Key Takeaways

  • There’s a reason why a Santorini honeymoon is one of the most iconic post-wedding trips.
  • Santorini is easy to access and has excellent weather, making it a great choice choice for a romantic summer break.
  • Santorini is full of interesting historical attractions and beautiful towns and villages.
  • The volcanic origins have created some of Greece’s most interesting beaches that are all colors of the rainbow.

Santorini is a destination in Greece that never fails to gain worldwide recognition year after year. Due to its unique volcanic landscape, unmatched beauty, and mesmerizing sunsets, it is a couple’s perfect host.

As a result, if you are looking for the ultimate romantic getaway, look no further than a Santorini honeymoon or just Santorini vacations for two!

What is the best month for a Santorini honeymoon?

Cliff jumping – credits: EpicStockMedia/

When deciding the best time for a honeymoon in Greece, you must consider several factors. Those are the type of vacations you’re after and how busy you want your destination to be.

Do you wish to visit it in the low season when less crowded? Do you want to travel to Santorini when the iconic  Greek weather is at its best? Would you like to explore it when there are fewer tourists? Thankfully, no matter which of the above you prefer, you can have it. All you have to do is plan your holidays carefully and visit the island at the right time. 

If you want the bright sun warming your skin, then book your Santorini trip from May to September. On the contrary, if you want to avoid the mass tourist crowds, avoid the months of July and August.

These are the high season months when all regions of Greece are full of people. So naturally, they want precisely what you’re looking for: to make their exotic holiday dreams come true. If you want to visit Greece at that time but don’t like crowds, you may be better off on a more remote Greek island.

How to get to Santorini for a honeymoon

Airport signboard – credits: Paul Cowan/

When organizing Greece transportation for your honeymoon, Santorini is relatively easy to access. It both a port and an airport welcoming visitors multiple times a day. It’s airport has links to Athens, Thessaloniki, Crete, and the other Aegean islands with flights throughout the year. With its easy connections, it’s a great option for a minimoon in Greece.

During the summer, flights multiply to serve the increasing number of tourists. Additionally, there are also direct flights from cities abroad during this time.

In addition to airplanes, the island also boasts an excellent ferry connection. Some daily ships and speedboats connect it with Piraeus, Rafina, the other islands of the Cyclades, and Crete. Why not combine your Santorini trip into a Greek island-hopping honeymoon?

The journey takes approximately 8.30 hours by conventional ferry and 6 hours by speedboat from the port of Piraeus. However, don’t let that deter you; a Santorini honeymoon is worth both the time and effort. If you want to pair Santorini with other destinations, why not consider a cruise of the Greek islands?

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Weather on your Santorini honeymoon

Woman enjoying Santorini’s weather – credits: Photocreo/

Since the island belongs to the Mediterranean basin, Santorini carries the main characteristics of the Mediterranean climate. The island has hot, dry summers and cold, wet winters. However, the unique geographical location and the small size of the island give it unique characteristics.

Santorini has no surrounding mountains protecting it, so it is particularly windy. It is also very humid, resulting in a warm desert climate unique in Europe. A natural phenomenon common in Santorini is the famous ‘meltemia.’

These are the local north to northwest winds that blow from May to September each year. Expectedly, locals welcome them as a relief from the summer heat. The winds are something to bear in mind when planning an elopement in Greece or a wedding vows renewal ceremony in Greece.

Like the rest of Greece, its temperature is relatively mild, with hot summers and not-so-cold winters. The average temperature is 12.5 ° C (54.5 ° F) from September to February. On the other hand, in springtime, the average temperature is 25 ° C (77 ° F). Lastly, the temperature can climb up to 38 ° C (100.4 ° F) in the summertime. If you are planning a babymoon in Greece, the summer won’t be the best time for you.

Santorini attractions

As with all regions of Greece, Santorini is not short of fascinating places to visit and sights to see. Counting thousands of years of glorious past, its historical and archaeological value is high. Thus, it is a dream destination for history buffs in addition to lovers of nature. 

Here are some of the most significant sights you must include in your Greece honeymoon itinerary.

