Key Takeaways

  • With an incredibly diverse character, there are many places that can be considered ‘the best places to live in Italy.’
  • The country is a popular destination for Americans seeking a change of scenery and lifestyle, offering spectacular scenery, delicious cuisine, and a captivating culture.
  • Rome offers a diverse expat community, but it comes with heavy traffic and a big language barrier.
  • Florence is known for its rich cultural offerings and low crime rates, but salaries are lower than in some other European cities.
Positano, Amalfi Coast – credits: Zyankarlo/

Home to spectacular scenery, mouthwatering cuisine, and captivating culture, Italy is a popular destination for Americans looking to swap hamburgers for pizza and pasta.

With so many destinations to choose from, it’s important to find the right area for you. Whether you’re looking for a picturesque town with local produce or a sophisticated city, there are plenty of options.

But before you make the move, we have rounded up the best places to live in Italy as an American, including the cost of living, popular neighborhoods, and the pros and cons of each


Couple at Trevi Fountain in Rome – credits: Maridav/

Home to the Roman Forum, the Colosseum, and the Vatican, it’s safe to say that Rome is one of the most iconic cities in the world.

With a significant number of expats in 2019, it offers a diverse scene with many like-minded Americans searching for the Dolce Vita in one of the best places to live in Italy.


  1. Delicious Italian food
  2. Reasonable cost of living
  3. Lots of art and culture
  4. A community of expats
  5. Fantastic public transport
  6. Good public health care


  1. Heavy traffic
  2. Big language barrier
  3. A busy tourist area

Cost of living in Rome, Italy’s Capital City

Colosseum, Rome – credits: prochasson frederic/

The cost of living in a city like Rome certainly isn’t cheap. Having said that, it is more affordable than you might think, giving you a world of romantic things to do in Rome, most of which won’t break the bank.

In 2023, the average monthly cost of living for a single person was €1,904. When it comes to living in Italy as an American, Rome is actually the second most expensive city in the country.

A basic lunchtime meal with a drink in the business district is €18.

Best neighborhoods in Rome for Americans

When choosing somewhere to live in Italy’s capital city, Rome, the ‘Eternal City’ you may want to consider an area with other expats – especially if you haven’t picked up the lingo yet.

Neighborhoods like Trastevere and Prato are popular choices with people from around the world.

If you’re looking to make friends, then these neighborhoods are brimming with trendy hangouts, not to mention excellent restaurants, cafes, and markets.

They are also well-connected to the rest of the beautiful city. For expats with families, Aventino, Monteverde, and Balduina are far quieter neighborhoods with excellent parks.


Florence-Duomo Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore-Triff-tips-for-traveling-to-italy
Duomo Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore, Florence – credits: Triff/

Nestled along the River Arno, Florence is a picture-perfect city that was once at the epicenter of the Medieval trade.

A great choice for art aficionados, Florence is a sophisticated destination with breathtaking architecture and incredible Tuscan cuisine.


  1. Reasonable cost of living 
  2. World-renowned galleries, museums, shops, and more
  3. Very low crime rates
  4. Easy to explore on foot
  5. Friendly communities


  1. Lots of tourists
  2. Eating out expensive

Cost of living in Florence

Florence – credits:

The cost of living in Florence is substantially lower than in other cities.

For example, the average monthly cost for a single person living in Florence is approximately €1780. A lunchtime meal is around €15.

Best Neighborhoods in Florence for Americans

If you want to make connections with other expats, check out the areas of Santa Spirito, San Frediano, San Marco, and Sant’Ambrogio.

Each area has its own unique style, so be sure to do some research before heading there.

Amalfi Coast 

Couple in Positano – credits: Kateryna Onyshchuk/

Home to chocolate box villages, azure waters, unspoiled beaches, and authentic Italian architecture, the Amalfi Coast is a dreamlike destination that is included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site list.

Situated in southern Italy, you can expect warm temperatures, beautiful gardens, and striking mountain scenery.

If you want to swap your hectic lifestyle with a laidback, slower pace of life, then you have chosen the right pace.

