Delmar Apartments & Suites

Delmar apartments and suites is a fully-renovated luxury accommodation found at the heart of the charming fishing village of Pollonia, on the north-eastern side of Milos. Built in one of the most convenient spots on the island, and just 9 km away from the port, the hotel possesses the trademark Cycladic architecture, which has been implemented with contemporary decoration and furnishing, in order to offer a comfortable and indulgent stay to all of its guests.

Despite each of the rooms of Delmar being distinctly different from one another, they all share the same assets: they’re all equally comfortable, practical, and fashionable. Delmar Apartments & Suites may not offer a pool, however, that is because it doesn’t need it; you can swim in the heavenly waters of Pollonia beach by waking the 50-meter distance from your hotel. In addition to the excellent facilities, Delmar offers a number of fascinating experiences to its guests, as well as upscale services and deluxe amenities that will ensure your stay in the hotel reaches its full potential in delight.

You can savor a delicious breakfast offered in the privacy of your own room, or even enjoy the services of a personal trainer and engage in yoga classes to upkeep your fitness. Staying in Delmar Apartments & Suites will be an utterly opulent experience that makes for the best romantic getaway.

  • Car Parking
    Car Parking
  • Gym
  • In-room breakfast
    In-room breakfast
  • Free WiFi
    Free WiFi
  • Terrace

Couples will love:

  • Villa del Mar is a luxurious independent seaside suite located 400m away from the main hotel that offers privacy, tranquility, and a magical time to couples.  
  • The in-room massage services are the perfect indulgence for your romantic trip; they’re delivered by expert professionals and will help you decompress.
  • As it is has been fully renovated, the brand new feel and ultra-modern character cannot go unnoticed.
  • Take advantage of the friendly personal trainer on-site and up your fitness game in a fun way.
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About the Location

Delmar Apartments & Suites is located on the northeast tip of the island, right in the center of the village Pollonia. Due to its central position, it is surrounded by shops and eateries and therefore is a great base from where you can explore the whole of the island.

You can find the gorgeous Pollonia beach a mere 40 meters away from your hotel. 50 meters away from Delmar, you will find an ATM, while at a distance of 60 meters, you will come upon the bus station. The port of Adamas is 10 km away from the hotel, while Plaka, the picturesque old town and capital of the island, is at a distance of 12 km. 

What Milos is mainly known for, however, is its striking beaches. Apart from Pollonia Beach, which is situated a mere 40 meters from Delmar, you can find nearby, the beach of Papafragas and the beach of Tria Pigadia. Firiplaka and Tsigardo are also 2 excellent beaches, one next to the other, that we would highly suggest for your swimming endeavors.

You can’t leave the island without eating a breakfast pastry from ‘Moyratos’ the most beloved bakery in Milos. For delicious traditional Greek food, ‘Embourios’, ‘Armenaki’, Enalion’, ‘Gialos’, and ‘Almyra’ are excellent options, all found just a stone’s throw away from your hotel.

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