Key Takeaways

  • A Paros honeymoon will throw you into the romance of the Cyclades.
  • The weather in Paros is great between May and September but the peak summer months can be busy and hot.
  • Paros has a great choice of accommodations with locations to suit every type of newlywed.
  • Explore charming towns, beautiful beaches, and incredible Greek gastronomy.

A Paros Honeymoon is a lifetime experience wrapped in vast beauty sculpted in marble. Paros is an island of the Cyclades with many attractions, settlements, beaches, luxury hotels, good food, and such stunning views.

It soothes the soul of every visitor who leaves, having carved a special place for this island in their heart. It is undoubtedly one of the best Greek islands for couples.

If you want your honeymoon to have the color of a vast sea, Cycladic aroma, romantic atmosphere, and endless glamor, get ready for Paros, and you won’t regret it.

When to go to Paros for a honeymoon

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Couple on the pool – credits: Kaspars Grinvalds/

The best time to visit for your Greek honeymoon is in the shoulder seasons. It would be best to keep in mind that the peak holiday period in Paros is from the beginning of July. The high season lasts until the end of August. When the temperatures are high, crowds of foreigners and locals travel to the Greek islands

Paros is not a remote Greek island. Most hotels are busy, and it isn’t easy to find available cars, motorbikes, and ATVs for rent. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you book your car or scooter before your arrival for this period. 

However, you will not miss the hot weather even if you come at the end of May. The same goes for June, September, or the beginning of October. All those months are an excellent time in the Cyclades. Therefore, the best time to visit Paros depends on the purpose of your visit.

Do you like sunbathing and swimming in the turquoise waters during your Paros honeymoon? The magnificent historical and environmental sights? Relaxation or cycling and hiking? Whichever way you look at it, Paros ticks all the boxes for a fantastic Greece honeymoon destination.

Then we would unreservedly recommend the end of spring, and the beginning of autumn as the temperature is delightful. Moreover, then, the light is softer, the landscape is more beautiful, and there is no tourist flood. It’s an intimate time to visit, especially if it’s your first vacation as a couple in Greece.

If you want to combine your activities and meet many other people, July and August are a good time! Classic Greek island Beaches, bars, and nightclubs are at their best. For more in-depth information on the best time to visit Greece on a Honeymoon, you can read our dedicated blog post!

How to get to Paros for a honeymoon

Naoussa – credits: Aerial-motion/


If you’re adding Paros to your Greek island-hopping honeymoon, Parikia is the main port of the island. This port serves every day all those who travel to and from Piraeus and Rafina all year round, perfect if you’re on a Greek cruise. The natural bay of Parikia is large and hospitable. It provides protection from adverse weather conditions. That happens because it is closed to the north and faces problems only in strong westerly winds. 

The marina of Parikia serves small and large speedboats and sailing boats, yachts, fishing boats, boats, and inflatables. There is also the possibility of diving for cruise ships that arrive mainly during the summer months. 

Finally, Parikia is connected to Antiparos by passenger boats during the summer months. Those boats depart at regular intervals, from morning to afternoon almost throughout the day. The transition takes about 1 hour.


In addition to the picturesque port of Naoussa from where fishing starts daily, there is also an organized marina. In the summer months, boats depart from the port for one-day cruises. They go to Tinos, Mykonos, and Delos, while excursions to Naxos also occur.

The bay of Naoussa is a big windless hug, a protected anchorage for boats. Although located in a NE position, it is a safe haven from strong winds. It is also a sight to behold during your Paros honeymoon. 

Naoussa has an extensive, organized marina for every type of boat and excellent services for visitors. It can accommodate boats with a maximum draft of 3 meters.

Piso Livadi

Its location in the island’s south makes its marina safe from the big north winds. In Piso Livadi, fishing and tourist boats anchor, while excursions to Amorgos, Koufonisia, and Santorini begin.


From here, the connection of Antiparos with Paros takes place throughout the year. Car ferries depart here and there every 30 minutes, while the journey to Antiparos takes about 10 minutes. In summer, the last route from Antiparos to Paros (Punda) is at 2:00 in the morning. 


Flights to Paros are operated only from Athens “Eleftherios Venizelos” Airport, and the flight usually lasts about 45 minutes.

Paros State Airport is located at a distance of 9 km SW of Parikia, in ​​Voutakos, Agkaria.

With its excellent transport options, Paros is also a realistic option for a minimoon on the Greek islands.

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Where to stay on a Paros honeymoon

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A couple having fun in a Greek hotel – credits: Master1305/

Paros is an island that offers many different options to choose a suitable accommodation for your stay. Therefore, accommodation during your Paros honeymoon should not stress you out. 

