Key Takeaways

  • Go against the norm and book a winter honeymoon in Greece.
  • You may not be sunning yourself on the Greek islands, but you’ll have the chance to explore incredible mainland destinations and throw yourself into authentic cultures.
  • Explore traditional towns perched in the mountains and atmospheric coastal gems.
  • Enjoy cozy winter activities like skiing, hiking, and eating delicious local food.

When choosing the best time to visit Greece on a honeymoon, booking it during the winter -and not on the Greek islands is not the most common occurrence. It is, however, a unique opportunity to visit beautiful winter honeymoon destinations in Greece.

It may not be your first escape together, but it is an experience that will remain indelibly etched in your memories. Here, our honeymoon travel planners will show you the top winter honeymoon destinations in Greece to plan the escape of your dreams.

Historically, the term ‘honeymoon‘ has roots in the 5th century. That is when newlyweds, after the first moon of their marriage, drank a particular alcoholic type of honey with aphrodisiac properties to help with conception.

The custom of the honeymoon trip – wedding journey – began much later, only in the late 19th century, in Britain. It was then that the newlyweds left for a trip immediately after the wedding. Initially, it was a way to visit relatives and friends who had not attended the ceremony.


Thessaloniki – credits: 22Images-Studio/

The city of Thessaloniki is an incredible destination for a luxury vacation in Greece any time of year! That being said, fall and winter honeymoons in Greece are the perfect seasons to enjoy it to its full potential thoroughly. That’s because that is when the students are still at school. It’s an especially lovely place to spend Valentine’s Day in Greece.

As a result, the shops are still open, and the tourists have not filled the city. This combination automatically makes it an ideal destination for relaxation and fun. And all this, without being tiring or making it difficult for the couples to enjoy themselves.

After all, the co-capital and Athens are the largest cities in Greece that can compete with many European cities on an equal footing! They both have excellent infrastructure, making them safe and easy for a babymoon in Greece. Also, both Thessaloniki honeymoons and Athens honeymoons are popular winter honeymoons in Greece. But, of course, it is a shared secret that the co-capital is a little more romantic. Especially so when you walk hand in hand with your other half on the beach. Gaze at Thermaikos, stroll the beautiful narrow alleys of Ano Poli, and stop in one of the local bars for a glass of traditional wine from a Greek vineyard.

If you love romantic cities, you could also fly over to Italy for a honeymoon in Florence or all the most romantic things to do in Rome.

Local food in Thessaloniki

What better way to warm up on a winter honeymoon in Greece than by trying all the best local dishes? Once there, don’t forget to try the city’s local cuisine as much as you can. After all, it is famous for being a dream come true for foodies worldwide. But, of course, the most well-known snacks are the ‘koulouri’ and the traditional ‘bougatsa.’

Another unique Thessaloniki’s dessert is the Panorama triangles that have a filling of cream or chocolate. However, what will make you fall in love with the confectionery of this city is its stuffed bun.

The chewy bun hides in it chestnut cream, hazelnut cream, chocolate cream, or any other flavor your palate desires. You won’t be able to put it down before you reach its last bite. A honeymoon in Greece is sure to leave a sweet taste in your mouth.

From Thessaloniki, you also have lots of options for romantic Greek road trips.


Nafplio – credits: Milan_Gonda/

As well as being a gorgeous seaside town in the stunning Peloponnese region, Nafplion is an excellent winter honeymoon destination in Greece. Its ability to hold the visitors’ interest all year round is due to its undeniable romantic vibe and picturesque beauty. This makes it a popular spot for wedding proposals in Greece.

Nafplio in wintertime has a unique charm. So, if you had it in your mind as a spring or summer destination, it is time to think again! Many couples choose this spot for their wedding vows renewal in Greece.

Snoozing in the bed of one of the beautiful neoclassical hotels and sipping coffee in one of the many cafes in the area is the definition of perfect lazy honeymoon days.

Spend a Valentine’s Day in Greece walking in the cobbled alleys until the afternoon, and ascending to Palamidi to admire from above the whole illuminated city. It’s one of the most romantic things to do in Greece.

