Key Takeaways

  • The best Greek islands for hiking and nature gazing offer many natural treasures and impressive landscapes.
  • Venture across the vast gorges in Crete, Kythira, and Samothrace and the craggy shores of Ikaria and Amorgos.
  • Lush green islands like Nisyros and Rhodes provide places for ecosystems to thrive.
  • Delve into the castles, architecture, and rich history of Folegandros, Kastellorizo, and Samos.

Magnificent islands, countless summer destinations, and options for all tastes. Greece is famous for its natural treasures. As a result, every summer, it is an attraction for tourists from all over the world. But with so many options, it’s difficult to choose the best Greek islands for hiking and nature-gazing.

Are you and your better half fans of nature and alternative destinations? Are you also looking for unique places on your Greek island-hopping adventure? Maybe some reasons to visit Greece and Italy?

Our country has impressive waterfalls, which offer a magnificent spectacle, and are waiting for you to explore them. It would be a shame not to admire their wild beauty up close. So prepare your travel bag and choose the ideal place for you. Below you’ll find the best Greek islands for hiking and nature gazing. 


Samothrace – credits: GoGri/

The island of Samothrace is famous for its natural landscapes and dense vegetation. Additionally, it has been associated with nature walks and complete relaxation in its countless idyllic landscapes. Therefore, there is no doubt is a supreme destination for your Greece honeymoon.

It combines the mountain with the sea and has the best Greek island beaches for couples. At the same time, its trademark is the remarkable waterfalls, gorges, pedestals, and hiking trails. It is impossible to leave the island without diving from the famous pedestals, the “natural pools” with crystal clear waters. Add some water shoes to your Greece honeymoon packing list so you have the flexibility to explore them all.

The stream of Foneas, with its highest waterfall Klidosi, 35 meters high, is one of the most beautiful natural landscapes in Greece. As a result, the spectacle you will see reaching this point will impress you. It is accessible through a path, while the island has at least 100 pedestals.

Even if you don’t visit Samothrace as a standalone destination, make sure to include it in your Greek island-hopping adventure, and you won’t look back!


Kythira – credits: Aerial-motion/

It is an island that generally does not resemble anything else in Greece. Kythira is located in the south of the Peloponnese. It stands out for its impressive beaches, outstanding natural landscapes, and exquisite local products. It also stands out for its turquoise waters and dense vegetation with the waterfalls and the pedestals.

Kythira is an island with a vast history, and it is worth visiting to admire its incomparable beauty up close. So, if you belong to those who like to explore nature, you should visit the Fairy Waterfall. However, it would be best to be careful because the route is a bit dangerous. 

Also, it would be a great idea to visit the Tsakonas Gorge. The famous gorge is suitable for hiking, starting from Mitaton Square. And in this case, the path you will cross will not be very easy. However, the spectacle you will see when you arrive will reward you.


creterhodes-natural landscapes in Greece
Crete – credits: Georgios Tsichlis/

Imposing Crete is the largest island in Greece and offers many options for those who choose it for their holidays. Crete is a place that combines everything. It has areas for relaxation, fun, and good food. This makes it a top-choice contender for everything from a Crete honeymoon to a Greek party island.

In the north of the island, you can find big cities, such as Heraklion and Chania. Moreover, the southern part is famous for its beautiful beaches and some of the most beautiful natural landscapes in Greece. It is popular for its stunning coasts, idyllic setting, clear blue waters, and excellent Cretan cuisine. Its lively nightlife makes it a great trip to Greece for a young couple. However, it is also an ideal choice for those who love to explore nature. 

The epic Cretan landscapes make this island a top place for adventure honeymoons in Greece. A must-visit place is the gorge of Richtis, located in the prefecture of Lassithi. What’s more, on the north side, between Agios Nikolaos and Sitia, there is an impressive waterfall 20 meters high. The lush landscape and the aromatic plants create a unique atmosphere worth enjoying up close.


rhodes-natural landscapes in Greece
Rhodes – credits: Philippos Phiippou/

It is the largest island of the Dodecanese and is a cosmopolitan destination with incredible natural beauty. 

Rhodes is one of the most popular destinations for both Greeks and tourists arriving in the country from abroad. It stands out for its impressive land and countless beaches. At the same time, it is offered for nature activities, good food, and traditional flavors. 

It has small, picturesque villages and many places full of green and rich vegetation, which gather many people. One such magical place is the Seven Springs and the tunnel that leads to a small paradise located just 30 km away from the city of Rhodes. 

The springs gush water. The water becomes a river and eventually ends in a lake. This happens through an impressive tunnel that creates an extraordinary landscape.


Lefkada – credits: Netfalls-Remy-Musser/

The striking Lefkada is located in the Ionian Islands and is a popular destination every summer. It is popular for its unique luscious nature and fairytale beaches, with enchanting turquoise waters, golden sand, and fine pebbles. However, it is also a must-destination for nature lovers and fans of water sports. 