Italian Pizza – credits: V. Matthiesen/


  1. The slower pace of life
  2. Mediterranean climate year-round
  3. Locally grown produce
  4. Plenty of outdoor adventures


  1. High cost of living
  2. The weather can be too hot 
  3. Overcrowded in peak season
  4. Difficult region to drive around due to the mountainous roads 

Cost of living in Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast – credits: proslgn/

As you can expect with such a beautiful and popular destination, the cost of living on the Amalfi Coast is pretty high but cheaper than some of the more prominent cities.

The average cost for a single person is 1,350 EUR. 


Venice, Gondolas – credits: Cristi Croitoru/Shutterstock

Another iconic destination, Venice, is a truly magnificent city in Northern Italy with renowned landmarks and world-famous attractions.

Comprising 150 canals, this charming city boasts a unique charm and a fascinating ancient history. But beyond its impressive architecture and romantic gondola rides, Venice hosts thousands of people from around the world every year.

Additionally, a honeymoon in Venice is one of the most trustworthy experiences for people worldwide.

With diverse culture and an incredible arts scene, it is a great choice for Americans looking to relocate to Italy.


  1. Pedestrian-only town center
  2. Easy to get around 
  3. Jaw-dropping architecture, including Rogue’s Palace and St. Mark’s Basilica


  1. Lots of tourists
  2. High cost of living
  3. Expensive grocery stores 

Cost of living in Venice

Venice – credits: TravnikovStudio/Shutterstock

The average monthly cost for a single person in Venice is €1,773 Euros, making it cheaper than 45% of the cities in Italy.

A basic lunchtime meal with a drink in the business district costs around €17.

Best neighborhoods in Venice for Americans

Where you choose to live in Venice entirely depends on what you are looking for. For a cheaper lifestyle, away from the bus loads of tourists, you’ll probably want to avoid the city center.

For peace and quiet, Dorsoduro is the city’s artistic quarter with street art, live music, and world-class museums.

Castello is home to a vibrant expat community, while Santa Croce is an authentic residential area with a calm ambiance.


Bologna – credits:

Home to the oldest university in Europe, Bologna is a spectacular city close to the Emilia-Romagna coast.

Along with a rich cultural heritage, it also boasts a vibrant nightlife that’s popular with expats. It is also well located for exploring other regions and is far cheaper than other cities. 


  1. Low cost of living
  2. Close to the beach
  3. Less than an hour from Milan, Italy’s fashion capital, and Florence 
  4. Easy to walk around, with most sights being within walking distance
  5. Traffic-free city center on weekends


  1. Lack of parking

Cost of living in Bologna

Bologna buildings – credits:

Living in Bologna is 55% cheaper than living in the rest of Italy and other major European cities. The average cost of living for a single person is €1,519.

A lunchtime meal and drink in the business district is roughly €14.

Best Neighborhoods in Bologna for Americans

The most beautiful area in Bologna has to be the city center, Centro Storico, where you’ll find an endless array of restaurants, parks, markets, and more. There are also excellent transport connections.

Tucked away in a peaceful area, Ghetto Ebraico is one of the most picture-perfect neighborhoods with historic architecture close to the city center.

For an authentic experience, Bologna is a family-friendly area with a diverse cultural scene.


Naples – credits: FRiMAGES/

As the birthplace of pizza, a perfect honeymoon destination, and the gateway to the Amalfi Coast, Naples is an exciting city with a lot to offer.

Home to local markets, an innovative arts scene, and a fascinating history, Naples has something for everyone.


  1. World-renowned cuisine
  2. Regular cultural events
  3. Excellent transport connections 


  1. Overcrowded
  2. Not as safe as other places in Italy

Cost of living in Naples

Pompeii, Naples – credits:

While the cost of living is lower compared to other Italian cities.

Eating out is quite cheap, while grocery prices are surprisingly high.

The average monthly cost for a single person is €1,485. Lunch in the business district with a meal costs just about €12.

Best neighborhoods in Naples for Americans

Get out of the bustling city center and opt for one of Naples’ charismatic neighborhoods that are some of the best places to live in Italy instead.

Families may appreciate the tranquility of Pozzuoli, while those looking for a luxury lifestyle overlooking the Bay of Naples should head to the hillside town of Positano.

Another great area is Santa Lucia, a former fishing town with an up-and-coming neighborhood.


