Key Takeaways

  • You must balance adventure, relaxation, and cultural exploration to achieve a romantic getaway to Greece and Italy.
  • Greece and Italy offer distinct and charming destinations for couples seeking a getaway to remember.
  • Honeymooners will also enjoy a variety of experiences, from beach strolls to exploring ancient ruins.
  • Careful planning, attention to your budget, and research ensure a seamless and unforgettable honeymoon.
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There is no doubt that a honeymoon is an unforgettable experience that should achieve a perfect combination of romance, adventure, and relaxation. That’s why a romantic getaway to Greece and Italy is such a tempting prospect.

Greece and Italy are idyllic destinations that can provide just that for newlyweds. There are endless reasons to visit Greece and Italy this year. With their rich history, stunning landscapes, and charming culture, these Mediterranean gems will create lasting memories for couples to cherish for years.

When it comes to combining the essence of love and adventure, Greece and Italy are the ultimate honeymoon destinations.

Romantic getaways in Greece

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It is no secret that Greece is a paradise for lovers, with its golden sunsets, pristine beaches, and crystal-clear waters.

The intimate settings of the romantic Greek Islands, such as Santorini and Mykonos, provide the perfect backdrop for couples to indulge in each other’s company.

While they are both popular for their nightlife and Greece bachelor parties, they also offer the perfect opportunity for exploring ancient ruins, picturesque villages and indulging in delectable Greek cuisine.

Romantic getaways in Italy

At the same time, Italy is a world-renowned hub for art, culture, and gastronomy, offering honeymooners the opportunity to stroll through cobblestone streets, marvel at iconic landmarks like the Colosseum and the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and relish the flavors of traditional Italian dishes.

From soaking up the sun on secluded beaches to discovering old-world charm in bustling cities, these two countries provide an exceptional array of experiences that are bound to create an unforgettable romantic getaway.

Greece and Italy: Romantic Getaway Destinations

Why Greece and Italy?

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Greece and Italy are perfect destinations for couples in love searching for a dream honeymoon in a romantic and idyllic setting full of sunshine and sea salt.

Not only do they offer stunning landscapes and rich cultural experiences, but both countries are known for their delicious cuisine, vibrant local customs, and warm Mediterranean climate.

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Unique Landscapes and Architecture

Santorini landscape – credits: Korpithas/

The diverse scenery of Greece

The Greek Islands provide the ultimate honeymoon escape in Greece with their crystal-clear waters, charming villages, and idyllic beaches. That is why so many couples choose to elope in Greece.

Santorini, in particular, is known for its breathtaking sunsets, charming Santorini beaches, and the iconic blue-domed churches. Why not use it as the destination for your wedding proposal in Greece? Mykonos offers a more cosmopolitan atmosphere with its lively nightlife and an array of luxury accommodations, from Greece honeymoon villas to Greek all-inclusive resorts.

Not to mention the Greek mainland. On a romantic road trip in Greece, you can discover stunning regions like Mani, the Peloponnese, and Northern Greece.

The dreamy scenery of Italy

Meanwhile, Italy boasts a diverse landscape with beautiful Italian honeymoon destinations like the stunning Amalfi Coast to the historic cities of Rome, Florence, and Venice.

The Amalfi Coast features dramatic cliffs and romantic seaside towns, while Venice’s winding canals and historic architecture create an undeniable sense of enchantment.

Rome and Florence showcase Italy’s rich art, history, and culture, with landmarks such as the Colosseum and the Uffizi Gallery.

In Italy, the picturesque villages of Cinque Terre and the awe-inspiring architecture of Florence’s Duomo are must-see sights.

Italy and Greece offer an unforgettable experience when it comes to architecture, with ancient ruins like the Acropolis in Athens and the Roman Forum giving couples a glimpse into the past.

In terms of activities during your stay, honeymooners have plenty to choose from:

  1. Relaxing on pristine beaches
  2. Exploring ancient ruins and historical sites
  3. Indulging in local cuisine at charming tavernas and cafes
  4. Taking scenic walks through picturesque villages
  5. Enjoying wine tastings at local vineyards

Regardless of your destination, Greece and Italy offer the perfect combination of romance, culture, and extraordinary experiences for an unforgettable honeymoon.

