Key Takeaways

  • A Mykonos honeymoon is one of the most popular options for newlyweds Greece, and even the world.
  • You’ll get lots of classic Greek sunshine but make sure to pack some warmer clothes as it gets super windy.
  • It’s easy to reach Mykonos by plane or by ferry.
  • You’ll have an incredible newlywed experience. Wander pretty towns, laze on paradise beaches, and delve into traditional Greek gastronomy.

If you’re planning your Mykonos honeymoon, your elopement in Greece, or your Greek island vacation, you’re living every couple’s wildest dream.

Therefore, you have to experience this beloved island to the fullest and enjoy the most romantic trip of your life.

Mykonos is one of the favorite islands of Greece for couples and grows increasingly popular every year. It has all the ingredients for the perfect Greek honeymoon destination: small white alleys with blue balconies framed by fuchsia bougainvillea, beautiful beaches, delicious Greek cuisine -including delectable varieties of indigenous wine- luxurious resorts overlooking the sea, vibrant nightlife, and sunshine even in October.

Read below our honeymoon travel planners’ ultimate guide to a perfect honeymoon trip to Mykonos.

What to pack for your Mykonos honeymoon

greek-suitcases- MarinaD_37-shutterstock
Suitcases in Greece – credits: MarinaD_37/

If you are traveling during the summer, you need to be ready for the intense heat and the blazing sun. For the ladies, loose dresses, skirts, shorts and going out clothes for the evenings are necessary. For the gentlemen, t-shirts and shorts for the day and shirts and pants for the evening are the best way to go. 

Of course, do not forget to bring multiple pairs of swimwear, generous amounts of sunscreen, sunglasses, flat, open-toe shoes, a hat, and comfortable shoes so you’re ready to explore the best Mykonos beaches for couples.

Please remember that Mykonos has not gained the nickname of ‘the island of the winds’ for no reason. So even if you’re visiting in the middle of summer, you shouldn’t forget to add a cardigan to your Greece honeymoon packing list. It is always necessary for your evening walks on the island, and you’ll probably find yourself wearing it more often than not.

Other than that, your camera and good mood are all you need to bring with you for a pleasurable time!

How to reach Mykonos for your honeymoon

Airport signboard – credits: Paul Cowan/

Due to its popularity, access to Mykonos is effortless. This makes it perfect for couples short on time who want to plan a minimoon in Greece. Apart from the port, there is also an airport on the island that operates nationally and internationally.

By plane

If you plan on reaching Mykonos by plane, you will either need to leave from the Athens International Airport. Alternatively, you can check if your country offers direct flights to Mykonos, as due to the island’s popularity, many European countries provide direct or charter flights.

Mykonos’ airport is around 3km away from the main town. It takes 35 minutes to reach it from Athens, while during the high-season months, it welcomes flights from Rhodes, Santorini, and Crete.

By boat

If you decide to begin your Mykonos honeymoon by reaching the island by boat, which is the way most locals do, you’ll have the choice between boarding either a regular ferry or a highspeed ferry. The services run daily from the ports of Piraeus and Rafina. The journey from the port of Piraeus to Mykonos lasts around 4h 30min and 5h 15min respectively.

However, if you’re at Athens’ International Airport, the port of Rafina is closer. The journey from Rafina to Mykonos lasts either 2h 10min or 5h 30min, depending on the ferry you are taking.

If you have a few days in the Greek capital, prepare for your island hopping experience by visiting the best couple-friendly islands near Athens.

What’s more, you have the option of taking a ferry straight to Mykonos from most of the other islands of the Cyclades. This is particularly convenient for people considering a Greek island-hopping honeymoon for their Greek island vacations. If you want more luxury from your visit to Mykonos, you could also consider a Greek island cruise.

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When to travel to Mykonos for a honeymoon

Couple on the beach – credits: goodluz/

When planning the best time for a honeymoon in Greece, It all depends on the type of vacation you’re after. If you’re not afraid of large clouds, lots of noise, and nightlife so crazy it will take you on a wind whirl, then the middle of summer should serve you well. From late June to late August, the island is at its peak in popularity, and you should visit it with that in mind. If you prefer your vacations on the quieter side, you would be better off opting for more remote Greek islands.

