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  • Take into consideration when you plan your honeymoon in Lake Como to match the best time to visit.
  • Find the correct destination in Lake Como to suit your honeymoon ideals.
  • Figure out what you want to do and include these activities in your honeymoon itinerary.
  • Make sure to budget accordingly, and don’t be afraid to shop around to fit your expected budget and find the best honeymoon in Italy cost.
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Italy, the land of mouthwatering food, a vast culture, and some of the world’s most gorgeous coastline, personifies romance. So, no wonder a honeymoon in Lake Como is considered by many travelers to be one of the best places in Italy for a honeymoon

Are you considering a visit to Italy for the ultimate romantic holiday? If so, you’ve picked the right country, with the many romantic places in Italy, from the Amalfi Coast to Lake Como. 

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After all, this must-visit destination in the Lombardy region with its exquisite vistas, luxurious resorts, and romantic atmosphere – makes it ideal for a honeymoon!

So, without further ado, let’s jump into the ultimate guide for a honeymoon in Lake Como (or Lago Di Como in Italian).

When to Visit Lake Como on Honeymoon

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Lake Como is enchanting, with its azure waters, breathtaking surroundings, and brilliant Mediterranean weather. But there is definitely a best time to visit Lake Como on a honeymoon or a couples holiday in Italy.  

This would be between April to June, aka springtime. That’s because the weather is still mild and warm, flowers are in bloom, and you avoid the crowds of tourists. How romantic is that?

However, if you absolutely love Italy in the summer, visit between July and August. Be aware – it can get very humid here, plus it gets very busy, but a busy Lake Como honeymoon is still a pretty fabulous Lake Como honeymoon!  

Where to Visit in Lake Como

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There are various delightful towns to visit in Lake Como on your honeymoon, full of intimate spots, bustling cafés, and idyllic views. That said, here are the best places in Lake Como to visit for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

  1. Bellagio 
  2. Varenna 
  3. Como
  4. Menaggio

So, let’s dive into what makes each town unique and all its romantic offerings.


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Commonly referred to as ‘the Pearl of Lake Como,’ Bellagio is a picturesque town that splits the two branches of the lake.

It’s a stunning place to be on a honeymoon in Lake Como, whether walking alongside its cobbled streets or visiting its charming historic center. 

It’s the place to stay if you want to sleep in a luxurious resort that feels like you’re in an episode of The White Lotus.

What’s more, it’s ideal for a high-end shopping spree, as you can find all sorts of goodies, from unique souvenirs to locally-designed jewelry.  


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The enchanting town of Varenna is home to the best views of Lake Como, as well as a very laid-back ambiance.

What’s not to love here, with its lovely botanical gardens and romantic lakeside walks, such as Passeggiata degli Innamorati (Walk of Lovers).

Looking for another romantic activity on your Lake Como honeymoon? Take a hike up to Castello di Vezio, which overlooks Varenna and is full of history.

The castle also hosts falconry displays, one of the most unique experiences in the town. You can end the day by enjoying a dinner of freshly-caught fish at a lakeside restaurant. 


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Como, the largest town on the lake’s southwestern tip, is the best town to stay in Lake Como for first-timers.

That’s because this is the most central town in the area and is full of famous attractions. It’s also packed full of Gothic-Renaissance architecture, gelaterias, and silk shops. 

However, the real attraction is how Como becomes buzzing at nighttime. Como is one of the best spots in the Lake Como area for nightlife, from the Teatro Sociale – where you can catch an opera – to II Sorso Enoteca Winebar – ideal for ending the night with delectable local wine, charcuterie, and live jazz music. 


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Lastly, we have Menaggio, an idyllic town on Lake Como’s western shore. This is the perfect spot for culture vultures and history buffs, as it boasts the hamlet of Loveno and Villa Mylius Vigoni – where you can learn more about this area’s history. 

But that’s not all, as there are fantastic walking trails nearby in Val Sanagra, which is full of forests, mountain pastures, and grasslands.

Also, you can hike up to Rifugio Menaggio, which is at the base of Mount Grona. Or, grab lunch at Vecchia Chioderia Farmhouse, which serves homemade pork and trout products.

What to Do on a honeymoon in Lake Como

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Lake Como is full of activities to do for you and your amore, but be warned, you might fall in love with the beautiful landscape. We’re just kidding, as these delightful experiences will only bring you and your significant other closer together.  

