Key Takeaways

  • There’s a reason Mykonos is such a popular island. It has incredible scenery, and the beaches in Mykonos are perfect for couples.
  • Organized beaches like Platys Gialos and Panormos beach offer you the ultimate comfort and luxury.
  • Pack water and snacks and spend the whole day in paradise at secluded beaches like Agios Sostis and Loulos.

Bright and brilliant in the light of day. Charming and mysterious under the glow of the night.

The multicultural, romantic, and lively Mykonos holds the first place on the most cosmopolitan island of Greece. It also has the first place for the ideal beaches for couples in Mykonos.

Under the summer breeze of the Aegean, the island of Mykonos unfolds before your eyes. Mykonos is the star of summer in Greece and one of the most famous destinations in the Mediterranean.

On a romantic break to Greece and Italy, Mykonos comes out on top. The authentic beauty of the island is apparent through the natural landscapes and the beautiful beaches of the coastline, perfect for snorkeling in Greece. In addition, Cycladic architecture creates a distinctive character with a sophisticated personality. Many people choose Mykonos as the island for their elopement in Greece.

There are endless beaches in Mykonos to add to your Greece honeymoon itinerary. From the beautiful alley of Matogianni and the romantic sunset in Little Venice, the festive parties on the beaches of Psarou and Super Paradise, the secluded beaches of Fokos and Ftelia, and the full moon music concerts in the magnificent archeological site of Delos. Whether you are here to party the Greek islands, renew your wedding vows in Greece, or for a dreamy honeymoon, Mykonos has everything!

Agios Sostis

Agios Sostis beach – credits: Aerial-motion/

In the north of Mykonos, you will find one of its most beautiful Greek island beaches for couples: Agios Sostis. Soft golden sand, clear waters, and the total lack of sunbeds or any organization, make Agios Sostis a haven of tranquility and repose. Do not forget to take water, snacks, or anything else you think you might need with you. There won’t be anything for you on the beach. 

Once you reach the area of Agios Sostis, you will have to park your car. Then, you will need to walk down to the beach. If you get there, be sure to eat at Kiki’s. It is a nearby tavern that works without electricity. Everything gets cooked on the coals.

Please keep in mind that there is a nudist spot on the left of the beach. But don’t let that deter you from visiting Agios Sostis. The liberatingly raw beauty of the beach is a couple’s dream, whether you’re on your Mykonos honeymoon or just a romantic getaway

Platys Gialos

Platys Gialos – credits: MevZup/

The beach of Platys Gialos in Mykonos is one of the most popular beaches in Mykonos. It boasts many people, while it is pretty organized with many hotels and restaurants along the beach.

It is a large beach with soft golden sand and boasts plenty of umbrellas and sunbeds. The beach also has a diving platform and large inflatable platforms that are perfect for the entertainment of young couples.

Here, you will find almost everything you may need for your stay. Hotels and apartments all have terraces overlooking the sea. They are located on the first floors above restaurants, bars, shops, mini markets, and small supermarkets along the beach. Platys Gialos is the starting point of the boats that go to the rest of Mykonos’ beaches.


Ornos beach – credits: fokke baarssen/

The enchanting seaside resort of Ornos has the advantage that you can swim undisturbed on days with a strong north wind. It has a lot in common with Platys Gialos. Like most of Mykonos’ beaches, it is vast and sandy.

Additionally, it offers a variety of shops, eateries, supermarkets, and accommodation options. It has a diving school and is easily accessible by bus from Chora. Bus routes to Ornos are widespread. There is plenty of parking space on the beach and outside the resort.


Lia beach – credits:

The beach of Lia is quite far from Mykonos’ town. Regardless, it is a gorgeous and quiet beach. As a result, couples looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the crowded cosmopolitan island prefer Lia beach. However, it is a bit rocky, and its waters are always icy.

The low temperature of the waters is because it is one of the northernmost beaches of the island. However, those things don’t take away from its beauty and romantic appeal but rather add to it.

On the beach, you will find a diving school. It will allow you to explore the wonderful seabed of Lia. Don’t miss out on this incredible couple’s activity!

Kalo Livadi

Kalo Livadi beach – credits; Evangelos Gagkos/

Ideal for inexperienced swimmers, Kalo Livadi, is the shallowest beach on the island. Like most beaches of Mykonos, it is sandy and wonderful.

