Kyrimai Hotel

Kyrimai is an excellent, 4-star hotel situated at Gerolimenas, one of the most scenic regions in Mani close to the sea. This luxurious hotel is housed in a fully restored nineteenth-century building complex, just off the southernmost tip of Mani. Kyrimai’s historic housing, however, doesn’t compromise its contemporary, high-end interior that aims to envelop its guests in comfort and style.

Its rooms offer breathtaking views of Mani’s striking seaside, namely the gorgeous Gerolimenas bay- and the rural landscape. Kyrimai’s guests have the opportunity to taste the traditional local cuisine in the comfort of their accommodation, made with fresh produce by the hotel’s talented chef.  

Where the old wine storage room used to lay, now hosts the reception area, while the old wood storage room now hosts a variety of exhibits, such as old books, that give insight into the region’s rich heritage and culture. Unique and beautiful, Kyrimai Hotel will unfold the full potential of your stay in Mani

  • Swimming Pool
    Swimming Pool
  • Beach
  • Restaurant
  • Terrace restaurant
    Terrace restaurant
  • Private dining
    Private dining
  • Room service
    Room service
  • Terrace

Couples will love:

  • The Superior Sea View Suites are the ultimate destination for a romantic getaway.
  • The historic significance of the building cannot go unnoticed and will fascinate you.
  • Savor mouthwatering breakfast along with stunning sea views at the hotel’s terrace.
  • You can choose to swim either at the stunning pool of the hotel or the sea nearby.
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About the Location

Kyrimai is located in Gerolimenas, a seaside village of Mani of unmatched beauty. Situated in the wonderful location of Mesa Mani, specifically in the enchanting cape of Cape Grosso, Gerolimenas lies about 100 km from the city of Kalamata and about 50 km from Gythio.

Built right by the sea, with a beach full of traditional family taverns, it exudes an old-time ambiance that is both fascinating and charming. Here, you will enjoy the freshest fish you have tasted, you will surrender to sunsets ideally with the rock of Cape Grosso, and you will be left in beautiful alleys that will show you samples of local architecture.

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