The most popular place to stay is Parikia, with the famous port at which ferries arrive. The second one is Naoussa, the most famous village on the island. 

The neighborhood is suitable for quiet romantic vacations but has the right number of bars for the entertainment of tourists. In Naoussa, on the other hand, the heart of the Greek island’s nightlife beats.

There, you will find the big clubs that promise unforgettable nights, perfect for a young couple’s trip to Greece. Depending on your mood and style, you can choose one of the two areas to avoid constant transportation

Other accommodation areas are located near famous beaches such as Pounta, Santa Maria, Lagaras, Kolimbithres, Chrysi Akti, and Piso Livadi.

The island has rooms at excellent prices but also suites in luxury hotels, adult-only resorts, and All-Inclusive Resorts for Couples. In recent years, independent Greece honeymoon villas have been built on the island to rent for as long as you want. 

In Paros, you will also find any hotel that suits every taste to choose the right one depending on the days you want to stay on the island and your financial ability. Most are dressed in white and blue and identify with the Cycladic style. They will impress you and win you over from the first moment. 

The facilities in the hotels are of high quality. That happens because the island takes care of its guests and wants them to be fully satisfied with their vacations.

What to do on a Paros honeymoon

Wander around Parikia

Parikia streets – credits: Sven Hansche/

The first image approaching Chora from the sea is the white mill, which dominates imposing just outside the port. 

A little above the jewel of the island, the church of Panagia Ekatontapyliani stands arrogant over time. it brings to the visitor memories from the past. Nearby, the Archaeological Museum delivers valuable history lessons with finds from the Neolithic to the Roman period. 

Walking through the countless cobbled alleys with whitewashed houses, blue shutters, and colorful bougainvilleas will captivate you. Each cobbled path has a surprise in it. 

Lost in the streets of the old city, you will discover small corners with favorite hangouts. Then, without realizing it, you will find yourself in front of the Venetian castle dating back to the 13th century. It stands proudly in the center of the traditional settlement. The houses of this small castle are the ideal backdrop for a romantic walk overlooking the endless blue. Some are built into its walls and others are built on the road. This area is a wonderful choice for couples looking to elope in Greece.

Leaving behind this fairytale scene, head towards the port. Full of traditional ouzo taverns, modern cafes, and tourist shops, it gathers visitors who want a few hours of relaxation and rest. 

After your walk around Parikia, you should try to get acquainted with the broader area and the island’s history. Then, following the road to Alyki, visit the Sanctuary of Asclepius and Pythian Apollo of the 4th century, where you can admire the grandeur of a past era. 

Before reaching the archeological site of Delio, in the northern part of Parikia, don’t forget to stop in Tholakia. There, ruins of a ceramic workshop of Hellenistic times are preserved.

Explore Naoussa

Naoussa – credits: Aerial-motion/

Every corner of Naoussa has a small treasure. Every alley is a minor revelation. Built amphitheatrically in a bay on the island’s northern coast, Naoussa is one of the most picturesque ports in the Aegean.

Despite its rapid tourism development, it has managed to maintain its authenticity. A walk around it will be enough to understand this. Narrow whitewashed cobbled streets and the sea breeze disarm even the least romantic spirits. 

Traditional cafes and patisseries alternate with wineries, taverns, and cafes. At the same time, small boutiques with clothes and accessories of famous brands offer the “hunters of cosmic stardust” a variety of options!

However, the heart of the island state beats in its picturesque harbor. The old fishers’ warehouses have now been transformed into modern taverns and restaurants while preserving the Cycladic aesthetics. They offer appetizers and fresh fish, overlooking the dozens of fishing boats and the Venetian castle. 

The image of the latter, which is a sleepless “guard” of the area from the 15th century, impresses the visitor as it is half-submerged in the waters of the Aegean!

End your day at one of the bars that will keep you entertained until the morning and enjoy your Paros honeymoon to its fullest! 

Taste the culinary culture of the island

Paros’ tavern – credits: Kite_rin/

If you’re looking for romantic activities in Greece, trying local food should be top of your list. The sea, flora, and fauna of Paros bring a lot to the local table. From ‘kakavia’ fish soup, ray salad, crispy pumpkin meatballs, tomato meatballs, to chickpea soup, and several kinds of cheese, you will taste a variety of fine delicacies.

The inhabitants of Paros, like all of the Cyclades, have learned to be happy with the ingredients that the land and the sea provide them. The peculiarity of the Cycladic nature played a decisive role in the eating habits of the island.