However, in our opinion, from April to mid-June, September and October are the best months for a trip to Mykonos. During those times, it is not as crowded as it can be in the summer, which means that hotel prices are much more affordable. Additionally, it offers you a calm and tranquil atmosphere that will be the perfect host for your romantic Mykonos honeymoon vacations

What to do and see on a Mykonos honeymoon

Wander around the old town

Mykonos – credits: Aetherial Images/

If you wonder what is the first thing you should do while on your Mykonos honeymoon, the Old Town should be your first stop. Chora or the Old Town is the lively center of the island, and its exploration should not be missing from your Greece honeymoon itinerary.

The city center is a labyrinth of narrow white alleys and bright blue and white balconies representing the authentic Cycladic aesthetic. You will come upon churches, houses, restaurants, pubs, and shops during your exploration. Take your time and explore these narrow alleys. 

Shop local treasures on Matogianni Street

While walking around Mykonos’ town, you are sure to stumble upon the famous Matogianni street, arguably the most commercial street on the island. It hosts all of the expensive boutiques and shops located in the heart of Mykonos.

Keep in mind that Mykonos gets full of visitors from around the world every year. Therefore, to enjoy your walk, it would be wisest to visit Matogianni before 11. That time is when the island wakes up, and the streets start to fill with vibrant crowds.

Take a photo of the famous windmills of Mykonos

mykonos windmills
Mykonos’ windmills – credits: No Tracers/

Have you traveled to Mykonos if your Instagram feed doesn’t have a picture of you in front of the trademark windmills of the island? You can easily walk from the city center to the waterfront, one of the most beautiful places in Mykonos, to see the windmills and the crowds of tourists waiting to take a picture. It’s a popular site for wedding proposals in Greece.

The windmills were built in the 16th century and are the most photographed part of the island. It is imprinted on postcards, magnets, paintings, and any souvenirs you will find for Mykonos.

The windmills have not been in use for many years. However, some in various parts of the island have been converted into houses, museums, and Airbnb apartments for tourists. Of course, the windmills offer amazing views and an incredibly romantic setting as a choice of accommodation.

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Enjoy the sunset and your drink in Little Venice

Little Venice, Mykonos – credits: Pawel Kazmierczak/

The waterfront in Little Venice has many bars and restaurants housed in colorful buildings. Although the area may be crowded after sunset, it is something you would not want to miss during your honeymoon in Mykonos. It will be hard to find anything more romantic to do in Greece than to enjoy a cocktail with your partner in one of the waterfront bars. The charming atmosphere leads many couples to book their wedding vows renewal in Greece.

Party like you mean it

Beach bar party – credits: oneinchpunch/

Looking to party as a young couple in Greece? If the party animal wakes up inside you, there is an excellent arena to let it out, which of course, is none other than the world-famous Cavo Paradiso club.

The biggest DJs on the planet have admired the sunrise before returning to the decks, from where they make the unrepentant clubbers dance until the late morning hours. You’ll realize that Mykonos has righteously earned the title of ‘the best island to party in Greece.’

If you want to recover the day after away from the screams of children, be sure to book an adult-only resort in Greece.

Admire Paraportiani Church

If you have to see only one landmark of the island, let it be Paraportiani. It is, in reality, a complex of five churches, named after its location between the sea and the side door of the castle. ‘Para’ in Greek means’ next to,’ while ‘porta’ means ‘door.’

The architectural pioneer Le Corbusier was so enchanted by the church’s exemplary architecture that he wrote about it: ‘Now I know I have not built anything worthwhile.’

Visit the nearby islands

Delos ancient ruins -credits: Dimitris Panas/

If you’re wondering what to do in Mykonos after you have already seen all the main attractions, the answer is simple. If you have time on your side, it is an excellent idea to take a sailing trip to Delos and Renia islands.

One of the largest ancient places of worship, Delos is a magical place protected by UNESCO and filled with an inexplicable eerie energy. Many people claim that Mykonos derives its irresistible charm from this energy.

In Rhenia, you will find four emerald beaches. The island is bigger than Delos, but due to the historicity of the latter, it lives unfairly in its shadow. All of the nearby islands will give you valuable insight into the region’s heritage, while their unmatched waters will offer you the most outstanding swimming experience of your life.

Where to swim on a Mykonos honeymoon

The incredible beaches of Mykonos are everything you’d expect from a a glorious Greek island beach and then some. Some are famous for their outrageous parties. Others are aimed at younger ages, while some beaches are preferred by families and snorkeling in Greece. One thing is for sure: your Mykonos vacations won’t lack fun swimming endeavors. Here are some of our top picks.


Psarou beach – credits: Aerial motion/

A ten-minute drive from the city center, Psarou is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. It is also the most cosmopolitan beach in the Balkans. It is the golden-sand beach of which Hollywood stars, blue-blooded royalty, top athletes, and billionaires choose for their swimming endeavors.

