Key Takeaways

  • When organizing Greece transportation, scout the best prices for flights from local and international airports, even through charter flights.
  • Local travel can be scenic if you take the ferry.
  • If you’re up for it, you can rent a car to transport to all mainland destinations.
  • Public transport in Greece is great, so choose between the rail network, metro system, buses, or taxis.
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So, here’s the scenario: you’ve booked your flights and finished packing for your honeymoon in Greece, but you’ve forgotten one important detail. Greece transportation.

How will you get around this delightful country to explore all of its gorgeous beaches and exciting cities? 

Well, here’s the thing, we’re just the people to come to, as we know all about this nation. This includes all the best spots to visit and delectable Greek food to try.

Plus, we can help you get around Greece easily with the help of this quick guide. Much like other European countries, Greece is not that hard to navigate, especially with the help of the locals!

All you have to do is read on as we show you the best ways to get around the country on your Greek honeymoon so that you can get to your Greece honeymoon villa in style.

Best Ways to Get Around Greece

By Plane

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One of the easiest and most convenient ways to get to Greece’s best honeymoon destinations is by flying to the different Greek Islands. Greece has five leading airline providers that service international and domestic flights, making Greece transportation a breeze: 

  1. Aegean
  2. Olympic
  3. Sky Express 
  4. Ellinair
  5. Bluebird Airways 

These airlines fly to all of the Greek Islands, so if you’re looking for something quick and easy, we recommend booking flights.

You’ll most likely have to fly from the large cities of Athens or Thessaloniki in mainland Greece when landing from an international airport, as these are the two main Greek airports. If you only have time for a minimoon in Greece, choosing locations close to airports will help you to save a lot of time.

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That said, we know that not everyone is the biggest fan of flying, and plane tickets can be quite pricey depending on when you visit Greece. For example, a flight from Athens to Santorini in the summertime can cost as much as $100, significantly raising your Greece honeymoon costs

However, if it’s in your budget, this is the best way to save time on your Greek honeymoon itinerary

By Ferry to the Greek Islands

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If you’re looking for a way to get around to some of the best Greek Islands for couples, you can’t go wrong with catching a ferry. The boats offer routes to popular Greece honeymoon destinations, such as Mykonos, Santorini, Rhodes, and Crete. 

Plus, ferries are an affordable way to get around both larger islands and smaller islands – as one-way tickets cost as little as $13 (€12). There’s quite a lot of variety in ferries on most islands, from high-speed to overnight options.

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You can also bring cars and motorbikes on some ferries if you’re considering renting a car. However, come summertime, it can get extremely busy, so we advise booking in advance. 

Greek Island hopping is a fantastic thing to do on your honeymoon. This is because you can spend a few days on various Greek Islands, such as the ever-popular Santorini, bustling Mykonos, or stunning Milos. If you’re short on time, you could also explore some of the most couple-friendly islands near Athens.

For a more relaxed way to explore the country, why not try a Cruise in Greece?

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By Car Rental to all Mainland destinations

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Greece’s natural scenery is absolutely stunning — with its wide coastlines and dramatic mountain ranges, a romantic road trip in Greece can seem like a simple choice when visiting many towns and regional roads.

However, driving in Greece isn’t that simple, as it may be challenging to navigate local roads, and road conditions are sometimes very poor. 

At the same time, renting a car can allow more freedom and flexibility, so you can decide where to go on your honeymoon at your own pace. It’ll make it easy to get to remote locations like Mani, the Peloponnese, and Northern Greece.

You’ll need to be over 21 but under 70 and have a driving license. Plus, you might need an International Driving Permit unless you’re from the UK, US, Canada, Australia, Gibraltar, or the EU. 

Insurance is also mandatory for Greek car rentals – and we recommend getting full coverage.

With all this in mind, you can expect to pay around $42 per day for a small car – so around $300 for a week. That makes this an expensive way to get around Greece, so consider this before booking. 

