Amirandes Grecotel Exclusive Resort

Amirandes is a boutique hotel that excels in accommodating its guests with honest hospitality, style, elegance, and luxury as its primary principles. In Amirandes, the element of water is prominent.

The common Olympic-sized seawater outdoor pool, 1 indoor pool, 58 private pools, and the deep blue sea of the Aegean all come together to offer you striking views and refreshing moments. Built behind coves of fine golden sand and crystal-clear water that have been awarded a ‘Blue Flag’ for their top quality, while staying in Amirandes, your beach experience will be flawless.

This luxury hotel offers spacious rooms and suites with an open-plan design and furnishing in bright white and off-white tones that complement the brightness of the Greek sky. Enhancing your experience, they also offer first-class services and include high-tech features, such as private fully-equipped gyms, and hydromassage bathtubs with direct access to a private beach area with gazebos and exclusive beach service. In Amirandes, you will also satisfy your craving for Greek, Cretan and international cuisine, as the hotel offers many choices in its culinary offerings, as demonstrated in their exciting menus at the unique ‘Amirandes’ Plaz’.

For relaxed evenings and delightful drinks, you can visit the hotel’s sunset lounge or its popular ‘Labirynth’ bar. Last but not least, Elixir Alchemy Spa promises to pamper you with its incredible exotic treatments and Ayurvedic therapies executed by Indian therapists that incorporate organic plants and extracts from the Cretan land.

  • Poolside Bar
    Poolside Bar
  • Beach
  • Restaurant
  • Gym
  • Indoor pool
    Indoor pool
  • Private pool
    Private pool

Couples will love:

  • The ‘Deluxe Junior Bungalow Suite With Private Heated Pool’ is a couple’s dream come true.
  • Indulge in a Sirodhara massage that promises to help you with mental relaxation, sleep disturbance, headache and skin diseases.
  • Amirandes Grecotel will give you access to a private beach area that will take your breath away.
  • The hotel’s breakfast is delicious and offers an impressive variety of local delicacies.
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About the Location

Amirandes Grecotel is situated outside Heraklion, namely 23 km from the largest city and the administrative capital of the island of Crete. Furthermore, the hotel lies 18 km away from the Heraklion International Airport and 25 km from the emblematic archeological site of Knossos Palace.

Only 3 km from your hotel, you will have the opportunity to visit the picturesque village of Gouves and witness the authentic way of Cretan living. At a distance of 10 km from your accommodation, you can also visit Hersonissos, one of the most popular tourist areas in Crete.

Heraklion, in general, has the most well-known archeological sites on the island. Visit the imposing Palace of Knossos and the surrounding monuments, as well as the Minoan palaces of Phaistos, Malia, and Gortyna, all of which offer valuable insight into the vast history of the island. Don’t omit to visit the Archaeological Museum to see the fascinating exhibits that the excavations in Crete have brought to light.

Introduce yourself to the riches of Cretan cuisine in ‘Paeskesi’, where you can taste mouthwatering traditional dishes accompanied by local spirits. ‘Kouzineri’ is another excellent choice for food, along with the self-explanatory ‘Tasting Crete’. For a fun night out, visit ‘The Bitters Bar’, ‘Swing Thing’, or ‘Wets & Drys Days and Nights’, and unwind with a refreshing cocktail and upbeat music that will lift your spirits.

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