Fruits, vines, and olives can be found on the slopes of the hills. At the same time, next to them, grow wild greens, capers, oregano, and other herbs. This is the basis of Parian cuisine. Meat and fish are scarce on their table. Instead, the locals ingeniously combine the ingredients with a delicious result. Simplicity and pure flavors still characterize local cuisine.

It is worth trying chickpeas that are baked all night in a wood oven. It is also worth trying snail ‘yachni,’ ‘karavolos’ with garlic, bean salad with garlic, and excellent fish appetizers.

Drinks and sweets

While you will be thrilled by the fish of Paros, you should also try the local cheeses, such as gruyere, xinomyzithra, and touloumotyri. Olives also have a prominent place in the kitchen.

Paros is the second wine-producing island of the Cyclades after Santorini. The most important wine varieties that exist are the red Aegean‘ Mandelaria’ and the white ‘Monemvasia’ and ‘Savvatiano.’ The most famous wine in Paros, with its deep red color and rich aroma, is the red and dry OPAP, which comes from the few vineyards that are planted with the first variety, the ‘Mandelaria.’

Paros offers its famous suma, a strong drink that comes from the grapes and accompanies any kind of meze. It is the local raki, a product of the first distillation of grapes.

Do not forget the pastels and the traditional oily sugar baklavades. In addition, the Parian figs, the so-called ‘somota,’ and the spoon sweets are a constant on the Parian table. Last but not least, don’t forget to try thyme honey, capers, and caper leaves during your Paros honeymoon.

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Travel to Antiparos

Antiparos – credits: Christophe Anagno/

Your Paros honeymoon would not be complete if it did not include a reference to Antiparos. Also known as Oliaros (Wooded Island), it is famous for its lacy beaches. It is also famous for its clear blue waters, and the hospitality of its inhabitants. 

This beautiful small island of the Cyclades is emerging as one of the top tourist resorts, attracting more and more visitors. At a distance of a dive from Paros, it is ideal for a day trip. The duration of the journey from the port of Pounta, southwest of Parikia, takes only 10 minutes by ferry boat. It’s also a great spot for an adventure honeymoon in Greece.

How to explore Antiparos

Start your acquaintance with its capital, walking along with the port and gazing at traditional fishing boats and chic sailboats. Then, have a snack in the taverns lined up next to each other, and let the summer breeze refresh you. 

Continue with a walk inland. Marvel at the shop windows that line the settlement’s main street. Additionally, drink decadent milkshakes in the cafes and do not stop before you reach the square, where the nights promise endless fun. 

There, light a candle in the Metropolitan Church of St. Nikolaou – who has also given his name to the square – and head to the Venetian castle, the only “dissonance” in the white chord of the settlement. It is the time when the memories of the past come alive before your eyes, and a sense of mystery covers you with its velvet veil.

“Saturated,” now, with typical Cycladic images, get in your car and make a trip to the other areas. The famous cave of Antiparos is located on the hill of Ai-Giannis. It lies 10 km southeast of the port, at an altitude of 177 m. 

Navigate the bowels of the earth and be dazzled by the majesty of nature. Continuing, make a path south until you reach the area of ​​Ag. Georgiou after 3 km. It is one of the most famous beaches of Antiparos. Moreover, it has been established as a favorite hangout for those who do not resist fresh fish and seafood. 

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Visit Despotiko

Take the boat that departs from the port and cross opposite Despotiko. The uninhabited island is of particular interest as the archeological dig brought to light the ruins of a temple of classical times and various other objects of equal cultural value. 

After all this, of course, take enough time to discover the heavenly shores of Antiparos. They are famous for their golden beaches and their crystal clear waters. If you think that one day is not enough to get to know the beauties and customs of the place thoroughly, do not hesitate to extend your stay indefinitely!

The best beaches for Paros honeymooners

Paros boasts countless beaches such as Mikro and Megalo Piperi, Limnes, Kolimbithres, Santa Maria, Logaras, Pounta, Nea Chrysi Akti. Some are ideal for water sports and others perfect for relaxation. In fact, at the beach ‘Kalogeros’ you will be able to make a beauty mask with pieces of clay you will remove from the rocks! Here are some of our favorites.


Punda Beach – credits: Lucian BOLCA/

Synonymous with fun and frantic fun, the beach of Punda, in the southeastern part of Paros, is a meeting point for young people! It’s what makes Paros one of the best Greek islands for partying. The turquoise waters, the golden sand, and the sturdy umbrellas give you the feeling that you are in a tropical landscape. 