This luxurious, organized beach boasts crystal-clear waters you cannot resist. If you visit Mykonos for your honeymoon, you need to experience Psarou even once. Its sophisticated ambiance is a once-in-a-lifetime experience you cannot miss.

Paradise Beach

Beach bar party – credits: DisobeyArt/

The gorgeous Paradise Beach is famous worldwide for the extravagant, never-ending parties it hosts. But, if you’re looking for peace and quiet away from the Greece bachelor and bachelorette parties, Paradise might not be for you.

If, however, you’re looking for a place to let loose and party hard, this beach will not disappoint. Its sandy shore and deep-blue waters will allow you to enjoy swimming to your heart’s content. 


Paraga beach lies around 6 km south of Mykonos’ Chora. It is an organized beach and hosts the famous Scorpios beach bar. In the afternoon, the music gets louder, and the fun reaches its peak. Paraga is accessible by public bus, car, or boat.

Platys Gialos

Platys Gialos is a busy, long, sandy beach, which is very popular with families. Don’t let that deter you from visiting it, however, because its incredible beauty, along with the nearby restaurants and beach bars, will bewitch you. There, you can engage in various water sports and make your day at the beach a fun adventure. Platys Gialos is accessible by public bus, car, or boat.


Elia beach, Mykonos – cedits: saiko3p/

The beach of Elia is one of the most extensive organized beaches for couples in Mykonos, with sunbeds, umbrellas, and water sports such as skiing and jet-skiing.

Elia also boasts three restaurants and taverns that will allow you to taste delicious Mykonian dishes you’ll never forget. Nudism is common there, but maybe not as common as in Paradise, Super Paradise, and Paraga Beach.


Agari is less popular than its neighbor, Elia beach, and quieter. It is organized with sunbeds, umbrellas and many water sports. If you’re not an excellent swimmer, keep in mind that the water deepens abruptly as you walk towards the sea. Regardless, its striking beauty makes it worth your while.


Beautiful and somewhat secluded, the beach of Panormos is characterized as a protected landscape of exceptional beauty by Natura 2000.

The aroma of the thyme that grows all around mesmerizes its visitors. It has two restaurants, a trendy beach bar, and a picturesque tavern with few tables.

The beach has no sunbeds and only a few umbrellas. It hosts nudists mainly on its right side, and it is accessible only by car. Choose a day when the wind blows south, lie on a plush sun lounge, and enjoy a day in the sun,

The best and easiest way to explore all of Mykonos’ beaches is to rent a vehicle and drive across them. Alternatively, you can go to Platys Gialos, from where you can catch a boat trip that will take you to the most famous beaches on the island.

What to eat during your Mykonos honeymoon

Traditional Greek’ meze’ – credits: Veniamakis Stefanos/

Mykonos’ delectable cuisine is another one of the reasons why the island is so dearly beloved. Greek cuisine is based on the Mediterranean diet. Good food can wake up and stimulate your senses. In Mykonos, you can find such food. Think of simple, fresh ingredients made in easy and classic ways, and you will grasp the essence of Greek gastronomy.

While on your Mykonos vacations, you will find restaurants that serve all kinds of cuisines. However, if you pay attention, you will see that the traditional products of the island find their place in many dishes. 

Local Myconian products

The most famous of Mykonos’ traditional products are cheese and cold cuts. First off, the ‘louza‘ sausage, made from local pork, is the top Mykonian product, and you will find it in many variations. It consists of pieces of the best fillet that stays in salt for a day. After being flavored with cloves, oregano, and salt, it is left to dry and cook in the sun. It is called ‘bubulo‘ or small ‘louza‘ when made from brisket. The best way to eat ‘louza‘ is in skinny slices.

Kopanisti‘ is the most famous cheese on the island. It is made with goat’s and sheep’s milk that coagulates with natural curd and is left to mature for several months, while as it is fermented, another cheese is added. Its texture is grainy, and its taste is unique and spicy.

Tyrovolia‘ is a soft white cheese that stars in most Mykonian pies, like local onion pie. It is a fresh cheese, which comes from the first stages of the processing of ‘kopanisti.’ Despite that, it is not spicy.

Xinomyzithra‘ is another typical Mykonnian cheese. It stays longer in the sun, so it is relatively stiff. Nevertheless, it has a pleasant aroma and accompanies excellent pasta and red sauces.