The ancient city of Akrotiri

santorini-akrotiri-Dimitris Panas-shutterstock
The ancient city of Akrotiri – credits: Dimitris Panas/

The Prehistoric Settlement of Akrotiri in Santorini is the most important archeological find of the island. It is also one of the most important archeological sites in the Aegean. It is located at the southwestern tip of the island, 15 km from its capital, Fira. 

The first settlements in Akrotiri date from the Late Neolithic Age. In specific, they date from the 4th millennium BC, which means that the settlement existed during the Early Bronze Age. The settlement expanded in the Middle and Early Late Bronze Age (20th-17th century BC). Consequently, it became one of the most significant urban centers of the Aegean.

Following the volcano’s eruption, the volcanic materials covered and protected the island’s buildings and their contents until today. Therefore, you can admire an accurate representation of ancient Santorinian life on the archaeological site.

The museum of Prehistoric Thera

Thira, Santorini – credits: WitR/

The Museum of Prehistoric Thera is unique. It houses finds from the excavations that occurred at the archaeological site of Akrotiri and various other places in Thera.

The exhibition is an attempt to outline the course of Thera in prehistoric times through selected finds. Those finds made Santorini one of the most critical Aegean centers in the 18th and 17th centuries. e.g.

The Museum is an extension of the archeological site of Akrotiri. It houses the frescoes and the movable finds of this urban center during its great prosperity. At the same time, it hosts finds from many other places of Thera that date from the 5th millennium BC. Those show the passage of various civilizations from the Aegean during a long period of prehistory. 

The Archaeological Museum

Archaeological Museum of Fira – credits:

Explore the rich history of the island’s culture from the Archaic to the Roman period in the rooms of the Archaeological Museum of Thira. The museum’s building has stood since 1960 and includes collections of sculptures and inscriptions, ceramic vases, and clay figurines from the Geometric to the Hellenistic period.

The most important exhibits are the Thera amphora, which boasts geometric decoration and dates from the beginning of the 7th century BC, the large volcanic stone -or ‘tracheitis’- weighing 480 kg. Furthermore, there are fascinating finds from the cemetery of ancient Thira, such as amphorae, various ceramic objects, and kouros statues.

The Lignos Folklore Museum in Fira

The Lignos Folklore Museum of Santorini – credits:

Next to Fira, in the village of Kontochori, lies the Santorini Folklore Museum, offering a fascinating journey back in time. The museum is a private initiative that materialized thanks to Emmanuel Lignos, a local lawyer and journalist.

It stretches across a series of traditional cave buildings. Some of those are more than 150 years old and were renovated for the needs of the museum in 1973.

In 1993, additional buildings were added to host the new wings of the museum. In addition, a small church for Agios Konstantinos was erected. The church is dedicated to the former owner of the estate, who was related to the museum’s founder.

The exhibits of the Folklore Museum include the Santorini House, which is a typical traditional cave house built in 1861. It has original Santorinian furniture and decoration. It also consists of the Cave – Kannava, which is the place where the Santorini grape was vinified.

Furthermore, there, you will also find traditional workshops with their complete equipment. Such examples are the carpentry of Michael Roussos and the shoe store of Spyros Roussos. Both are forever reminiscent of the workmanship and artistry of the local craftsmen. Visitors will also find a gallery with paintings by important artists.

Lastly, they will discover a historical archive with rare documents, lithographs, maps, photographs, and books on the subject of Santorini.

The Naval Museum

Naval Museum of Santorini – credits:

This unique naval museum is one of the few in the Aegean area. It is located in Oia, and it demonstrates the island’s rich maritime heritage.

With a large volume of exhibits, the museum tries to document for the visitor the naval history of Santorini. It focuses on the island’s great prosperity in the 19th century. Then, the sailboats crossed the entire eastern Mediterranean from the Black Sea to Egypt.

They used to transport either land for the opening of the Suez Canal or Visanto, the famous Santorini wine. In reality, Visanto became most famous for being used by the orthodox churches of Russia for the Holy Communion.