In December or early January, you will catch the illuminated Christmas tree. There is nothing more romantic than experiencing some of the magic of the Greek Christmas holidays.


Pelion – credits: dimitrisvetsikas1969/

Dreamy Pelion should be at the top of every winter Greece honeymoon itinerary. Its villages come to add magic to its image, with their traditional mansions and cobbled streets that lead you to secluded paths.

Suppose Pelion stands out for something from the other places in Greece. That being so, the absolute harmony of nature and the alternation of landscapes combine mountains and sea, creating stunning images.

As the temperatures cool, Pelion fills with the smell of wood and the snowy landscapes, while its Greek ski center, Agriolefkes, allows you to enjoy winter sports.

In your free time, you can visit Byzantine churches and monasteries, folklore museums, old mansions and of course to see the villages of Pelion on a route with the steam train “Mountzouris” which starts in Milies and ends in Lechonia.


Arachova town – credits: Vagelis Pikoulas/

The town of Arachova is one of the most popular winter honeymoon destinations in Greece. After all, it is no coincidence that it is dearly beloved by the locals.

Their affection towards it is not unjust, as it is a village with excellent tourist infrastructure. As a result, it provides all the comforts one may need for a luxurious stay.

The entertainment options in Arachova vary and attract many people, both young and old. Since there are many restaurants, taverns, cafes, and bars in the village, there is no doubt you will find just the place for you.

Built on seven hills, it has a rich culture and history you will have the opportunity to explore. Arachova is a favorite holiday destination and offers winter sports, horseback riding in Ati, climbing, and even ice skating. A newlywed couple will find tranquility, intense nightlife, shopping, and exhilarating activities.


Karpenisi – credits: siete_vidas/

At an altitude of 960 meters, on the green slopes of Mount Tymfistos, in a beautiful landscape, lies Karpenisi. It is the capital of the Prefecture of Evritania and the only urban center.

It is a small town, among imposing mountains covered by fir forest. Additionally, it is a surprisingly beautiful natural landscape, making it one of the most beautiful cities in the country and is often referred to as the ‘Switzerland of Greece.’

The history of the city begins from antiquity. It is speculated that there were many scattered settlements on the outskirts of today’s city in the area. It was found in one of them the famous ‘Treasure of Karpenisi,’ which consists of 35 masterpieces of Hellenistic goldsmithing.

Today Karpenisi is a popular tourist destination, especially in winter. It has a Greek ski resort and modern tourist infrastructure, which promise quality relaxation for nature lovers and couples in love.

You will enjoy picturesque taverns, tasteful bars, and many accommodation options if you choose it. Moreover, you will get to admire the unspoiled nature of Evritania through mountaineering, rafting, canyoning, trekking, and various other activities.

It is an area untouched by industrialization. Proof of that is that UNESCO declared it in 1991 as one of the cleanest ecosystem sites on the planet.


Meteora – credits NataliaD/

Seeing Meteora for the first time will leave you in awe and wondering why you had not visited it before. Meteora is a unique natural and geological UNESCO World Heritage site. It was also a source of inspiration for the famous “Game of Thrones” series.

The region is a one-of-a-kind creation of nature. Many theories have been developed around how the imposing rock formations were created. According to the prevailing theory, the rocks of Meteora appeared when the lake that covered Thessaly receded into the Aegean. Over the course of millions of years and after many geological changes, the rocks took their current form.

Meteora, however, is not only a miracle of nature but also of man. For more than 1,000 years, monks and hermits, seeking isolation and tranquility, chose the peace and protection of Meteora.

Over time, 24 monasteries were built on the steep and theoretic rocks. The monks carried with nets, ropes, and pulleys the necessary materials to build their monasteries, supplies, and themselves.

If you’re short on time, Meteora is easy to pair with Athens or Thessaloniki for a Greek minimoon.

