dinner paired with a wine from the best Greek vineyards while you gaze over the Acropolis.


Zampano – credits:

On the ground floor of the magnificent neoclassical building that houses the City Circus, Zampano is a super atmospheric, high-ceilinged restaurant. It boasts romantic lighting, rustic tables, and giant windows overlooking Sarri Street.

Its menu includes potato and beetroot gnocchi with rocket pesto and sunflower seeds, barley with simmered beef and goat cheese, salad with beanstalks, peas, onion pickles, kale and Dijon dressing, white and caramelized onions, and octopus carpaccio with wild arugula, fennel, pink pepper, and orange.


Balcony – credits:

Housed in a neoclassical building that is a feast for the eyes, Balcony is one of the most beautiful Athenian restaurants.

It is hosted in a spectacular building of 1920 that “looks” at the pedestrian street of Makrigianni and the Acropolis Museum. Its delicious creations have been inspired by local recipes of romantic Northern Greece, the Peloponnese, and Pontus.

There, you will try, for example, handmade goggles (a type of pasta) with fresh tomatoes and dried mizithra and Kerkini water buffalo, served with onions stuffed with red cabbage, yogurt crust with saffron and potato petals.

The Train to Rouf

The Train Rouf – credits:

Few things in this world are more romantic than the original wagons of old trains. So, from this year’s list, the most elegant wagon restaurant of the Train to Rouf could not be missing either.

The menu features delicacies such as Orient Express rice with chicken apaki marinated in olive oil with red peppers and ginger, pasta with Genovese pesto and parmesan, smoked trout fillet with handmade stew. Also, don’t forget to taste the imaginative cocktails, such as the Fantastic Boyfriend, with vodka, coconut, lime, and raspberry. They are worth a try.


Artisanal – credits:

It is a historical building of Kifissia at the junction of Kifissias and Zirini streets. It was the residence of a close associate of King Paul, erected in the early 20th century.

Now it changed its appearance and has transformed into the modern Artisanal Lounge and Gardens, bringing France to people’s dishes.

If you are looking for a new, atmospheric, French-style restaurant bar perfect for Valentine’s Day, look no further than Artisanal Lounge and Gardens.

It has an enchanting atmosphere, the implementation of which was undertaken by the well-known architectural duo of George Gavalas and John Mourikis, who formed a multi-level space with authentic handicrafts and ’60s, selected from foreign markets.

In the garden of Artisanal, the second interior was designed in the style of a French greenhouse. In a glass environment, a unique setting opens from morning until late at night.

The specially designed outdoor area is surrounded by rare trees dating back to the late 1890s. With respect to the site’s natural heritage, a garden was designed to accommodate options for coffee, food, and drink throughout the day.
Influenced by the South of France, the cuisine presents authentic French dishes.

Its highlights include Nissouaz with fresh tart tartare, Boeuf bourguignon with handmade stuffed pasta, Fagri with handmade stuffed ravioli but sweet ravioli in sweet, and Duck breast breaded with a polenta cake.

Final Thoughts on Valentine’s Day in Greece

People worldwide celebrate Valentine’s Day, offering gifts to their loved ones, such as romantic dinners, jewelry, flowers, sweets, and cards.

However, what better way to show someone how much you care than with a trip to Greece? You may not be hopping on the Greek islands, but there is much more to this beautiful country than sun, sea, and sand.

Spend this special day on a romantic getaway in Greece or Italy! Afterward, you can continue your journey with a romantic road trip to Greece.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do they celebrate Valentine’s Day in Greece?

    Since it’s not recognized by the Orthodox church, Valentine’s Day is not a traditional Greek holiday and has come from international influence.

    But Greece celebrates their own patron saints of love, Aquila and Priscilla on February the 13th.

  • How do you say love in Greece?

    There are many words for love in Greece. “Ah-gah-pay,” is the most common Modern Greek word for love. I love you is pronounced “s’ah-gah-po”.

  • Is February a good time to visit Greece?

    The best time to visit Greece for romance is any time!

    While it may be a little chilly for beach activities in February, there is plenty more to see in Greece, from rich culture to beautiful nature.

    Add a few sweaters to your Greek honeymoon packing list, and you’ll be fine!


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