The pole of attraction is the waterfalls of Dimosari. They are located just 4 km from the sea, in an area reminiscent of mainland Greece. What’s more, they are offered for exploration and hiking. 

The dense vegetation and the golden yellow colors that the leaves get from the plane trees are a treat. Additionally, in combination with the imposing rocks that sparkle, they create images that we are used to seeing in the movies.


Ikaria-natural landscapes in Greece
Ikaria – credits: NDT/

The island of Ikaria is full of dense forests and hidden beaches, coves, and cliffs, making it a fantastic Greek island for hiking and nature-gazing. Activities such as hiking, walking, and cycling are pretty popular on the island. This is thanks to a network that passes through a magnificent composition of farms, lakes, and forests along the way. Ikaria is an island that fascinates its visitors. That happens because the contrasts that compose it create a magical atmosphere that is incomparable to anywhere in the country! 

Wild landscapes, cliffs, and high mountains, secluded beaches with clear blue waters. Moreover, permanently stormy shores, artificial lakes and rivers, traditional settlements, unique forests, and isolated monasteries. Lastly, people who keep their traditions. Who love their island and who party and become one with the visitors, dancing to the rhythms of Ikarian dance. All these are what make Ikaria Island so special.

People who forget the flow of time enjoy carelessness, relaxation, and life. This is the Ikaria of myth and reality.


Samos-kokkari-bay-Pawel Kazmierczak-Shuttestock
Samos credits: Pawel Kazmierczak/

Nature was generous with the island of Samos and endowed it with unique beauties satisfying all tastes. 

It is a “myth” island since antiquity, with many historical monuments. Some of them are Heraion, the largest surviving sanctuary dedicated to Hera, but also the only Eupalini Trench, an aqueduct tunnel 1,036 meters long, built in the 6th century BC. The latter is still admired by the world scientific community for its construction perfection. 

If you are fascinated by Greek antiquity, this island is worth visiting for its many historical caves. For example, the philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras lived in the caves of Kerkis before leaving for Croton in Sicily.

A tour around Samos will fill you with colors and aromas. You will encounter dense forests and fertile plains overgrown with olive trees. Additionally, you will find vineyards that give its famous products, oil, and wine. 

The island perfectly combines the natural landscapes of Greece, from mountainous ridges to the many beaches. Some have sand, others have fine pebbles, others are cosmopolitan, and others are hidden and secluded. 

When visiting the Greek islands for nature, it’s impossible to overlook the incredible ocean life. Its underwater landscapes are perfect for ecologists and passionate divers. Meadows of Posidonia oceanica spread all over the island, occupying a large part of the aquatic flora. 

In the already rich marine biodiversity of Samos are added the herds of dolphins and several appearances of the Mediterranean seal that enrich the marine life.


Amorgos – credits: Kite_rin/

The island of light and poetry, Amorgos, stretches in the middle of the Aegean, hiding incredible beauty.

With its unique nature, high altitude routes, beaches with crystal clear waters, and irresistibly picturesque town, it’s a Greek island perfect for couples seeking ecological explorations. 

If you’re visiting the Greek islands for nature, the flora in Amorgos is remarkable, with many rare endemic species. It is no coincidence that the island got its name from the amorgis plant.

This plant is a type of flax from which the “aliko amorgides,” tunics of Amorgos, were made.

No matter how small it looks, Amorgos is not for once or for only a few days. Despite its only 121 square kilometers, it is long and narrow and suitable for interesting hiking routes and motorcycle rides. 

Wild landscape and road routes that constantly move above the sea on an island with rocky and rough shores will steal your breath.

What’s more, the unforgettable Greek sunset in Tholaria, its unique country, is one of the most authentic in the Cyclades.

Another incredible sight is the Monastery of Panagia Hozoviotissa, which looks like a painting on the rock.


donoussa-rhodes-natural landscapes in Greece
Donoussa – credits:

For many, Donoussa retains its wild, windswept physiognomy in a characteristic ancient, Cycladic landscape.

The landscape is constantly changing within a small area of ​​about 13.5 sq. km. This makes it one of the most interesting Greek islands for hiking and nature-gazing.

Golden beaches, giant cliffs, dense drylands, underwater caves, small ridges, reefs, and dry islands create a rich ecosystem full of small discoveries. Donoussa is characterized by many capes, coves, and cliffs that end at sea.

The island is an essential migratory passage for birds. The strong presence and nesting on the cliffs of Mavropetritis stand out. At the same time, in Skoulonisi, there is a small colony of Aegean gulls.


Nisyros-Tom Jastram-shutterstock
Nisyros – credits: Tom Jastram/

Striking Nisyros is a beautiful island of the Dodecanese. It has one of the most interesting natural landscapes in Greece.

There, lava, sulfur, minerals, and pumice have given it a unique appearance. Between Kos, Tilos, and the coasts of Central Asia, Nisyros is a sculpture of nature’s tectonic forces.

Its morphology is mountainous and stony with minimal flat points. 