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A romantic getaway to the Greek Islands

Santorini: The Romantic Island

Santorini Island – credits: Anastasios71/

The Greek islands are a staple on any romantic getaway to Greece and Italy. Santorini, known for its breathtaking sunsets and whitewashed buildings, is a popular destination for honeymooners.

The island’s enchanting scenery of caldera cliffs and dark blue Aegean waters will leave you in awe. Stroll through the picturesque villages of Oia and Fira, relax on the black sand beach of Kamari, or try some of the most unique snorkeling in Greece.

Also, don’t forget to try local delicacies like tomato fritters or mouthwatering Greek salads.

Mykonos: Beaches and Windmills

Mykonos – credits: Leanne Vorrias/

The island of Mykonos is one of the most luxurious vacations in Greece. Part of the Cyclades Islands, it is famous for its golden sandy beaches, charming windmills, and vibrant nightlife.

Honeymooners in Mykonos can sunbathe at Platys Gialos, swim in crystal clear waters around Super Paradise beach, or sip on a cocktail to the backdrop of the romantic sunset at Little Venice.

Afterward, dance the night away at one of the island’s many nightclubs, or enjoy an intimate dinner at a cozy seaside taverna.

Crete: Rich History and Scenic Beauty

Cretan village – credits: vitmark/

Crete, the largest of the Greek Islands, invites you to explore its ancient ruins, picturesque villages, and diverse landscape.

Underwater caves in Agia Pelagia, Heraklion and the immense Samaria Gorge are just some of the options for an adventurous honeymoon in Greece.

On the other hand, the pristine beaches of Elafonisi and Balos are perfect for couples seeking relaxation on their Crete honeymoon, while Rethymno and Chania offer a glimpse of the island’s rich history. Visit the Palace of Knossos, the birthplace of the Minoan civilization for an extra dose of history.

Naxos: A Hidden Gem

Naxos – credits: Nicole Kwiatkowski/

The largest island within the Cyclades, Naxos, is often overlooked but offers stunning beaches, traditional villages, and archaeological sites.

Relax on the pristine beaches of Agios Prokopios and Plaka, or explore the charming villages of Halki and Apiranthos.

Also, don’t forget to pay a visit to the iconic Portara, an ancient marble gate that stands near the island’s harbor.

Milos: The Volcanic Island

Milos – credits: Jana Hake/

A volcanic island within the Cyclades group, Milos, boasts dramatic landscapes, colorful beaches, and ancient history. It’s a top choice for couples on their first vacation in Greece.

While exploring Milos, you can discover the multi-colored cliffs and clear waters at Sarakiniko Beach or admire the lunar-like landscapes in Papafragas.

History buffs can explore the ancient ruins of Phylakopi or visit the site where the famous Venus de Milo statue was discovered.

A Romantic Getaway To Italian Gems

Venice: The City of Canals and Love

Venice – credits: Violeta Meleti/

Known for its canals, gondolas, and romantic ambiance that makes it one of the best places in Italy for a honeymoon, Venice is a must-visit destination on any Italy honeymoon.

As you stroll along the quaint streets, savor authentic Italian cuisine at waterside cafes, and take a gondola ride along the Grand Canal.

Don’t forget to visit iconic attractions like St. Mark’s Basilica, Doge’s Palace, and the Peggy Guggenheim Collection.

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Rome: The Ancient City of Romantic Charm

Rome – credits: Sean Pavone/

The famous Eternal City is the ultimate stop on a romantic getaway to Greece and Italy. Rome boasts an intriguing history and numerous iconic landmarks. Visit the Colosseum, Roman Forum, and Pantheon to experience ancient Rome firsthand.

For a romantic evening, toss a coin into the Trevi Fountain then take a moonlit walk along the Tiber River in central Rome. Also try to make time for the Vatican City to admire the Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Basilica.

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Florence: Art and Culture

Florence – credits:

The birthplace of the Renaissance, Florence, promises an unforgettable cultural experience. Marvel at masterpieces by Michelangelo, Botticelli, and Leonardo da Vinci in the renowned Uffizi Gallery.