Siena architecture – credits:

Amazing Siena is a medieval town in Tuscany known for its high quality of life, vibrant festivals, and beautiful scenery, like most major cities.

Compared to other cities, it is fairly small and offers the perfect blend of relaxation and city life. Plus, you’re never too far away from the rolling hills, vineyards, and olive groves of Tuscany.


  1. Pedestrian-only Old Town
  2. A UNESCO Heritage site filled with ancient wonders
  3. Home to delicious Tuscan cuisine and world-class wine, Italy is a wine country after all!
  4. English speaking locals
  5. Excellent public transport through Siena and beyond


  1. Expensive cost of living
  2. Lots of tourists
  3. Limited grocery stores in the center
  4. Lack of parking
  5. Cold winters and extremely hot summers
  6. No direct flights to the US

Cost of living in Siena

Siena – credits:

Siena is a sought-after destination and arguably one of the best places to live in Italy, and with that comes a high price tag.

Having said that, it is still a lot cheaper than New York. Lunch with a drink in the business district is roughly €17.40.

Best neighborhoods in Siena for Americans

If you want to live centrally, the neighborhoods of Aquila and Torre are home to historic monuments but become very busy during peak seasons.

Just a 15-minute walk away, Giraffa offers a quiet charm with beautiful architecture, local restaurants, and shops. More residential areas include San Prospero and Istrice


Perugia – credits:

When you dream about living in Italy, Perugia is probably the kind of place that comes to mind with charismatic piazzas, cobbled-stoned alleyways, grand basilicas, and a laid-back lifestyle.

As the largest city in Umbria, it offers a historic charm with a medieval center that looks like it has frozen in time. For expats, it also has a great sense of community and a lively nightlife.

Street in Rome – credits: Catarina Belova/


  1. A thriving expat community
  2. Close proximity to Florence and Rome
  3. Diverse cultural scene with an international crowd


  1. High cost of living

Cost of living in Perugia

The cost of living is fairly high in Perugia compared to other cities. The average cost for a single person living in Perugia is €1,400.

Best Neighborhoods in Perugia for Americans

Perugia steps – credits:

While the center of Perugia is beautiful, it comes at a high price tag. The quality of accommodation in the historic center is also fairly low.

So, if you’re looking for affordability and comfort, opt for the quieter neighborhoods of Elce or Monteluce.

They are far away enough from the chaos of the center but close enough to get around. 

Final Thoughts on The Best Places To Live In Italy

Gondola ride in Venice – credits: Yurina_Photo/

If you are considering a trip to Italy, then there are plenty of options.

World-famous cuisine, stunning scenery, welcoming locals, and a slower pace all contribute to an excellent quality of life.

While the cost of living is fairly high, it is considerably lower than other cities in Western Europe. Before you make the move, be sure to do some research and find the right location for you.

You don’t need more reasons to visit Greece and Italy. All you need is to pull the trigger, contact us, and book the trip of your dreams!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I find affordable accommodation in Venice?

    Finding affordable accommodation in Venice, one of the best places for a honeymoon in Italy, is difficult but not impossible.

    While it is a daunting task to complete alone, if you contact one of our travel specialists you will get what you want in no time at all!

  • How easy is it to get around Bologna without a car?

    Whether you’re traveling on foot, by bus, or by car, Bologna is a very easy city to get around. Not only is it walkable, it is also easy to navigate.

    On top of that, the roads in the city center are closed to traffic on weekends, making it a wonderful place for a stroll.

  • Is Naples safe for Americans?

    Yes! Whether you’re American or Italian, this vibrant city is a safe place to live. Like all cities, you need to watch out for petty theft and scams.

  • What is the weather like in Siena?

    Unlike other cities in Italy, Siena has some very distinct seasons. Summer is very hot, while winter is long and cold.

    In summer, the average high is 30°C, and the average low is 16°C. During winter, days are short, and the average daily high is below 13°C.

    In January, the average low is -0°C, and the average high is 9°C.

  • What is the weather like in Perugia?

    If you want to relocate to Italy for its warm weather, then you’re in luck. Perugia enjoys some very hot summers and moderate temperatures in spring.

    If, however, you prefer the seasons, then you’ll appreciate the city’s cooler winters, with an average low of 4.4 °C in January.


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