Located in picturesque Oia, Ikies is a luxurious boutique hotel that will improve the quality of your Greek island vacations. Its small size adds an element of intimacy and coziness to the otherwise luxurious establishment, making Ikies the perfect destination for couples in love. A wind range of themed rooms and suites await the hotel’s guests depending on the experience they aim to communicate.

Among the wide range of services & amenities, the stylish facilities, and the friendly & polite personnel, Ikies will make you feel like you’re on top of the world. The striking views out to Santorini’s caldera add to the hotel’s allure and provide the perfect setting for newlyweds to celebrate their honeymoon.

Moreover, the location of Ikies manages to be central without being extremely busy, something most guests will appreciate as they relax in their rooms without the noise of the crowds invading their space. The hotel also offers its guests a bottle of mineral water and local wine as a welcoming gift you can enjoy with your better half in the comfort of your own room upon arrival. 

  • Swimming Pool
    Swimming Pool
  • Car Parking
    Car Parking
  • Restaurant
  • Wellness center
    Wellness center
  • Private dining
    Private dining
  • Terrace

Couples will love:

  • You can taste mouthwatering creations made by a professional chef in your private patio overlooking the caldera.
  • Relax inside the Jacuzzis and hot tubs found in most rooms and leave the hotel rejuvenated and well-rested.
  • This location of Ikies on the backside of Oia offers calmness, quiet, and relaxation to anyone who visits. 
  • Take advantage of the deluxe treatments of the hotel’s wellness center, such as the Ayurvedic Yoga Massage, to achieve the ultimate state of zen.
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About the Location

Ikies’ location in the entrance of Oia, the famous picturesque village that is beloved by locals and visitors alike, is convenient and clever. Around 15-minutes on foot away from the village’s center, it is close enough to the shops and eateries yet at the same time far enough from the crowds that it can serve as a shield from the outside world.

Take a short walk to the lively village center and take in the Cycladic aesthetic that surrounds you with the shades of white and blue dominating the setting. Talk with the locals and gain insight into their daily lives, go for a shopping spree at the local boutiques, and indulge in delicious food and drinks at the many scenic bars and eateries of the village.

Try the excellence of the local cuisine in ‘Lombranos’ and ‘Armeni’. Catch the magnificent sunset in ‘VR’ or learn all about the age-old wine production of Santorini in a wine tour of Santorini that will leave you in awe.

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