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Today there are a total of 6 monasteries. They consist of the Monastery of Agios Nikolaos Anapafsas, the female Holy Monastery of Agios Stefanos, the Monastery of the Transfiguration of the Savior or Megalo Meteoro, the Holy Monastery of Barlaam, the Holy Monastery of the Holy Trinity, and the female Holy Monastery of Rous.

Every day hundreds of people from all over Greece and around the world visit the sanctuary of Meteora to pray and enjoy the magnificent landscape.

Things to do in Meteora

The city of Kalampaka and the traditional village of Kastraki stretch at the foot and under the shadow of Meteora. From every corner of the city, from cafes and traditional taverns, hostels and hotels, and every narrow street, you can see Meteora hovering over the town, always making their presence felt.

And if you are a fan of adventure, Kalambaka and Meteora have to offer you several options of adrenaline and action. Climbing, of course, is the most famous sport that attracts many daredevils who are not afraid of heights! Professional athletes and beginners, with the help of experts, dare to climb the cliffs and enjoy the view from above.

There is also an extensive network of hiking trails between the rocks and the green landscape, perfect for adventurous honeymooners in Greece. If you do not want to drive, you can go around Meteora with an electric bike that you will find in Kalampaka. The Museum of Natural History and Mushrooms and the Museum of Greek Education are other options to keep you busy beyond the monasteries.


Kastoria – credits: Dimitrios-Rizopoulos/

The city of Kastoria is a pleasant surprise for everyone who visits it. It is also an idyllic setting for a winter honeymoon in Greece. It is much more than what you have heard of and can imagine. Especially if you discover the surprises that are hidden in every turn.

Wherever you head to Kastoria, you will be in front of the lake! It is as if it was made on purpose to enchant its visitors with the calm waters of Orestiada.

The lake is perhaps one of the reasons for the charm of Kastoria, which is considered one of the most picturesque Greek cities and a photographer’s paradise!

Its 74 Byzantine churches, Doltso Square with its mansions, its fur shops, and the enchanting lakeside route, its local flavors, and its nightlife will impress you during your honeymoon in the city.

Kastoria is built amphitheatrically, at an altitude of 620 meters above sea level, between mountains Vitsi and Grammo. It is the capital of the homonymous prefecture, at the western end of Western Macedonia.

This romantic Northern Greece city borders north with the prefecture of Florina, southeast and southeast with the regions of Grevena and Kozani, southwest with Ioannina, and west with Albania. Its population is about 20,000 inhabitants.

You should also know that Kastoria is an amiable city for cycling. Therefore, if given a chance, don’t miss a cycling adventure along the lakeside; it will be the highlight of your romantic activities.


Ioannina – credits: betsisman/

Beautiful Ioannina is the largest city on the continent and the prefecture’s capital. Built on the shores of Lake Pamvotida, it enchants with its beauty and warm atmosphere.

A vibrant city with 100,000 inhabitants, which carries a history of centuries. Every alley and square, every part of the city echoes its great tradition.

The island of Pamvotida is an integral part of the history of the city of Ioannina. It is associated with the past and death of Ali Pasha. Its connection with the city is made by boats.

They perform daily itineraries every half hour in summer and every hour in winter. There are picturesque folk art shops and restaurants serving fish, eels, and frog legs on the island, among others.

Ioannina is the largest city in the region of Epirus has a vibrant and intense nightlife. There is a complex of 6 cinemas in the Paralimni Amusement Park, while nearby, you will find restaurants, cafe bars, and beer gardens. In addition, there are two music venues in the city that host music events on a regular weekly basis.

The food culture of Ioannina

In Ioannina, you will find many taverns and tsipouro restaurants – many of which with live music. You will also find many fast-food restaurants as well as traditional eateries. The latter serves soups and cooked food until early in the morning.

There are many products with a protected designation of origin. And it does not make sense to visit Ioannina and not try the delicious Zagorian pies, the unique syrupy sweets, the famous cheeses – feta Dodoni and metsovone– and the famous local tsipouro. In addition, you can try local specialties such as frog legs, trout, or eel for a change from the usual.