It is fully organized and equipped with large sunbeds. They are placed at a significant distance from each other so as not to make the visitors feel cramped. Relax and enjoy being young and in love in Greece.

A little further down the beach from the sunbeds, you will find a variety of watersports to indulge in. There, the most adventurous couples satisfy their adrenaline cravings.

The beach is endless, so there is no way for you not to find a place to relax. It is the place to be if you want to enjoy the sun and the sea in the arms of your significant other.


Kalo Livadi beach – credits; Evangelos Gagkos/

Heading north, you will come upon the famous Panormos beach. It is popular for its silky sand and trendy beach bars that provide its guests’ comfort and luxury. Nothing can compare with the laid-back atmosphere of Panormos beach.

It has so many pillows and sunbeds that you will find somewhere nice to sit. The beach bars have friendly and helpful staff that will make you feel welcome and well-taken care of.

There, you can enjoy everything you want, from a good cup of coffee in the morning to delectable dishes of Greek and international cuisine in the evening.


Agrari beach – credits:

Tucked away from the Greek cruises, Agrari is a wild but stunning beach. Agrari beach has pebbles and is a very deep and steep beach. That’s why you rarely see families there. That being said, you have absolutely no reason to be scared of its waters. On the contrary, if you like deep water beaches, Agrari will be Paradise on earth for you.

The only thing you need to do to be safe is to be careful when the island has strong winds, as huge waves dominate the area. In the small bar that lies on Agrari, you will find all the essentials to spend a relaxing day by your partner’s side under the bright summer sun.

Agia Anna

Agia Anna beach – credits:

There are two beaches with the name Agia Anna. You should prefer the one that is close to Paraga. Agia Anna is a beach dating back to the ’50s, with old-type sunbeds and an old-time charm no one can be unmoved by.

If you decide to go to Agia Anna beach, don’t pass up the opportunity of staying until dinnertime to sit down and eat at ‘Nikolas tavern.’ Many locals of Mykonos go there when they crave delicious homemade food.


Paragka beach – credits:

It is one of the busiest beaches in Mykonos. Paragka beach is fully organized and boasts so many comfortable sunbeds that cover the entirety of the beach. It is a pleasant long sandy beach with plenty of tamarisk trees that offer natural shade from the summer sun.

Forty years ago, the facilities on this beach were just a simple refreshment hut, and most of its fans were young hippies and backpackers.

Today, the beach still maintains an atmosphere of its old style, and the shed has become a modern tavern and a trendy bar with refreshing drinks and snacks. It is ideal for a boisterous couple who want to relax and have fun.


Ftelia beach – credits: lucamarimedia/

This one is quite different in comparison to the other beaches of Mykonos. Ftelia beach possesses a fierce beauty that always goes hand in hand with wind and waves. That is why it is a surfer’s Paradise. The beach is large enough to have plenty of space for those who want to lay down their towel and relax on their own.

At the same time, part of it is organized for those who prefer to enjoy the comfort of plush sunbeds and the services of beach bars. It is one of the quietest beaches of Mykonos, and with few people, which is surprising since it is so accessible from Mykonos’ Chora.


Psarou beach – credits: Aerial-motion/

The trendy Psarou beach is top-rated among Greeks and foreigners alike. It is beautiful with soft golden sand, protected from the ‘meltemia‘ winds.

It is, of course, fully organized with umbrellas and extremely comfortable sunbeds, provided by the two restaurants on the beach, along with a wooden corridor that protects your feet from getting burnt in the hot sand.

There are small-scale hotels and apartments throughout the bay, all with fantastic sea views. The atmosphere of the beach and the restaurants are inviting, luxurious, and elegant.

The image of a few traditional fishing boats is particularly charming amidst all this affluence of finesse provocatively anchored next to the speedboats and the yachts of the VIPs.

The beach is accessible from the road that goes to Platys Gialos, and there is a small car park, which you have to reach early during the high-season summer months to find a place. It is no secret that people go to Psarou to see and be seen.

The months of July and August are expectedly the busiest for the beach. Nevertheless, the beach offers an ideal setting for cosmopolitan couples in May and September. However, please be aware that you need to book ahead to find a sunbed. The famous parties begin at around 6 in the afternoon and last through the night until the early morning.