Another excellent “ambassador” of the authentic Mykonian taste is the barley rusks, the ‘dipyrites‘ as they are better known. These rusks have accompanied Greek and foreign sailors for years since they stand the test of time without losing their taste.

Local Myconian dishes

One of the most famous Mykonian meze, ‘mostra,’ is made with a combination of double-baked bread and ‘kopanisti‘ cheese. ‘Mostra‘ is something similar to the Cretan ‘dakos‘ salad. It is made with barley rusks, wet with the right amount of water, and chopped tomato. You can add a little olive oil, oregano, and capers for the garnish.

Snails dish – credits: Philippos-Philippou/

You will also find anything from game meat to seafood in the locals’ dishes, such as ‘patelides’ and ‘houhouliani,’ and sea snails. Furthermore, you will also find all kinds of greens, such as ‘porihides,’ ‘aporichia,’ ‘alentrides,’ and ‘zohoi.’ The locals also enjoy various types of mushrooms, such as ‘amanites,’ ‘volites,’ ‘moschamanites,’ and ‘lordomanites.’

Other typical Mykonian dishes include lamb with ‘provasia,’ a soft grass that grows near the sea, and ‘aphorichia’ or lard with beans. ‘Caravoloi’ and ‘Cochli,’ which are both types of snails, served with onions or pilaf, and fennel meatballs, are also cult classic dishes that Mykonians have enjoyed for years. 

After drinking your shots and cocktails, don’t forget to try the local ‘fliskouni’ drink. You can also sip on local mint and sage tea, the fragrant local wine from top Greek vineyards, but also ‘galahtia,’ a drink made with cheese and water and looks like Ariani.

Local tips for your Mykonos honeymoon

  • Do your research before visiting this glorious island. Knowledge is power, and in this case, it is also an excellent money saver.
  • Pick the right time. Don’t underestimate the popularity of Mykonos. If you insist on visiting during the high season months, expert overcrowded beaches and sky-high prices.
  • Always check the prices on the menu. The budget of most of Mykonos’ visitors is obscene and therefore the island follows a luxurious lifestyle not many people can afford. For that reason, be aware of the prices and shut down any attempt at eateries ripping you off. Consider booking an Greece all-inclusive resort for couples instead.
  • Don’t even attempt to bring your high heels with you on your Mykonos vacations. The cobblestone alleys are a literal death trap to anyone that is not surdy on their two feet.
  • Don’t fall into tourist traps as then you won’t get to experience an authentic Mykonian lifestyle. This means, avoid anything with Zorba on the sign and always trust the locals for valuable advice.
  • Try to opt for a hotel that lies close to Mykonos’ town. You don’t want to loose precious time on transportation. Check our Mykonos luxury hotels page.
  • Pack a pair of sneakers. They will go a long way even if they’re not the most fashionable choice.
  • Do not forget when visiting the most popular islands of Greece you must make all your relevant reservations in advance as there is usually a large number of visitors from the Middle East during the local holidays.
  • After a long night of drinking, visit either a local bakery or a fast food restaurant for some hangover food. It’s a Greek tradition worth embracing.

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Final Thoughts on Your Mykonos Honeymoon

Your romantic trip to Mykonos will be the best gift to yourself and your partner, comparable to dream trips for couples like a honeymoon in Santorini or a honeymoon in Venice.

To ensure an incredible and memorable time, all you have to do is follow our advice above and trust the locals’ hospitable manners. Soon, you’ll understand the hype around the Cycladic gem, and you’ll make a promise to visit it time and time again.

All you have to do is check out our Greece honeymoon packages. Your Mykonos honeymoon awaits!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Mykonos worth visiting if you don’t party?

    If you want to relax or are on a babymoon in Greece, there is plenty to do in Mykonos if you don’t want to drink or party.

    Book in an area away from the noisy bars so you can wake up early and seize the day!

    While some of the beaches are famous for their pumping music, you’ll find many quiet and secluded beaches away from the revelry.

  • How many days in Mykonos is enough?

    You can do most things in Mykonos in 3-5 days. But since you’re on your honeymoon, you might want to relax a little more and squeeze in some extra alone time.

    Decide how much time you want to allocate to sightseeing. If you’re a couple who likes to get out and about, consider pairing your Mykonos honeymoon with a Santorini honeymoon or other Greek island-hopping.

  • How long is the ferry ride from Santorini to Mykonos?

    There are regular ferry crossings between Santorini and Mykonos. Most take 2-4 hours depending on the company.

    For more information on getting around, read this guide to transportation on your honeymoon in Greece.


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