Modern streets but also picturesque paved, old mansions and impressive newly built buildings, modern cafes and traditional cafes. All these coexist harmoniously under the cloudy sky of Ioannina. In combination with the magical lake of the city, they are an unforgettable destination for newlyweds.


Zagorochoria – credits: OdysseasX/

The impressive Zagorochoria is an area full of villages -46 to be exact. It is located in the mountains, northeast of the city of Ioannina. They are famous for their beautiful natural beauty, distinctive traditional architecture, and impressive natural landscape.

In short, it is a destination that enchants every visitor, especially for couples who are looking for a romantic destination that can set the scene for their fairytale.

If you choose it as your winter honeymoon destination in Greece, you should visit its beautiful sights. Some of those are the river Voidomatis, the gorge of Vikos, and the traditional stone bridges.

One thing is for sure: you will taste local food that you will remember forever, relax, and enjoy your better half to the fullest.


Monemvasia – credits: Nick-K/

As already mentioned, the ideal Greece honeymoon does need to take place on an island near the sea; the mountainous landscape carries a distinctive, breathtaking beauty on its own for a winter honeymoon in Greece. What if, however, there was a place that combined the two?

Of course, we refer to Monemvasia, the ‘Gibraltar of the East ‘or the ‘Menexe Kalesi,’ which means ‘the castle of flowers’ in Turkish. The breathtaking beauty of Monemvasia and its rich heritage make it a dream winter destination for honeymooners looking for a unique and aesthetically pleasing destination to celebrate their love.

Imposing castles, old mansions, narrow cobbled streets, churches, marble imperial thrones, and Byzantine icons. These and so many more compose the Castle City of Monemvasia. This crossroads of cultures that the passage of time has not touched seems out of this world.

Beyond the Castle, however, monasteries and Byzantine monuments with frescoes and icons of inestimable value, as well as the “Small Mount Athos” of the legendary Kavomalias, await.

As well as the watermill in Talanta or the folklore museums of Reichia and Velia, which tell stories of tradition and daily toil. Wandering this charming town is one of the most romantic things to do in Greece.

The natural monuments of Monemvasia

Monemvasia is also its nature with rare natural monuments and highly aesthetic landscapes. The cave of Kastania, one of the richest in Europe, will impress you. The same will happen with the fossil forest in Agia Marina, which is famous for its uniqueness and paleontological value.

Remarkable is also the wildlife refuges, the wetland of Zarakas, the 13 institutionalized traditional settlements, the crystal clear waters of the Myrtos Sea, the embrace of the Laconic Gulf, and the sea state of Naples, the great noblewoman of this the important tourist infrastructure.

Monemvasia, finally, is its agriculture and viticulture, its gastronomic tradition and its fine goods: the extra virgin olive oil, the citrus fruits, the cheese products, the fresh fish and seafood, the Vatiki onion, the pure honey, and the organic products, which in combination with the gastronomic reserve of the area make the local cuisine an authentic travel experience.

Finding and booking the perfect honeymoon is a charming but stressful process. Booking a winter trip will help keep down your Greece honeymoon costs and help you escape the crowds.

We hope that now you are much more educated on winter honeymoon destinations in Greece and can therefore make the best choice for you and your better half during your Greece honeymoon. Our luxury travel agency cannot wait to welcome you!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Greek island is warmest in the winter?

    If you’re determined to visit the Greek islands in the winter, you can take your honeymoon in Crete.

    You can still get some pleasant weather in Crete in December but it won’t be beach weather. Average highs will be 15-18°C.

    Make sure you add some warmer clothes to your Greece honeymoon packing list.

  • Why are Greek islands empty in the winter?

    Winter on the Greek islands is cold and rainy.

    Smaller islands are dependent on tourism so they shut up shop once the weather in Greece turns.

    Larger islands remain open year-round but many major attractions stay closed until the spring.

  • What is the cheapest time to visit Greece?

    The cheapest time to visit Greece is between November and March (excluding popular dates like Christmas and New Year).

    For a better idea of when to visit Greece, check out our article on the best time to visit Greece for a honeymoon.


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