By Railway Network

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If you want to explore Greece’s mainland, using the train network is a fantastic way to get around. Not only is it a terrific way to see some of the nation’s most picturesque vistas during your trip, but it’s also an affordable way to travel.

There are three primary railway routes on the mainland that connect Athens with Thessaloniki, the Peloponnese, and Piraeus.

The first route goes from Athens to central and Northern Greece – which is an easy way to get to Alexandroupoli, Larissa, or Thessaloniki. 

The second route connects Athens with various towns in the Peloponnese. Finally, the third route goes from Athens to Evia Island and Chalkida.

There are also various types of trains, from the speedy Intercity Trains to the slower regional trains. You’ll need to book a ticket on the Hellenic Train website, and it’s best to do this a few months in advance. 

By Bus

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In Greece, the most affordable way to travel is through the KTEL bus system. Not only does it have routes in Athens and around the Greek mainland, but also on many islands. This is a huge budget saver if you’re planning a trip to Greece as a young couple.

Buses are certainly not the most efficient mode of transportation, especially for a honeymoon. However, it is a fantastic way to save money so that you can have more of that delicious Santorini wine with your partner.

On the Greek Islands, buses are ideal for exploring popular tourist spots and white-sand beaches. 

Additionally, you can also buy tickets online, at the bus stop, or from the bus driver. To add to this, you have the flexibility of getting off where you want to.

Sadly, it’s not all positive, as there may be language barriers and schedule variations.  

By Taxi

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While Greece has tons of public transportation options, they often lack privacy and convenience. So, on a safe trip to Greece, catching a taxi is the best way to get around Greece for accessibility and ease. This is the recommended choice if you’re planning a babymoon in Greece.

There are quite a few options to use here, including Uber Taxi, Free Now, and Taxiplon. That said, there is a minimum fare of roughly $3, plus a $1 per kilometer fare and a $0,40 luggage fare.

With all these fees, it’s definitely not the cheapest way to travel around Greece.

You’ll also need to make sure you get a certified taxi, which should have a TAXI sign atop the roof and a taxi meter on the car’s dashboard.

That’s because there are quite a few taxi scams going on in Greece, with some drivers looking to take advantage of tourists. 

However, if you arrange a fixed fare with your driver and follow this advice, you should be good.  

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Final Thoughts on How to Get Around in Greece on Your Honeymoon

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Greece is an idyllic vacation destination with a wide variety of safe transportation options. It’s perfect for any couple, from those who are looking to save for their future or splash some cash.

Regardless of your budget, Greece has tons of options for you to get around. Whether you want to have an island-hopping honeymoon or just explore one spot, you can travel in style. Speak to our honeymoon travel planners to help you organize your dream trip.

Now, all you have to do is hop on a flight and make some once-in-a-lifetime memories in this fun-filled nation!   

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Best Way to Get Around in Greece?

    There’s no easy way to answer this question, but here are some of the best options:

    • The best way for affordability: By bus
    • The best way to save time: By plane
    • The best way for flexibility: By car rental
    • The best way for island-hopping: By ferry

  • Can You Get Around Greece’s Islands Without a Car?

    The simple answer is yes. With ferries, KTEL buses, and domestic planes, you can easily get around the Greek Islands without a car.

    That said, you’ll want to plan your trip according to the island cluster you’re visiting to save time and money.

    For example, if you’re visiting Mykonos for your honeymoon, it’s simple to get to Santorini and Paros, as they’re part of the Cyclades (and easily some of the best Greek islands for couples).

    Getting from Mykonos to Crete, however, can be more difficult and expensive, as they’re over 208 miles apart.

  • Where in Greece is Best for Couples?

    It is tough to single out just one specific island for your Greece honeymoon.

    That is because Greece is full of gorgeous destinations, so here are some of the top spots for couples:

      • Enjoy a Santorini honeymoon if you love breathtaking sunsets and romantic hotels with private pools.


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