Blue Palace Luxury Collection Resort & Spa

Blue Palace is a boutique collection of suites & villas in Elounda that promises to be your home away from home during your stay on the island, offering an opulent experience you will never forget. Spread across 143 acres of property, Blue Palace doesn’t have main a building and consists only of bungalows, suites, and villas, ensuring privacy, tranquility, and a sense of complete freedom.

The accommodations are spread across a small hill and lead to an incredible private beach. All of the rooms include private verandas that allow for striking views out to the Aegean Sea and the historic island of Spinalonga, while most of them feature a private pool. The architecture and design of Blue Palace is a treat to the eyes. In it, you’ll find spacious, sun-drenched spaces of immaculate interior design that is heavily based on elegant minimalism, contemporary art, natural materials, and earthy tones that aim to relax and refresh its guests.

Apart from upscale facilities, you’ll enjoy high-end amenities and a number of exclusive services that will complement and enrich your time in Crete, such as private and customized breakfast menus. The beach is a sea lover’s paradise that stretches across 300 meters. It is calm, quiet, with crystal clear waters, and lies a few meters across the UNESCO-nominated Spinalonga Island. There, you can luxuriate in the private decks, lie in the plush sun loungers, and savor a light snack or a drink. You can also take advantage of Blue Palace’s water sports club, and treat yourself to paddleboarding and other exciting watersports.

To complete the lavish experience, the striking resort boasts 5 refined restaurants that serve mouthwatering dishes, from fresh seafood to traditional Cretan recipes, that will lead you into the compelling world of local cuisine. At the same time, the ‘Isola Beach Club’ and the ‘Arsenali Lounge Bar’ will give you precious moments of leisure, and creative creations of mixology. For the ultimate indulgence, delight in the ostentatious services of the Spa and Fitness Center and achieve physical and mental revitalization. 

  • Poolside Bar
    Poolside Bar
  • Restaurant
  • Gym
  • Spa
  • Wellness center
    Wellness center
  • Private pool
    Private pool
  • Terrace

Couples will love:

  • The vastness of Blue Palace’s property that stretches across 143 acres will give you a sense of liberty that cannot be duplicated.
  • The long private beach makes for the ultimate swimming experience full of comfort, style, and luxury. 
  • Opt for the ‘Secluded Haven Collection’ and enjoy valuable moments of privacy and intimacy away from the crowds.
  • With 5 exquisite restaurants to choose from, gastronomic heaven is guaranteed.
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About the Location

Blue Palace Luxury Collection Resort & Spa is located in Elounda, one of the most prestigious regions of Crete, situated around 78 km from the Heraklion International Airport. Set on the exploration of Crete’s wild beauty and rich culture and treat yourself to fun activities, such as hiking the world-famous gorge of Samaria.

Visit the ancient Minoan palaces of Knossos, Phaestos, Zakros, and Malia. Admire the Dikteon cave, where allegedly Zeus was born, and the Lassithi Plateau with its picturesque villages or the 14th and 15th-century monasteries of Arkadi and Toplou. The top beaches of the region are the beaches of Plaka, Kolokitha, Schisma, Xiona, and Elounda.

Taste delectable creations of Cretan cuisine in ‘Lotus Eaters Mediterranean Restaurant’, ‘Vritomartes Restaurant’, and ‘Paradosiako’. For your evening drinks, visit ‘Alyggos Bar’, ‘BEERaki Cretan Pub’, or ‘Malibu Cafe Bar’. 

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