The museum is in a wonderfully preserved traditional captaincy house of Santorini of the 19th century. Its exhibits include bows, anchors, and various small objects of daily use on the sailboats of that time. It also consists of carved nautical chests, models, and watercolors of old and new ships.

Additionally, you can find tools and designs from the island’s shipyards, uniforms, and tools of the local shipbuilders. Also displayed are rare documents, books, maps, charter agreements, dowry agreements, seafarers’ wills, and many photos.

The village of Pyrgos

Pyrgos village, Santorini – credits:

At a distance of about 10 km from Fira is the famous village of Pyrgos, which used to serve as the island’s capital until 1800. It is located inland, at the highest point of Santorini, in Profitis Ilias.

In the center of Pyrgos lies the medieval castle with houses amphitheatrical built around it. It combines the characteristics of the era of Venetian rule, with scattered churches, mansions, and village houses. As a result, it has been designated a protected monument. 

The whole village is a challenge for the visitor. There, you can walk up to the castle, tour the scenic alleys , and enjoy the famous Santorinian sunset.

The Venetian fortress of Skaros

Skaros Venetian Fortress – credits: Netfalls Remy Musser/

The impressive rock of Skaros is one of the most distinctive landmarks of Santorini. From there, one has the opportunity to look at this unique complex of islands and volcanoes.

The history of Skaros begins in 1207. In specific, it starts after the consolidation of the Venetian occupation in Thira and the integration of the island in the Duchy of the Aegean. In the naturally fortified rocky mass, the new lords established their capital. There, they built the ducal palace, the cathedral, the seat of the catholic bishop of the island, monasteries, and mansions.

Later, Skaros suffered significant damage from the terrible earthquake of 1650. The inhabitants then decide to leave the restrictive and dangerous environment of the Castle and the strenuous life.

Consequently, they established a new “metropolitan” center in Fira. The relocation finished in the last decades of the 18th century after the piracy risk fell.

The settlement is presented as a dense fortress. The continuous front of the houses with small openings creates a strong fortification enclosure. This enclosure protects the settlement towards the only possible access, the east. Remains of walls, domes, and cisterns can now be seen in the few ruins left from rock falls. In these ruins, the time stopped in the 17th century.

The best beaches on your Santorini honeymoon

Santorini’s romantic beaches are as unique as the island itself. They bear little similarities to the rest of the beaches in Greece due to their particular geological elements. The shores of Santorini don’t boast golden sand but are instead filled with red and black volcanic pebbles. Additionally, the steep volcanic cliffs compose a lunar landscape that is hard to forget. This makes them one of the most unique places to snorkel in Greece.

Here are some of the most amazing beaches in Santorini so that you can include them in your Santorini honeymoon trip plan.

Red Beach

red-beach-santorini-Lucian BOLCA-shutterstock
Red Beach, Santorini – credits: Lucian BOLCA/

This top Greek island beach that often stars in travel magazines and blogs is the famous Red Beach. It is located in the southern part of the island, and it is an organized beach.

The Red beach has a particular morphological interest as it is full of red and black volcanic rocks. Access is from Akrotiri by boat or by car and then on foot. 


Baxedes beach, Santorini – credits:

At the other end of Oia, in its northern part, is the quiet beach of Baxedes. This one is covered by black volcanic sand, creating a fascinating landscape. Families and surfers tend to prefer this beach due to the strong winds that blow.


Perivolos beach – credits: elen_studio/

Another beach with black sand is Perivolos. Although the color of the sand seems strange, the clarity of the water compensates the visitor.

This beach is one of the largest on the island and can satisfy even the most demanding visitors. With many beach bars and quiet corners, cafes, and restaurants, Perivolos is one of the most beloved beaches of Santorini.


Vlychada beach, Santorini – credits:

The beach of Vlychada is in the southeast of the island. It is another magnificent beach because of its volcanic landscape. The rocks that surround it and the natural caves it offers make it a sight for sore eyes. The beach is organized in part with sunbeds and a beach bar.

Ηowever, if you want to enjoy your swim in peace and away from the crowds, you will find plenty of space. Unfortunately, cell phones usually don’t have a signal at this beach, so keep that in mind when deciding to visit.