But don’t miss the iconic Florence Cathedral and its striking red dome. Wander through the romantic Boboli Gardens then cross the charming Ponte Vecchio, the perfect spot for a sunset photo.

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Amalfi Coast: Coastal Beauty and Relaxation

Amalfi Coast – credits: proslgn/

The Amalfi Coast, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, offers stunning coastal views and a laid-back atmosphere, it’s one of the top choices for eloping in Italy.

While exploring the picturesque towns of Positano and Sorrento, stop to enjoy delicious seafood and limoncello tastings.

Afterward, visit the enchanting island of Capri, known for its Blue Grotto and luxurious shopping. Take a sunset cruise along the dramatic coastline for an extra romantic touch.

Cinque Terre: Colorful Villages by the Sea

A couple on their honeymoon in Cinque Terre – credits: TravnikovStudio/

Cinque Terre, a collection of five vibrant cliffside villages, is a true paradise. While you’re here, make sure you hike the scenic trails connecting the villages, sample local wines, and laze on the charming beaches.

The colorful homes and stunning sea views make for a memorable backdrop for those Cinque Terre honeymoon photos.

Lake Como: Serenity and Luxury

A couple in Lake Como – credits: Feel good studio/

Lake Como, surrounded by the majestic Alps, offers a tranquil retreat on your Italy honeymoon. While on your honeymoon in Lake Como, you will stay in elegant lakeside villas, cruise the crystalline waters, and explore charming towns like Bellagio and Varenna.

This idyllic destination is perfect for relaxation, fine dining, and taking in the lush, romantic scenery.

Accommodations and Experiences On A Romantic Getaway To Greece and Italy

Romantic Accommodations in Greece

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Greece offers a range of romantic accommodations perfect for honeymooners. Whether you stay in boutique adult-only hotels or all-inclusive Greek resorts, couples will find intimate settings with picturesque views of the Mediterranean.

Some popular options include the enchanting Santorini Island, known for its stunning sunsets, hot springs, and caldera views, as well as the quieter Naxos, which boasts serene beaches and charming villages.

Charming Accommodations in Italy

A couple drinking cocktails in a hotel’s swimming pool – credits: Master1305/

Italy also has many charming accommodations that will sweep couples off their feet on their romantic getaway to Greece and Italy.

Consider the elegant Venice, famous for its romantic gondola rides through canals, or the historic Tuscany region, featuring quaint villages and enchanting countryside escapes.

Whether you prefer a cozy B&B or a sprawling luxury resort, Italy has something to suit every couple’s dream honeymoon.

Sea View Rooms and Full-Service Spas

Grand Canal, Venice – credits: Adisa/

Both Italy and Greece offer sea-view rooms with breathtaking panoramas of the Mediterranean. Take advantage of these spectacular vistas and indulge in full-service spas that cater to honeymooners.

Unwind with couple’s massages or rejuvenate with signature spa treatments, creating an idyllic ambiance for relaxation and romance.

Activities On Romantic Getaways To Greece and Italy

Hiking in Greece – credits: Photobac/

Greece and Italy have no shortage of activities for honeymooners. Enjoy outdoor pursuits such as:

  • Beach strolls
  • Snorkeling
  • Hiking historical ruins

For culture lovers, exploring the magnificent museums and landmarks showcasing ancient civilizations is a great addition to your itinerary. Include visiting the Acropolis in Athens or the Colosseum in Rome for awe-inspiring experiences.

Sunset Cruises and Wine Tasting

Wine-tasting experience – credits:

A sunset cruise is an unmissable experience for honeymooners in Greece or Italy, providing an intimate way to appreciate the stunning coastline and dramatic landscapes.

Beyond cruises, the vibrant vineyards of both countries offer exceptional wine-tasting opportunities.

Discover world-renowned wine regions like Tuscany in Italy, boasting rolling hills overlooking a magical landscape, or the sun-soaked island of Crete in Greece, and savor exquisite Greek wines while learning about winemaking traditions.

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Transportation and Support On Romantic Getaways to Greece and Italy

Getting Around Greece and Italy

Car ride in Karpathos Island – credits: Pawel Kazmierczak/

Traveling between Greece and Italy is easy and convenient, with various modes of transportation available that will ensure a rental car won’t be a necessity but a preference.