Agios Stefanos

Agios Stefanos beach – credits:

Everyone -or almost everyone- who regularly visits Mykonos knows that Agios Stefanos beach is one of the most beautiful beaches of Mykonos, with easy access and very close to Chora and the port.

With a sandy beach and turquoise waters, Agios Stefanos lies near the area of ​​Tourlos and the new pier of the island. It is at a distance of only 3.5 km from the city of Mykonos, which is one of the reasons why it attracts a large number of tourists every summer. Another reason for Agios Stefanos’ popularity is its large size and impeccable organization.

Guests who want their comforts will find Agios Stefanos beach offering sunbeds, umbrellas, and water sports on other Mykonian shores. They will also come upon nice cafes, bars, restaurants, and plenty of accommodation options.

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Paradise beach – credits: Aerial-motion/

As its name suggests, Paradise beach is one for the books. But, regardless of its name, we must warn you that this beach is Paradise only if you are under 30. Or you’re over 30 but love beach parties and loud music with all your heart.

The beach is massive. Behind it, there are bars, clubs, DJ platforms, and dance floors. Sunbeds and umbrellas provide shade and recovery from the powerful style of music. 

As you’ve probably already heard, Paradise -along with the neighboring Super Paradise beach– is the most popular beach for clubbers in Mykonos. If you’re in Greece for a bachelor or bachelorette party, this beach is a must-visit.

It is no coincidence that Mykonos is one of the best Greek islands for couples and one of the best islands to party in Greece. It is known for the daily parties that take place there during the mornings and evenings and never seem to stop. 

Super Paradise

super paradise-beaches-for-couples-in-Mykonos
Super Paradise beach – credits:

Known as the wildest and most fun place on the island, Super paradise beach in Mykonos is a southern beach with calm blue waters and soft golden sand. It lies right next to Paradise Beach. There you will meet the famous Super Paradise Club. The landscape is peaceful and rural, with a few houses built on the rocky slope.

Nudists prefer the western end of the beach, and there is an elegant restaurant bar with stairs leading to the sand. In addition, there are umbrellas, sunbeds, a coffee bar, a self-service restaurant, swimming pools, and ATMs for those who want cash at the eastern end.

Visiting Super Paradise will allow you to look through the fascinating landscape of Mykonos that consists of steep brown cliffs, small fields, and Cycladic houses painted in white and blue.

Two roads lead down to the beach by car from the main road. Before you reach, a left turn leads to the end of the east coast while a right turn leads to the west side of the beach. Both roads are good, and there is free parking a few steps from the beach. Alternatively, there are boat trips from Platys Gialos.


Elia beach – credits: saiko3p/

One of the largest in Mykonos, Elia beach, is a trendy beach in the southeast of the island, as the other beaches on the south coast are sandy and quite long. Excellent, spotless, beautiful, and perfectly organized.

The food is perfect with impeccable coffee. It is located 8 km from the city of Mykonos, it is quiet and peaceful and will surely steal your heart!

The main feature of the beach is the endless golden sand, the clear waters, and the crowds! It is located southeast of the island and is accessible by bus. You will find restaurants, bars, water sports facilities, and luxury hotels on its premises.

Hidden gem beaches in Mykonos

Although the famous beaches of Mykonos are nothing short of spectacular, there are many more beaches on the island that most people don’t know about.

They are considered the local treasures of Mykonos and are perfect for couples who want to go off the beaten path and get to know another, much more quiet and original side of the island. Below we’ll introduce you to some of our favorites.


Loulos beach – credidts:

This beach is just one kilometer away from the famous coast of Mykonos, Kalo Livadi. You can get to Loulos Beach on foot from Kalo Livadi and by car, driving to the Mykonos Pantheon, which is the only connection to culture. Park on the main road and follow the small dirt road that will lead you to Loulos Beach.

Loulos is a small beach with white pebbles and calm waters with a characteristic blue-green color. Unfortunately, the beach is not organized, so along with your beach towel, we highly advise you to bring water and snacks with you to thoroughly enjoy your beach experience for hours.


Fokos beach – credits:

Also located on the north side of Mykonos, Fokos beach has difficult access but will reward your efforts.

After crossing the artificial lake of Mykonos with herons and other migratory birds and following the road to the sea, you will need to travel a few kilometers of dirt road to reach Fokos.

It will lead you to a striking beach with fluffy sand and waters so clear they look like they could be drinkable.