Perissa beach, Santorini – credits:

With black sand and a blue flag award, Perissa beach is ideal for swimming, relaxation, and fun. It is fully organized and has many beach bars. Fans of water sports often prefer it as in Perissa they can indulge in their favorite sports offered in abundance.


Mouzakia beach lies between Oia and Imerovigli. What makes this beach special beyond its transparent waters is that access to it is only possible by boat. So if you want to enjoy tranquility and privacy, along with a romantic ambiance, Mouzakia beach is the one you want.


One of the most cosmopolitan and tourist beaches of Santorini is Kamari. It is found at a close distance from the island’s airport, which contributes to its popularity. Kamari is also known for its black sand, while it also boasts fine gravel and deepens sharply.

It is a particularly large beach, with many beach bars. However, despite its gregarious character, many families prefer Kamari. Hence, keep in mind that you might encounter kids who don’t share your love for peace and quiet. 


Monolithos beach – credits: Claudio306/

A beach located on the east side of the island, known to locals for its black sand & shallow waters, is Monolithos. Despite its beauty, it has moderate tourist traffic.

Because of that, it is ideal for those who want to have an authentic beach experience in less mainstream locations. It is organized, and in addition to a beach bar, travelers can enjoy local delicacies in the seaside taverns nearby.

White Beach

White Beach is a personal favorite and a beach of Santorini that never fails to stand out. In essence, this beach is a continuation of the famous Red Beach. But, as its name suggests, the beach is full of white rocks in stark contrast to its black sand.

It has minimal sunbeds and umbrellas, and you will not find a canteen or tavern there. The less organized character of the beach, however, is what contributes to its raw beauty, making it a local treasure. 

Palia Kameni

Palia Kameni beach – credits: isabela66/

It is a beach with wild beauty in the bay of Agios Nikolaos, accessible only by boat. The whole island results from the famous volcanic eruption that took place thousands of years ago. This is the reason why it looks so unique.

The beach’s sand has the typical Santorinian black color while its waters are crystal-clear, yellow-green, and very warm. The beach is relatively small and usually crowded.

Where to stay in Santorini; Ideal locations for your Santorini honeymoon

Due to its popularity, there are many Greece honeymoon villas, adult-only resorts, and some of the Best All-Inclusive Resorts in Greece for Couples spread across Santorini. They aim to host the visitors’ stay in the most luxurious, comfortable, and efficient way possible.

On a luxury vacation in Greece, living in a central spot is the most convenient. However, depending on which element of your vacation you choose to prioritize, there are excellent, less-known regions on the island.

There, you can also reside in luxury hotels and enjoy a peaceful, romantic time away from the massive crowds.

Below, you will find some general information about the highly suggested regions of Santorini.


oia-sunset-santorini-Mariia Boiko-shutterstock
Oia, Santorini – credits: Mariia Boiko/

Being the first settlement that was declared protected on the island, Oia is one of the most photographed places in Greece. Its sunset has been a source of inspiration for well-established artists, inexperienced passers-by, and spontaneous Greece wedding proposals. Its scenic cobblestone alleys invite you for a stroll.

Located around 40 minutes from Fira, Oia will enchant you with its authentic, Cycladic beauty and calm ambiance. The main road of the region divides the village into two areas. Οne area lies towards the caldera that boasts impressive cave buildings. Τhe other, on the opposite side, boasts traditional houses of the captains that used to live on the island. 

Don’t be surprised by the countless domes that appear in every corner; it has more than 60 orthodox churches. What’s more, the area is known for the high-quality experiences it offers, especially regarding its local food and night entertainment.

The restaurants and café bars will satisfy your senses, while the local boutiques are ideal for a shopping spree. Of course, many Santorini hotels are located in this popular area, overlooking the caldera and offering fantastic views. Watching the sunset here is one of the most romantic activities in Greece.


The always busy Fira, the capital of Santorini, is one of the must-see stops on the island. About 260 meters from the sea, Fira seems to hang from the cliffs, causing the admiration of every visitor. The unique location of Fira offers the best views of Nea and Palia Kameni. Additionally, it offers unobstructed views of the caldera and the world-renowned Santorinian sunsets you can cherish with your partner.

