Key Takeaways

Key Takeaways

  • For a Greek island-hopping experience without the long travel hours, you can find a wonderful choice of couple-friendly islands near Athens.
  • A short ferry ride from Athens will throw you into a world of diverse scenery and activities.
  • Experience the historic sites of Kea and Aegina and the charming architecture of Agistri and Andros.
  • Agistri and Spetses are packed with dreamy beaches and interesting landscapes.

Enjoying an authentic Greek island experience with your partner doesn’t necessarily require long hours of traveling to top Greece honeymoon destinations.

Aegina, Agistri, Spetses, Tzia, and Andros are considered 5 of the most beautiful islands near Athens. The easy access means less planning and stress, perfect for your first vacation as a couple in Greece.

Below you’ll find a little information about each of the couple-friendly islands near the Greek capital that are worth your time.

Whether you want to extend your Athens honeymoon or are short on time for Greek island-hopping, you’ll have everything you need to make an educated decision that will lead to a few days of relaxation and fun.


aegina- leoks-shutterstock
Aegina – credits: leoks/

The island of Aegina has the closest proximity to Athens, just an hour away from Piraeus, and therefore presents the perfect swimming opportunity for all Athenians until late October. If you’re looking to incorporate a Greek island into your Greece minimoon, Aegina is the place!

The impressive archeological sites and stone Byzantine churches, the eucalyptus trees by the sea, and the extraordinary pistachios of Aegina are only some of the elements that compose the scene.

As a result, the beloved and irresistible Aegina will seduce you, as it does for thousands of other people from all over the world who have made it their second home.

Orthodox pilgrims have been coming to the island for years now to visit the majestic church of Agios Nektarios. It is considered miraculous. Therefore, if you’re interested in the local culture after a long day at the beach, you can consider a visit; despite its religious nature, the setting is quite romantic.


kea-island-shutterstock- Violeta-Meleti
Kea island – credits: Violeta Meleti/

The gorgeous Kea (or Tzia) is the nearby Cycladic island everybody loves. Although it has the reputation of being a slightly expensive destination, it is well worth its money.

From the busy port in the picturesque Ioulida, the town of Tzia, to the eerie Kambi, the wild beauty of Orko, and the atmospheric Kato Meria, Kea is one of the most beautiful couple-friendly islands near Athens. With a lush green landscape that will surprise you, many hiking trails and archeological wealth, Kea is the ideal destination near Athens to spend a romantic weekend.

Although small, Kea is anything but deprived of a variety of beaches. If you have a car and an appetite for driving on a dirt road, provided you want to enjoy unique swimming opportunities. Suppose you want to mingle with the locals and experience comfort and a little glamor, then Koundouros is the best choice for you.

If, however, you prefer a more calm vibe, don’t stray too far from the port. The beaches of Korissia and Vourkari are all you need! In Otzias, you will feel like you are in paradise. At the same time, in Pisses, you will rest for hours without anyone disturbing your peace.

Do you prefer a more “wild” landscape, pure beauties, and isolation? Then, take the road to Spathi, Kalidonychi, Liparo, and Sykamia, and enjoy clear blue waters and natural shade from tamarisk trees!

Agkistri – credits: Aerial motion/

Agistri is another option for romantic -and affordableexcursions to islands near Athens and is easily accessible and beautiful. Especially if you visit it in September when the large crowds begin to vanish, you’ll be able to explore the small island at your pace and leisure.

In Agistri, you forget how close you are to the capital. The turquoise waters and the smell of pine follow you every step of the way. Additionally, the cobbled alleys and the traditional houses that compose the landscape will make you feel like you’re on the most exotic island in the middle of nowhere

There, you will find not one, but at least seven beaches – not bad for its tiny size! In Skala, you will come upon fully-organized beach bars, which is also the case in Skliri beach. You will also find an organized beach in the capital of the island, Megalochori (Mylos). However, in Halikiada, the landscape changes. The waters become even bluer, and the Greek island magic unfolds before your eyes.

In Mareza, you will sit on the rocks in the shade of the pines. What’s more, you will dive from the rocks into the deep waters without fear. Then, head to Dragonera and Aponisos for an exotic landscape and a unique feeling. You will revel among dense forests and enchanting color combinations of the sun, the sea, the pines, and the rocks.


Andros island – credits: Kite_rin/

Even though it is an island of the Cyclades, Andros maintains its style, different from the other islands of the complex but still a fantastic choice for couples looking to visit an island close to Athens.

Andros Town is atmospheric and charming, with a landscape from which the traditional Cycladic white houses are absent. Instead, their place has been taken by the captains’ mansions. Those manage to diffuse grandeur throughout the island.

Wherever you choose to stay, in Chora, in the most touristic and youthful Batsi, or the port of Gavrio, you will have a lovely time. The walking routes are many and enchanting, through traditional settlements, unique natural landscapes, mountains, ravines, and fantastic beaches

Andros has so many different beaches that you must have researched before setting foot on the island. After all, we are talking about the second-largest island of the Cyclades. It is a pity to lose half a day wandering here and there. The western beaches are more accessible. However, the eastern ones are much more impressive. That is, unless it’s windy. Take a look at the weather in Greece, organize your stay, and decide where to move.

The road network is not the most complete, so you must consider the distances on the island. So in the west, from south to north, you can swim in Warehouses, Chalkolimiona, Paleopolis, Batsi, Chrysi Akti, Fello, Pisolimiona, Vlychada, and Peza.

From north to south, Zorkos will enchant you in the east, and Vitali, Ateni, Vori, and Gialia will fascinate you. At the same time, Achla and Tis Grias to Pidima will impress you with their extraordinary photo opportunities! 

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Spetses-Konstantin Sokolov1973-shuttestock
Spetses – credits: Konstantin Sokolov1973/

Nearby Athens and easily accessible, Spetses is considered one of the best Greek islands for couples. There, you will enjoy rich nature, picturesque and enchanting beaches with the seal of the Saronic Gulf, hiking trails, historical and cultural sights, and unique views. But, of course, if you choose Spetses for the next trip near Athens, you won’t be deprived of options in food, coffee, drink, and nightlife, perfect for a young couple in Greece.

In Spetses you will find all kinds of beaches, from fully organized, fashionable and youthful, to more family-friendly and quiet. Next to the port, you will find the beach of Agios Mamma. Additionally, in the old port lies the pebbled beach of Agios Nikolaos.

In Agia Marina, you will find the most extensive beach bar on the island. On the other hand, in Agia Paraskevi and Ligoneri, the beaches are mostly unorganized. Continue from Kounoupitsa to Zogeria, Vrello, and Xylokeriza for beautiful, organized beaches. However, do not forget to stop at Agios Anargyros and the magnificent cave of Bekiris.

Don’t miss the opportunity to bask in the bright sun and your love for your special someone in the magnificent, couple-friendly islands near Athens. It’s a quick and easy way to incorporate the Greek islands into your romantic getaway to Greece and Italy. If you’re looking for a relaxing way to explore the islands near Athens, why not consider a Greek cruise? You’ll quickly realize that Greece is full of surprises every way you look, and with the help of our luxury travel agency, you’ll have the opportunity to make romantic memories that will last a lifetime

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