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  • When calculating a Greece honeymoon cost, there are a variety of factors that will determine your travel budget (duration, vacation type, season of travel, etc).
  • You’ll need to factor in flights, accommodation, food, activities, and extra fees into your Greece travel costs.
  • Greece doesn’t have to be expensive — if you visit in the off-season and stay at lower-cost accommodations, such as hostels.
  • Keep a small amount of extra cash for emergencies. Trip planning can be the scariest part of any vacation, from well-organized itinerary planning to ensuring your accommodation exists.
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One of the most significant contributors to travel angst is figuring out how much you’ll need to spend on your time away. A Greece honeymoon cost can be hard to determine when there are so many factors to consider.

And there’s nothing like running out of cash to ruin the loving mood of your newlywed vacation. So, a well-thought-out budget plan is a great additive to have handy.

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Still trying to figure out what your romantic Greece getaway costs will look like? Our expert honeymoon travel planners have put together a detailed breakdown of different costs you’ll likely encounter during your Greek island-infused stay.

Greece Honeymoon Budget – Breakdown

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It can be an adventurous excursion to simply book your flight and let the universe decide your fate. However, a structured cost list will keep you from spending too much. 

But don’t worry, you’ll have a kaleidoscope of adventures in your life with your loved one. A budget outline is perfect for keeping you on the right track and not dipping into your marital savings. So you’ll have more to spend on your next adventure!

Let’s look at how much you should be budgeting for each item.


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The airfare cost highly depends on the season you’re traveling and where you are flying from. While many might prefer to travel in the peak season (early July to August) when summer is in full throttle, a flight for two during this period can go up to $1800.

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For the ultimate combination of low costs and warmer Greek weather, visit in the fall (September to November). This season provides an excellent balanced experience and is one of the best times to visit Greece.


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A wide variety of accommodation types are available in Greece for you to choose from, depending on your traveler’s needs.

You could opt for hostel stays (which can usually go up to $35 per night). Or you can book more opulent options such as all-inclusive resorts in Greece for couples

Your Greece honeymoon costs will rely heavily on the number of days you stay, so choose your budget bracket wisely. Maybe a Greece minimoon is a more affordable option.

Also, consider if you’ve chosen the best time to visit Greece for your honeymoon, as this will have a big impact on the final cost.

A winter honeymoon in Greece offers lots of interesting destinations and is a lot more budget-friendly.

If you have your heart set on a luxury vacation in Greece, and the Greek islands in particular, you can always opt to travel in the low season to cut down costs. Or, consider less popular but still beautiful mainland destinations like Mani, the Peloponnese, and romantic Northern Greece.


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Greek cuisine is a culinary experience that epitomizes the variety and vitality of a vacation by the sea. With seafood and a variety of traditional dishes on the menu, you’ll likely be tempted to frequent local eateries. 

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A dinner at an eatery can cost around $13 to $22, but it largely depends on:

  • What Greece island/destination you’re staying on.
  • The type of restaurant you’re eating at (taverna, luxury dining etc.)
  • If you’re looking to add an alcoholic beverage to the bill.  

Tip: You can also buy groceries at local food shops and grocers to ensure you’re not eating your travel budget away (literally).


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Greece has a wide array of free things to do, such as visiting the best Greek island beaches for couples. But this tropical paradise has a way of tempting you into adventurous guided tours, especially if you want to try snorkeling in Greece.

This is a great addition for travelers looking for an in-depth and informative experience of popular attractions. Also, if you’re staying in an adult-only resort, they often offer lots of fun activities to help you get to know the area.

However, the best way to budget is by simply researching all the cultural activities’ entry fees (such as museums) and planning from there. 

If you plan on a Greece island-hopping honeymoon, you must also budget for Greek transportation, such as ferry services. 


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It’s always a good idea to allocate a pre-determined allotted budget on any vacation. This works as a safety net in case something happens, which includes good and bad ordeals.

From a parking ticket on a romantic road trip to splurging on a fancy meal, you’ll thank your past self for anticipating any extra Greece cost. If you’re planning an adventure honeymoon in Greece, consider the cost of any additional activities.

Final Thoughts on Greece Honeymoon Costs

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Whether planning a luxury honeymoon or looking to get the best bang for your buck, an estimation of your vacation spending will ensure you’re prepared.

This includes a variety of factors such as accommodation, day trips (and a Greek sunset cruise, of course), private tours, and length of stay, which all Greece honeymoon packages ought to include. For comparison, you could also look at our budgeting guide for a honeymoon in Italy.

Or, if you don’t want to worry about what you’re spending during your honeymoon, why not consider an all-inclusive Greek cruise?

Greece honeymoons exist to remind us that life is beautiful, sunny, and with a pinch of salt!

Looking to say your ‘I do’s in stunning scenery? Consider an elopement in Greece with your partner to start your life together in a tropical fairytale setting, and consult with our Greece honeymoon experts to make your dreams come true.

With a variety of factors that come into play on a Honeymoon in Greece budget, you’ll find that there is a seemingly endless supply of questions to ponder.

Take a look at a few answers for a clearer picture of your travel costs ahead:

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is a Greece or Italy Honeymoon Cheaper?

    While both the idyllic destinations of Greece and Italy can be done on a budget, Greece tends to be the most cost-effective out of the two countries.

    This is potentially due to cheap accommodation and living cost options on lesser-known remote Greek islands.

  • Is a Greece Honeymoon Worth it?

    From stunning seaside vistas and island-hopping across the Cyclades Islands to fascinating historical landmarks and luxury accommodations, your Greece honeymoon will be well worth every penny.

    For young couples in Greece, there are many ways to travel on a budget. There are plenty of lower-cost options, so you can start seeing your honeymoon trip to Greece as an investment and not an expense.

    Set on Greece for your honeymoon but don’t want to pay the summer prices? Why not consider a romantic Christmas in Greece?

  • What Month is the Cheapest to Travel to Greece?

    Looking for a budget-friendly option that will make you save money? An off-season month would be your best bet. You also get the added bonus of lower accommodation costs and fewer tourists on your honeymoon trip,

    This includes Greece in winter, which is from December to February.


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