In the center of the island, there is a caldera with a diameter of 4 km. In addition, there is a sizeable hydrothermal crater, “Polyvotis.”

It has a diameter of 260 meters and a depth of 30 m. The island’s volcanic soil is particularly fertile, thus contributing to lush vegetation. 

Around it, there are four islands, the largest of which is Gyali, followed by Pyrgousa, Pachia, and Stroggili.


folegandros-natural landscapes in Greece
Folegandros – credits: Milan Gonda/

Like a small pearl of the Aegean where time seems to have stopped, Folegandros lies between Milos and Sikinos, ready to welcome the friends of tranquility and nature.

Although it belongs to the category of non-cosmopolitan islands, it attracts many visitors worldwide and is a top place for wedding vows renewal in Greece.

Folegandros is a steep and rocky island with about 600 inhabitants, mainly engaged in agriculture and fishing.

The spontaneity and warmth of the locals win the visitor from the first moment. Those also contribute to the uniqueness of the atmosphere that prevails on the island.

The wild landscape of Folegandros, its winding streets, and its charming Chora inspire every traveler by offering unforgettable images. 

Its Chora is actually one of the most beautiful Cycladic cities, with whitewashed houses enclosing the Castle of the area.

If you’re on the Greek islands for hiking, Folegandros is suitable for continuous walks and tours from one end to the other. It has steep but beautiful crystal-clear beaches, some easily accessible and others not.


halki-natural landscapes in Greece
Halki – credits: Milan Gonda/

The island of Halki is the definition of quiet relaxation. Additionally, it is the perfect place for walks in nature that will fully immerse you in Greek island life. 

It is one of the minor islands of the Dodecanese complex, with unspoiled beauties and crystal clear beaches. The island is a peaceful destination of 300 inhabitants with the one and only settlement, Emporio.

In recent years, Halki has been declared a “center of peace and friendship.” Young people and couples from all over the world visit the island every summer and organize cultural events.


chios-rhodes-natural landscapes in Greece
Chios – credits: Milan Gonda/

The island of mastic and wild tulips is endowed with the most colorful, fragrant spring in our country. It does so even though fate struck it with a big fire.

Chios is an affluent island in every way. Next to the Asian coast, it is characterized by a great diversity of landscapes, fertile land, and ecosystems. In those, many rare species of flora and fauna live.

To the north rises the forested, impressive Mount Pelinnaio. The central area boasts beautiful hills with phrygana and the famous Plain of Chios. Finally, to the south lies the Mediterranean vegetation with mastic trees. 

Its location off the coast of Central Asia, its geological history, topography, and isolation led to the evolution of unique plants and animals. This makes it one of the most interesting Greek islands for hiking and nature-gazing.


kastelorizzo-natural landscapes in Greece
Kastellorizo – credits: Foxys Forest Manufacture/

Megisti, better known as Kastellorizo, lies in the southeastern tip of Europe. It is only two nautical miles from the Turkish coast. 

The island gained its official name, Megisti, -which means ‘the biggest’- because it is the largest complex of fourteen small islands, with Ro being the most famous.

The Romans and the Byzantines ruled the island, and then, in 1306, the Knights of St. John of Rhodes rebuilt the tall castle of the island with its high double walls and loopholes, making it one of the strongest fortresses of the Aegean. 

Apart from the great historical past, your Greek island vacations in Kastelorizo are perfect for unique ecological explorations. Here you can find the largest and most beautiful of the underwater caves of Greece and the Mediterranean, the Blue Cave. 

You can also find “Cave of Parasta” or “Fokiali” that stands out for the countless stalactites. It also attracts attention because of the thousands of wild pigeons that fly inside.


Gavdos-natural landscapes in Greece
Gavdos – credits: Georgios Tsichlis/

The southernmost Greek island smells of wild thyme and is inspired by relaxation similar to the ’60s. It is the southernmost tip of Europe. 

About 50 people permanently inhabit the island of Gavdos, but this changes in summer. In the middle of the Libyan Sea, with crystal clear blue waters, enchanting beaches, and cedar forests, the island of Gavdos is a fairytale destination with rich natural beauty.

In fact, the beach of Ai Giannis has emerged as the second-best beach in the world by the Discovery Channel.

Final Thoughts on the Best Greek Islands for Hiking and Nature-Gazing

Now you know where to enjoy Greek nature at its best with your better half. Getting all that fresh air is a great activity on a safe trip to Greece.

Relax with nature-gazing as your tool. After your days of adventure, you can relax in some of the best adult-only resorts in Greece.

For more hiking opportunities, cross the sea to Italy and enjoy a panorama-filled honeymoon in Cinque Terre, or consider the best winter honeymoon spots in Greece.

Don’t hesitate to explore the undiscovered treasures of Greece and experience the country in an unconventional way that is personal to you through our Greece honeymoon packages.

Especially if this is your first couple’s vacation in Greece, our luxury travel agency will happily surprise you!

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