Indulge in the rhythm of music, taking part in the most popular party of the beauty of the Cyclades. Exotic cocktails and refreshing shotguns lift your mood, dragging you into the sweetest Greek honeymoon dream.


Kolimbithres beach – credits: Bill Anastasiou/

The most famous beach of the island, in the western part of the bay of Naoussa, owes its name to its peculiar shape. The granite rocks surrounding it create natural cavities, which look like swimming pools! 

Due to their sculpture by the saltiness of the waves, their original form makes them look like sculptures. You can reach here either by sea from the port of the picturesque settlement of Naoussa or by road, as it is only 5΄ from the center.

For lovers of entertainment, there is a variety of water sports, while for those looking for something more idyllic, a dinner in the beautiful taverns around is an ideal choice for your Paros honeymoon!

Chrysi Akti

Chrysi Akti – credits: Aerial motion/

The largest beach of Paros is 800 meters long! Chrysi Akti is located in the southeastern part of the island, 22 km from Parikia. Its most important asset is the golden sand that puts it at the top of the preferences of locals and visitors. 

Its fame has spread beyond the Greek borders, as at the beginning of August, it hosts the annual world windsurf championship. So, if you’re looking for an adventure honeymoon in Greece, dare even the most extreme water sports and have fun with your soul! 

Scattered everywhere, beach bars and restaurants adequately cover your needs for fabulous cocktails and hearty treats.

Little Santa Maria

Santa Maria beach – credits: Sven Hansche/

The beach of Little Santa Maria is suitable for those looking for something more relaxed on their Paros honeymoon. It is perfect for those who want to be away from the crowds of favorite meeting points. 

The small sheltered creek, located in the northeastern part of the island and at a distance of 2 km from the picturesque settlement of Naoussa, is an ideal choice for everyone, including couples in love! 

The golden beach and the crystal clear waters create the perfect setting for sunbathing and swimming! But, again, if you want to test your performance in water sports, many water activities will ensure your entertainment throughout your visit.


A couple on a Parian beach – credits: Jan Hendrik/

The beach of Alyki, on the southern coast of the island, at a distance of 13 km from Parikia, is suitable for quiet romantic vacations! 

Enjoy the Cycladic sun and the Aegean sea and treasure those moments of carefreeness alongside the love of your life! When it’s time to dine, quaint taverns and traditional ouzo taverns nearby serve seafood and fresh fish.

If you don’t have much time on your honeymoon but still want to experience Greece’s magical beaches, you could also try some of the best beaches on mainland Greece and the most romantic islands near Athens.

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Where to eat on your Paros honeymoon

Paros’ tavern – credits: Aetherial Images/


An atmospheric oasis with minimal design in Cycladic style, the teased Mediterranean menu, and a sophisticated cocktail list are the key elements that set the Stilvi restaurant-bar at the top of nightlife in Naoussa

Created by the team of award-winning Athenians, the glamorous Stilvi promises dreamy nights with a summery mood. The menu beautifully combines local production with international influences. Its raw suggestions stand out, such as the top beef tataki with ponzu sauce or the tuna tartare with avocado. Additionally, its main dishes, do not lack vegan options. The extensive and fascinating wine list masterfully completes the delicious puzzle.

Mario Restaurant

Mario Restaurant is one of the best fish restaurants in Paros. The freshness and the locality are the main assets. The family farm supplies the kitchen daily with the goodies of the Parian land. At the same time, the fish and seafood come naturally from the trawls that open in the Aegean every morning. The highly updated wine list includes various options from the domestic and international vineyards.


With almost 40 years of history, ‘Tsachpinis’ ouzo tavern is a must-visit destination for fresh fish and seafood but also the view of the endless beach and the sea. Sun-dried octopus and grilled fur are considered the top delicacies of the establishment. 


With its name meaning “transparent bag,” ‘Gemeni’ serves traditional Greek recipes and authentic Parian cuisine. 

Mr. Nikos takes orders; his wife and mother are in the kitchen, while the vegetables and herbs come directly from the family garden.


Our national street food, the Greek souvlaki, is found at its best in the steakhouse of Kargas. It is no coincidence that Kargas has been serving daily handmade gyros, meat skewers, kebabs, and real french fries for almost 30 years.

Palia Agora

An authentic old-fashioned café, Palia Agora serves traditional delicacies to accompany your ouzo or suma. Highlights here are the meatballs, the taramosalata fish spread, the impeccable baked chickpeas, and of course, the Greek salad.


The restaurant of Statheros, opened in 2017 by a local family of Naoussa, serves the recipes of grandmother Flora such as the traditional rafioli, a Parian handmade cheese pie, and the cabbage rolls known for their special filling, while there are local appetizers such as lakerda fish. Do not forget to try the Parian salad with local cheese and, of course, fresh seafood.