Please note that when the wind blows north, Fokos Beach raises big waves. However, the golden sand, the few pebbles, and the clear waters will charm you. At the same time, the rocks and caves that surround it will provide you with a quiet corner for your swimming endeavors with your better half.

Although the beach is not organized, you won’t have to carry supplies. That’s because there, you will find the tavern of the same name, from where you can stock up on essentials, but also enjoy a wonderful meal.


Myrsini beach – credits:

Also known as Mersini, Myrsini beach is only 500 m from Fokos beach. It is accessible only by footpath, and it is entirely isolated.

The beach is arguably stunning, with turquoise waters and light golden sand. It is better protected from the winds of the Cyclades than its neighbors and pleasantly deserted.

Because of this, it is one of the best beaches for couples in Mykonos. Especially those who want to celebrate their love away from the prying eyes of the prominent tourist crowds.


Merchia beach – credits:

To reach Merchia beach, you need to take the road to Profitis Ilias and turn left towards Merchia. This beach, although somewhat inaccessible, will generously give you all the peace that you and your partner are looking for.

The beach is far from organized, so do not expect any comforts. Expect, however, fine, beige sand, a few tamarisk trees for shade, and deep blue waters that create a wonderful cove with few houses around.

ou should know that you will not find anything nearby to eat or drink, so make sure you bring the essentials with you.


Kapari beach – credits:

The beautiful and remote beach of Kapari is located on the west side of Mykonos. It used to be the shared secret among the island’s permanent residents. Now, the secret is out there, but it continues to be solitary and, fortunately, remains unorganized, offering an extra note of natural beauty on your summer vacation.

It is one of the beaches that will show how to appreciate the beautiful sunsets. The sunsets towards the sacred island of Delos, and you need to enjoy it in the company of your better half. So make sure to bring water and snacks with you to enjoy it to its full potential.


Houlakia beach – credits:

The beach of Houlakia is one of the few pebble beaches of Mykonos. It is located in the northern part of the island, only five kilometers from Mykonos’ Chora. The beach is divided into two parts; the left side of the creek has a spot with a bit of sand, while the right side is full of large pebbles.

Due to natural interest, you cannot take a single stone with you. Therefore, in addition to the necessary supplies for a deserted beach, we highly advise you to bring a mask and a respirator. Houlakia beach is distinguished for its intense maritime wealth, and it is sure to amaze you!

You can reach the beach by car. Alternatively, if the weather allows it and you don’t mind a bit of walking, follow the winding dirt road from the coastal road of Tourlos to Agios Stefanos for Fanari.

You will find the road at Houlakia beach, and it will lead you to the old lighthouse of Armenistis. Go just before beautiful Greek sunset to enjoy the fantastic view and stunning sunset, which will be unforgettable.

Final Thoughts on Beaches in Mykonos

Charming beaches are a top reason people visit Greece and Italy. Whether you’re looking for romantic things to do in Greece or looking for a spot for a wedding proposal in Greece, Mykonos is blessed with some of the best beaches in the Mediterranean. So make sure you add lots of swimsuits to your Greece honeymoon packing list. Agios Sostis, Kalo Livadi, Ftelia, Lia, and Super Paradise are among the most beautiful. However, if you are looking for secluded beaches, visit Kapari and Houlakia, Myrsini, and Merchia!

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Short on time for your Greece adventure? You could also check out some of the best beaches in mainland Greece and all the romantic islands near Athens.

The’ island of the winds ‘is proof that fashion is timeless. However, the island of Mykonos is an island that hides countless mysteries that allow you to meet its other invisible face, only for those who seek a more peaceful state of mind. Let our luxury travel planners immerse you in the magic of Mykonos!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are there unorganized/free beaches in Mykonos?

    Almost all beaches are public in Greece, so you won’t need to pay any entrance fee.

    If you want added luxuries like sunbeds and umbrellas, you need to pay. Otherwise, just lay your towel down and enjoy the view!

  • Can you swim in the ocean in Mykonos?

    Excellent water quality and gentle waves make the beaches across Greece great for swimming.

  • Which has better beaches, Mykonos or Santorini?

    If you’re looking for glorious white sands and a lively atmosphere, Mykonos has better beaches.

    But Santorini still has lots of excellent beaches, as well as more interesting landscapes and panoramic views.

    Why not combine both and check out the best Santorini beaches for couples?


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