Crowds flock to the densely populated area of ​​Fira at all hours of the day. It’s the main spot on the island for nightlife and Greece bachelorette parties. The numerous businesses operating in the alleys of the island’s capital attract visitors of various interests and all ages. Young couples on a trip to Greece will love walking around the central square of Theotokopoulos with the many café bars. That way, you will get a feel of the Greek island life while mingling with the locals.


You can reach Firostefani from Fira by following the arch of the caldera for around 10 minutes on foot. Firostefani has always been the favorite stop of every visitor to the island.

The region owes its name to the fact that it surrounds Fira like a crown -or ‘Stefani‘ in Greek. The view of the caldera is simply unbeatable; the cliff is so steep that it will take your breath away.

In Firostefani, you will find several remarkable suggestions for food. You will find everything from high-end restaurants to taverns that feature the relaxing, laid-back atmosphere you want from your vacations.

On the way to Imerovigli, you will find the monastery of Agios Nikolaos, constructed in 1651 by a local family. It is considered the border between the two settlements, and it is worth your visit.


Imerovigli sunset – credits: Georgios Tsichlis/

The beautiful Imerovigli occupies the most privileged position on the island and offers the most exceptional view of the caldera and Thirasia.

It is famous for the luxurious hotels that offer guests a “natural balcony” in the caldera. There, you will enjoy a calm atmosphere and a romantic landscape no couple cannot help but be moved from.

Imerovigli is also our favorite location on the island here in Eros+Psyche Travel, and we usually select one of its’ luxury hotels for our guests.


Ammoudi old port – credits: kavalenkava/

It is another one of the top must-see regions of Santorini. You can approach Ammoudi by descending the 214 steps that separate it from Oia. The commercial port of the 19th century today welcomes mainly lovers of nature and architecture. Also, it attracts those who want to enjoy fresh fish and seafood.

Its buildings give a special touch to the picturesque settlement. Some of them were restored as part of Ammoudi’s reconstruction after the earthquake of 1956. Those buildings were once mainly warehouses from where the boats loaded the various exportable products.

The small pebble beach in Ammoudi boasts dazzling blue waters. Nevertheless, you should keep in mind that they deepen sharply, which for some is an asset but for others a deterrent. In any way, the background is indeed imposing, with the steep volcanic rocks dominating the scene.

Nea Kameni

The locals call it the “volcano,” and the visitors make it a priority of their explorations. But, of course, we are talking about Nea Kameni. It is the middle of the three islands formed after the volcano’s eruption. The other two are Thirasia and Palia Kameni.

In Nea Kameni, you will find the volcano’s most giant crater, called Daphne. Visiting the region is genuinely an inconceivable -and incredibly romantic- experience. Walk around the crate,r and lose yourself in the color variety of the rocks. Get past the smell of sulfur, and stand in awe before one of the most majestic spectacles you will ever enjoy.


At a distance of 10 minutes from Fira lies one of the most peaceful regions on the island, a truly hidden gem. Megalochori is a traditional small village that will steal your heart with its unique aesthetics. Here, everything seems to have come out of a painting, while its prominent traditional character gives it a regal quality.

The village is famous for its close relationship with wine and the absolute tranquility you have the opportunity to experience. There, you will find the famous Greek wineries of Boutari and Gavalas. You can visit Megalochori either in the morning, the afternoon, or even in the evening. Walk to the main square, admire the impressive bell towers of the whitewashed churches, and stroll its alleys.


During the Venetian occupation, Emporio was the commercial and economic center of Santorini. Today, it is one of the most interesting villages on the island, especially from an architectural point of view.

Emporio is located in the southern part of Thira, very close to the beaches of Perivolo and Perissa. Here, you will be impressed by the houses carved in stone. In addition, you will be enchanted by the exploration of the Castle (Mesana). You will also experience an immersion into spirituality in the church of Panagia Kali, which is located inside the castle.