Both countries have well-developed public transport networks, including buses and trains for land travel and ferries for island hopping.

Additionally, taxis are readily available in both urban and rural areas to ensure seamless journeys during your romantic getaway.

Rail Travel: The rail networks in Greece and Italy are efficient, with Trenitalia and Italo being the major train operators in Italy and TrainOSE in Greece, which has recently added a high-speed train.

After all, high-speed trains connect major cities quickly, making it a comfortable and quick traveling option that will take you efficiently from train station to train station.

Transfers, Ferries, and Water Taxis

Cruise ship – credits: Anton-Watman/

Transfers: Once you arrive, pre-arranged transfers can save you time and make your trip hassle-free. Many hotels offer transfer services to and from airports or ports, ensuring a smooth start to your honeymoon.

Ferries: When it comes to Greek island-hopping or traveling between coastal towns in Italy, ferries are the preferred mode of transportation.

Numerous companies operate routes with schedules available online. Purchasing tickets in advance is encouraged during peak seasons.

Water Taxis: Italy’s Venice and Greece’s island destinations offer water taxis as an alternative, more private mode of transportation.

This option is particularly useful in Venice, where waterways replace traditional streets.

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Local Contacts and Assistance

Greek sea – credits: Sven Hansche/

Having local contacts and support during your honeymoon can be invaluable. Contact hotel staff, tour operators, or local friends for recommendations and advice.

Remember that many locals are happy to assist tourists, so don’t hesitate to ask questions or seek help when needed.

We Care: For additional peace of mind, consider a travel insurance plan that includes emergency assistance, such as medical support, lost luggage, or trip cancellations.

Travel agencies and airlines often offer such plans to protect you and your partner during your romantic getaway.

Planning Your Romantic Getaway to Greece and Italy

Organized Tours and Itineraries

Athens Riviera – credits: Aerial-motion/

Greece and Italy offer many appealing destinations for honeymooners. One of the best ways to explore these countries together is to book organized tours and itineraries.

From food tours to tours exploring each city’s culture and history, you will get insight into the enchanting cities from the locals.

You can join a group guided tour or a private tour (whether it is a morning or evening tour), including transfers in a private car, and explore Italy and Greece

Some tour options include:

  • Visiting the romantic cities of Athens, Mykonos, Santorini, Rome, Florence, and Venice
  • Exploring Mediterranean beaches and ancient ruins
  • Tasting local cuisine and wines

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Reviews and Recommendations

Greek esthetic – credits:

When planning your romantic getaway to Greece and Italy, it’s essential to research and find reliable reviews for your chosen destinations, accommodations, and tours.

For example, websites like TripAdvisor and travel blogs can provide valuable information and insights from other travelers.

Keep an eye out for:

  • Customer ratings and comments about service, quality, and cleanliness
  • Recommendations for must-see attractions and hidden gems
  • Photos and descriptions of accommodations and activities

Budget Considerations

While a honeymoon is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, planning a trip to Greece that fits your budget is crucial. Be mindful of the cost of accommodations, transportation, dining, and activities. The cost of a honeymoon in Italy and Greece will depend on what time you visit.

Here are a few tips to help you manage your budget:

  • Compare prices for hotels, vacation rentals, and B&Bs
  • Book your flights and accommodations well in advance
  • Look for package deals and discounts

By ensuring your getaway is well-planned and aligned with your preferences, you can make your honeymoon in Greece and Italy a truly unforgettable experience.

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Must-See Attractions On a Romantic Getaway to Greece and Italy

Greece: Acropolis and Syntagma Square

The Acropolis – credits: Aerial-motion/

The Acropolis in Athens is one of Greece’s most iconic landmarks. Visit this ancient citadel, which houses several historically significant structures.

Among them is the Parthenon, dedicated to the goddess Athena. Wander around the archaeological site and soak in the fascinating history of the ancient Greeks.

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Meanwhile, Syntagma Square is the heart of modern Athens. The bustling square features the grand Hellenic Parliament building on one side and various shops, cafes, and hotels on the other.

Witness the impressive Changing of the Guard ceremony outside the Parliament building, as well as the beautiful National Gardens nearby.