The emblematic Barbarossa in the old port has transformed people’s nights and days since the 80s. It has managed to do so with its creative Greek cuisine, sushi, and incredible cocktails. It is one of the most luxurious eateries in Paros, favored by the local and international jet set.


Under the watchful eye of the giant arbor, which has been there for more than 200 years, and in the white courtyard with unique works of art, the famous ‘Levantis’ will captivate you.

It allows you to try traditional recipes with modern Mediterranean influences in a menu that changes every two months following their seasons and materials.


The small traditional tavern of Boudaraki overlooks the port of Parikia. The wide variety of traditionally cooked appetizers, and fresh seafood, will put you in delicious dilemmas, while homemade baklava is the absolute must for dessert.

Les Amis

The restaurant of Les Amis is located in an idyllic area by the sea that once housed an old winery. The menu consists of Mediterranean flavors and local ingredients. You will taste refined comfort food, vegetarian and vegan options, while the wine list includes more than 130 labels from the domestic and international vineyard. 

The unobstructed view of the most charming Greek sunset of the island would be enough to visit it. Regardless, Les Amis gives you many more reasons to spend your night there.


The oldest tavern in eastern Paros, Tsitsanis, has been operated by the same family since 1969. There, you will find delicious homemade dishes with a clear farm-to-table philosophy. It should be noted that the raw materials come from the family garden. 

Nonna Crema

Nonna Crema is the best and most popular ice cream shop on the island. Subsequently, it is a dream come true for the summer months.

It serves one of the best ice creams you will ever taste in your life, made exclusively with local fresh milk. Its creativity is apparent through its flavors and you’ll want to try them all during your honeymoon in Greece!

What to pack for a Paros honeymoon

Packing for Paros – credits: sebra/

Aside from the absolute necessities for a short or distant getaway, such as your passport, ticket, and of course, your personal belongings, there are some things you are likely to neglect to take with you.

A good tip is to make a detailed list before each trip of your needs. This will help you identify any omissions and deficiencies. 

Don’t forget to bring your power converter. It is necessary, as in many countries you will not be able to plug the charger of your mobile phone or camera directly into the socket of your accommodation.

Bringing a first aid kit is always a great idea. A first aid kit should never be forgotten while traveling. Accidents can happen no matter where you are, and a first aid kit could be a great relief.

What’s more, it goes without saying that your camera will be your most valuable gadget during your Paros honeymoon. Whether you prefer film or digital, the camera is something no traveler would ever want to forget. Especially if they’re going to commemorate their first trip as a married couple.

Last but not least, you have to keep in mind that the Greek islands require a somewhat unique dress code. Therefore, we highly suggest you bring light, cotton clothes to avoid the blasting heat. However, you should also bring a jacket for the windy evenings. 

Of course, you cannot go anywhere without a comfortable pair of shoes. After a day walking in the sights and beaches, you will appreciate all the moments of comfort you can get.

Tip: If you want to read more about packing for Greece, you can also read our packing list for a Greece honeymoon. Additionally, our Greece honeymoon costs guide will allow you to set a budget for your dreamy trip!

Final thoughts on a honeymoon in Paros

With its charming scenery and warm hospitality, Paros is an excellent destination for a Greek island-hopping honeymoon or for a babymoon in Greece.

You will get to know Parikia; you will take your walks in Lefkes with a background of mills and olive presses, built amphitheatrically in the town of Paros. 

Pass the village of Prodromos with alleys and white houses with blue details, the neighboring town of Marpissa with old churches, and a magnificent route that leads to the monastery of Agios Antonios with a unique view.

And these are just a drop in the ocean in front of what you will encounter. Paros and, of course, Antiparos with its crystal clear waters, lacy beaches paved with white sand, and the Cave with 411 steps and a fantastic world with stalactites and stalagmites, are waiting to give you as much as they can to make your honeymoon to Greece unforgettable. Let our honeymoon travel planners help you shape every step of your dream trip!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long is the ferry between Athens and Paros?

    The ferry between Athens and Paros takes 3-5 hours depending on the company and time you choose.

  • Do you need a car in Paros?

    It’s possible to explore many of Paros’ top sights using the public bus system.

    However, having your own transport in Paros will save you time and give you more flexibility.

  • Can I island-hop from Paros?

    Do you want to explore more of the Cyclades on an island-hopping honeymoon?

    This is absolutely possible! From Paros it’s easy to reach stunning islands like Naxos, Mykonos, and Amorgos.


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