As you can see above, numerous places can host your Santorini vacations, all of which are full of high-quality hotels. If you want to research the ideal accommodation to book for your trip to Santorini, you can have a look in our Santorini hotels section and navigate your many options. You will find exactly what you’re looking for according to your needs and preferences.

couple-drinking-champagne-in-bed-Gergely Zsolnai-shutterstock
Couple in hotel – credits: Gergely Zsolnai/

Our suggestions have been trusted by many of our guests and received great feedback. As a result, we have selected luxury accommodations that offer spa services, sunset views, private pools, and the most helpful and discreet staff. Some of them even feature an adults-only policy.

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What to eat during in Santorini on your honeymoon

couple-eating-santorini-fokke baarssen-shutterstock
Couple eating in Santorini – credits: fokke baarssen/

Eating delicious food is one of the top romantic things to do in Greece. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that in Santorini, you will have the opportunity to taste delicious local food. The local dishes will be engraved in your memory long after leaving the island. 

In the traditional cuisine of Santorini, some certain ingredients and dishes steal the show. Here, you will find a list of the best of what the island offers regarding its gastronomy. So enjoy it during your stay in Santorini, and your getaway will leave the sweetest taste in your mouth.

Local products and dishes to try on a Santorini honeymoon

  • Fava. Fava is a variety of split peas. It is an old traditional dish the locals have been serving since antiquity. You can enjoy it in many different ways, depending on the season. Santorini fava is famous for its exquisite taste, velvety texture, unrivaled sweetness, and fast cooking.
  • Sun-dried tomatoes. The cherry tomato is very fragrant and tasty, while a common practice is to “cook” the tomato in the sun. The sun-dried Santorini tomato is truly something else!
  • Chloro’. ‘Chloro’ cheese is a fresh goat’s milk cheese, made exclusively in Santorini and is most commonly handmade in each household. Of course, you can find it on the market. However, you can also ask the locals for some, creating a good opportunity to make friends.
  • Tomato croquettes. These croquettes have tomato as the main ingredient, combined with various spices and herbs. It is a highly-recommended, delicious meze, that goes perfectly with a glass of traditional ‘ouzo’ or ‘tsipouro’.
  • White eggplants. The white eggplant is a species of eggplant that is endemic to the island of Santorini. You can enjoy it in unique local dishes, as its subtle taste compliments everything you include it into.
  • Capers. Capers and dried capers are also local products of the island and are often used in salads, but also in cooking. Their savory taste will make you salivate.

Santorini wine on your honeymoon

In addition to its mouthwatering local ingredients and dishes, Santorini boasts incredible wine varieties you have to try before leaving the island. Here are some of the most popular and delicious wine varieties you will find.

  • Assyrtiko. Assyrtiko, which is about 80% of the island’s production, is widely cultivated throughout Greece. High acidity and freshness are the characteristics of wines produced with this variety that is a treat to the senses.
  • Athiri. The white variety of Athiri is mainly used for mixing with assyrtiko and produces wine with high alcohol content. 
  • Aidani. Aidani is a variety that is most commonly used together with the assyrtiko to give additional aroma to Vinsanto. It has a particularly intense aroma, which is why it is so widely appreciated.
  • Vinsanto. Vinsanto is a wine with rich golden color and excellent aroma. Both of these qualities are achieved thanks to the many years of maturation and aging it undergoes. The bottle it is stored in and the super-ripe sun-dried white grapes it is made from are also important factors.
  • Mavrotagano. Last but not least, Mavrotragano is a red variety in the Cyclades, rich in phenols, which has an amazing ability to mature.

Even if you are not very fond of wine, Santorini is about to change your mind. All you have to do is give one of the varieties above a try and watch yourself transform into a wine enthusiast. 

Nightlife options on your Santorini honeymoon

Beach bar party – credits: DisobeyArt/

Apart from the views of the caldera, Santorini is one of the most famous party islands in Greece. The options for entertainment in Santorini are plentiful, as the night is long and full of beauty. Most of the bars and nightclubs of Santorini are located in the capital of the island, Fira. In addition, a lot of them lie in the most beautiful area of ​​the island, Oia.