Italy: Trevi Fountain and Spanish Steps

Trevi Fountain – credits:

One of Rome’s most famous landmarks is the Trevi Fountain. This 18th-century baroque masterpiece is the largest Baroque fountain in the city.

Legend has it that tossing a coin over your left shoulder while standing with your back to the fountain will ensure your return to Rome.

Make sure to take a stroll around the surrounding piazzas to experience more of Rome’s charm.

In the heart of Rome lies the celebrated Spanish Steps. As the widest staircase in Europe, this iconic site connects the Piazza di Spagna at the base to the Piazza Trinità dei Monti at the top.

Climb the 135 steps and enjoy views of the surrounding areas, including the picturesque Trinità dei Monti church.

Explore the nearby upscale shopping streets and indulge in a traditional Italian gelato while soaking in the atmosphere.

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A Word of Caution For Your Romantic Getaway to Greece and Italy

Avoiding the Party Scene

Greek circular dance – credits: NDT/

While Greece and Italy are undoubtedly beautiful destinations for a romantic honeymoon, it’s important to remember that both countries are also popular for their vibrant party scenes.

There’s always the potential of stumbling upon lively nightlife, which may not be ideal if you’re looking for a peaceful and intimate experience.

To ensure that you and your partner can enjoy your honeymoon without any unexpected disturbances, it’s wise to plan ahead and choose your accommodations carefully.

Researching the areas you plan to visit beforehand can help avoid potential party hotspots.

When booking a hotel, don’t hesitate to ask the staff about the surrounding area and the kind of atmosphere you can expect.

They will likely have valuable insight that can help you to make an informed decision. Sharing your preferences for a quiet and romantic ambiance with the hotel staff will also ensure that they understand your needs and can offer suitable recommendations.

If you plan to dine out, consider researching restaurants with a reputation for providing a romantic atmosphere.

Also, avoid dining in popular nightclubs or bars, as these establishments typically cater to a more lively crowd.

Scheduling your dinner reservations during off-peak hours may also help you avoid any potential noise and distractions.

It’s also a good idea to plan some day trips or excursions to more remote locations, where you can be sure to find some peace and tranquility away from the hustle and bustle.

Final Thoughts on a Romantic Getaway to Greece and Italy

couple-engagement- santorini
Couple during their honeymoon in Greece – credits: ahmad sweeney/

Both Greece and Italy offer an abundance of stunning natural landscapes and secluded beaches that can be perfect for creating unforgettable romantic memories during your honeymoon.

Do you need more reasons to visit Greece and Italy? If so, contact our luxury travel agency, and we will design a trip that will feel like a wish granted!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the most romantic destinations in Greece and Italy?

    In Greece, Santorini is renowned for its breathtaking Greek sunsets and stunning caldera views.

    Venice’s charming canals, historic architecture, and the Amalfi Coast’s scenic beauty and romantic ambiance are popular for a couple’s holiday in Italy.

  • When is the best time to visit for a romantic getaway?

    The ideal time to visit Greece and Italy for a romantic getaway is during the shoulder seasons of spring (April to June) and fall (September to October).

    At this time, weather is pleasant, the crowds are thinner, and you can enjoy a more intimate experience.

    For more information, check our guide on what to expect for the weather on your Greek honeymoon.

  • What are some must-do activities for couples in these destinations?

    In Greece, enjoy a private sunset cruise in Santorini, explore the historic streets of Athens, and relax on beautiful beaches.

    Meanwhile, in Italy, take a gondola ride in Venice, wander through the charming streets of Florence, and indulge in wine tasting on your honeymoon in Tuscany.

  • What is the local cuisine like, and are there any romantic dining options?

    Both Greece and Italy offer delectable cuisines. In Greece, savor fresh seafood, moussaka, and baklava.

    Or, enjoy pasta, pizza, and gelato in Italy. Always look for waterfront or rooftop restaurants with stunning views and candlelit atmospheres for romantic dining.

  • What is the recommended duration for a romantic getaway in these countries?

    For a fulfilling romantic experience, plan a trip of at least 7 to 10 days.

    This allows you to explore multiple destinations, indulge in leisurely activities, and truly soak in the romantic ambiance of Greece and Italy.


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