Go on a Boat Cruise

What could be more romantic than a boat ride across the waters of Lake Como as you take in all the rolling hills and scenic mountain vistas? Not much, we think, as this is certainly a must-do activity. So, take an alternative form of Italian transportation. Hire a boat for the day and let your captain guide you around Lake Como. Then, stop for lunch at any of the area’s charming villages to enjoy some freshly-caught fish. 

Take the Funicular to Brunate

Ascend into the mountains to get the most stunning views of Lake Como and the Alps. While the journey only lasts seven minutes, you can explore the delightful village of Brunate and marvel at its Art Nouveau architecture. 

Visit Vibrant Villas

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Lake Como is home to some of the most fabulous villas in Italy. These are truly stunning buildings and are the perfect backdrop for films and weddings. So, here are the top villas to visit. 

  • Villa Balbianello – Balbianello is famous for being a location in Star Wars and Casino Royale. Also, it’s got tons of delightful antique furnishings and artifacts.
  • Villa Carlotta – Carlotta houses an art collection and an expansive botanical garden with rhododendrons, azaleas, and ancient trees.
  • Villa Monastero – With its Eclecticism architecture, vibrant gardens, and a history museum, Monastero is full of things to marvel at. 

Try Delectable Food

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It goes without saying that Italy has got some of the best food to eat, from wood-fired pizzas to freshly-made pasta. So we strongly recommend you try the local cuisine of Lake Como on your honeymoon. So, let’s dig into the best dishes to try in the lake.

  • Risotto con Filetti di Pesce Persico – This dish features a delectable perch fillet atop risotto with onion and sage.
  • Brasato di Cinghiale Selvatico – This meal is ideal for meat lovers, as it features wine-braised wild boar with seasonal vegetables.

Final Thoughts on a Honeymoon in Lake Como

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By now, Lake Como should definitely be on your bucket list for idyllic honeymoon destinations. From the lakeside cafés and life-altering views, it’s the ideal spot for a couple’s holiday in Italy.

Coming to Lake Como is the perfect place to start your marriage, with its romantic atmosphere and sun-soaked lakeshores. Who knows? You could avoid all the wedding planning and just choose to elope in Italy. How’s that for a memory?

If you want to explore your honeymoon options further, you can read about a honeymoon in Venice, explore the most romantic hotels in Venice or look around all honeymoon resorts in Italy.

Instead, if you want to opt for Greece, you can read about the most romantic places in Northern Greece, the top romantic things to do in Greece, the ultimate Paros Honeymoon guide, or for a plot twist, a romantic Christmas in Greece or Christmas in Italy\! Our luxury travel agency is always here to help you plan a romantic break.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Lake Como a Good Place to Honeymoon?

    Without a doubt, Lake Como is one of the best places in Italy for a honeymoon, if not the world.

    From its crystal-clear waters, luxurious honeymoon hotels, and delightful lakeside villages – it’s perfect for a romantic getaway.

    The closest airport to Lake Como is the Milan Malpensa International Airport. After that, you can reach the perfect honeymoon destination in just one and a half hours.

  • What Are the Best Honeymoon Hotels in Lake Como?

    Among our favorites include Grand Hotel Tremezzo, Hotel Belvedere, Hotel Du Lac, Hilton Lake Como, Grand Hotel Imperiale, and Hotel La Darsena.

    In most of them, you can find a lounge bar or a cocktail bar, free breakfast, breathtaking views of the Italian Riviera, and swimming pools while they are within walking distance from the charming village.

    At the same time, some of the best hotels even offer a private beach, Turkis, and a tennis court that will make your northern Italy experience unforgettable.

  • How Many Days Is Enough in Lake Como?

    We’d say there’s no such thing as enough days in sparkling Lake Como.

    Okay, but seriously, we’d suggest spending at least three to five days in Lake Como so that you get the most out of this delightful spot.

  • Can You Swim in Lake Como?

    Absolutely! Lake Como is one of Italy’s most stunning lakes, and it’s a fantastic place to swim.

    The water is crystal clear, and combined with the terrific weather this area gets, it’s perfect for swimming.

  • How Much Does a Honeymoon in Lake Como Cost?

    As with the cost of most honeymoons in Italy, it’s hardly going to be cheap.

    That said, the average cost of a Lake Como honeymoon will be around $800 to $3,000 per person for a week, including the luxury hotel you will choose.


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