Last but not least, there is also a selection of establishments in the two main seaside resorts, Kamari and Perissa. Nightlife is one of the top reasons to choose Santorini for your vacations as a couple.

The most popular clubs are ‘Enigma’ and ‘Koo Club.’ Both have indoor spaces and boast large outdoor areas with tables, lounges, and large umbrellas. ‘Koo Club’ has a separate level with a dance floor at the bottom and a terrace with palm trees upstairs. Moreover, a circular bar, sun loungers, and tables with plenty of space for dancing impress the guests.

Another nightclub worth mentioning is ‘Kyra Thira,’ a jazz bar with live music at night. It is known for its familiar layout. Namely, the elongated shape with access from two streets, the low lighting, the various musical instruments hanging from the ceiling.

When your nightlife comes to an end, follow the crowds and head to the square for delicious traditional souvlaki. Let the fun nights of your Santorini honeymoon come to a close in the most authentically Greek way possible!

The ideal Santorini honeymoon itineraries for couples

Vacations are supposed to be the most stress-free days of the year, which is not always the truth. After all, organizing your perfect romantic holidays is no easy task. On the contrary, it is one of the most complex and stressful things. And things are even worse if you’re visiting a country for the first time.

For that reason, you can trust the hands of experts and follow carefully-designed Santorini honeymoon itineraries. These will help you enjoy your romantic getaway in Santorini in the most comfortable, luxurious, and authentic way. 

Whether you’re visiting Santorini for your honeymoon, babymoon, minimoon, or just a spontaneous trip with the love of your life, we can make sure you have the time of your life without having to sweat the small stuff.

Local tips for the best Santorini honeymoon

couple-drinking-in-pool- Master1305-shutterstock
Couple enjoying their time together in Greece – credits: Master1305/

Before booking your flight to Santorini, here are some additional tips and tricks you should consider during your Santorini vacations. 

  • Don’t miss the chance to watch the one of the best sunsets in Greece; the views are simply exceptional.
  • Explore the island by embarking on the walk that connects Oia to Fira.
  • Don’t leave Santorini before tasting its indigenous varieties and taking a bottle as a souvenir. The island has been known for its vast wine production since antiquity.
  • Ask the locals for advice on everything. Hospitality runs in the Greeks’ blood and they will be happy to help you. Plus, following their advice will save you so much trouble and probably lots of money too.
  • Avoid the tourist traps at all costs. As a general rule of thumb, stay away from the eateries that their menu spread across multiple pages. It goes without saying that you should also avoid anything Zorba-themed as it will raise your Greece honeymoon costs and lack quality! 
  • Explore Santorini from a geological and archeological point of view. Leave by boat for a luxury day tour of Nea Kameni and Thirasia and visit the fascinating prehistoric settlement in Akrotiri.

Final thoughts on your Santorini honeymoon

Santorini is a dream for many newlyweds, comparable to a honeymoon in Venice or a honeymoon in Mykonos. The goal of this all-encompassing guide for your Santorini honeymoon is to share our love for this stunning Greece honeymoon destination. We have yet to meet a person who has regretted even a moment spent on this cosmopolitan island. Why not incorporate it into a bigger vacation on the best Greek islands?

We’re sure that if you follow this advice from our honeymoon travel planners, you’ll return to Santorini time and time again. So, pack your bags and prepare to be charmed by the island that has become a couple’s legend.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long to stay in Santorini?

    With its pretty beaches and dreamy scenery, it would be easy to relax in Santorini for a week or more.

    But if you like to be busy or are just short on time, you could easily pack in all of Santorini’s best bits in 3-4 days.

  • How long is the ferry from Santorini to Mykonos?

    Ferries from Santorini to Mykonos take around 2-3 hours, depending on the time and company you choose.

  • Is it hard to get around in Santorini?

    Santorini is easy and cheap to get around by bus and on foot. Most bus connections run through Fira, making it a good base for your trip.

    If you’re staying further away or want to explore some of Santorini’s more remote beaches, you could take a taxi or hire your own transport.


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