Story of Vasiliki & George

Visited in October 2020 for their anniversary

Vasiliki and George approached us with a clear intent: they wanted to celebrate their anniversary in Greece and sought the best way to do so. We came up with a diverse itinerary that would help them experience the beauty of Acropolis, Nemea, Nafplio, and Stymfalia. Through a number of archaeological, cultural, and culinary tours, they spent their days in comfort and luxury enjoying the unmistakable excellence of Greece and the company of one another.

  • Month

    October 2020
  • Duration

    5 days
  • Destinations

    Athens, Nafplio, Nemea, Stymfalia

Of all the places you visited, which would you recommend to your friends?

We would recommend all the places! Our itinerary was ideal for a romantic but also informative & interesting gateway. Hard to choose between Acropolis, Nemea, Nafplio and Stymfalia.

Story of Vasiliki & George

What was the most enjoyable thing that you did during your vacation?

We really enjoyed the wine tastings in Athens and Nemea too, and the dinner after the excellent tour in Acropolis.

Story of Vasiliki & George

Share with us something new that you learned (a fact or a story) during the trip!

Although when you think about the Parthenon you get the image of its gleaming white marble, the truth is that originally it was painted!

Story of Vasiliki & George

Please summarize your vacation in one elaborative sentence.

Our romantic journey in Ancient Greece, with a dose of luxury, pampering and interesting information.

Story of Vasiliki & George

Are you happy with the decision to book via eros+psyche? Would you recommend our services to your friends?

We are really happy! The service was accurate, all the involved personnel were great and the itinerary was ideal for a couple like us.

Story of Vasiliki & George
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