Key Takeaways

  • The best honeymoon destinations in Italy are Bosa, Florence, the Amalfi coast, Verona, Matera, and Cefalù, each offering unique experiences and attractions.
  • Italy offers diverse landscapes and activities, making it a romantic honeymoon destination with rich culture, history, art, and food after eloping in Italy.
  • Visiting Italy during the shoulder seasons (spring and fall) has several advantages, including cheaper flights and accommodations, fewer crowds, and pleasant weather.
  • Tips for a honeymoon in Italy include having a defined budget, spending at least three days in each destination, learning some Italian phrases, packing smart-casual clothes, and avoiding overcrowded tourist hotspots.
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From coastal towns to hillside villages, ancient cities to rustic farms, honeymoon destinations in Italy are easily one of the most romantic in the world.

The country offers a vast range of diverse landscapes and activities, ensuring your honeymoon is remarkably unique and filled with romance. 

It is no coincidence that the incomparable natural beauty of the Mediterranean is one of the top reasons to visit Greece and Italy.

Spending your honeymoon in Italy is much more than visiting the Roman Colosseum or a Venice Gondola ride through the ancient canals.

No matter the town, Italy will expose you to a rich culture brimming with history, art, and world-class food. With so many delightful places to choose from, it’s no wonder Italy is a top destination for newlyweds

Choosing the right time and place(s) to visit can take careful research and honeymoon planning. Fortunately, we’re here to help you design your trip and personalize your perfect Italy honeymoon itinerary. Below, our honeymoon travel planners have compiled a guide to six of the best places in Italy for a honeymoon

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The Best Time to Visit Italy for Honeymoon 

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The best places in Italy for a honeymoon are great to visit year-round. Its mild Mediterranean climate creates hot, dry summers and cool, humid winters. 

Although Italian summers have their perks, the best time to visit Italy is in spring and fall – the low tourist seasons. During these seasonal periods, Italy’s weather is mild and pleasantly comfortable. You’ll also find better deals and less crowds.

Here are four reasons to visit honeymoon destinations in Italy in the shoulder seasons:

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  1. Flights and transportation in Italy will be less expensive. This means more money to spend on traveling within Italy and special activities. 
  2. Hotels, B&Bs, and honeymoon resorts in Italy will be cheaper and quieter, making a wider range of stunning accommodations available. 
  3. There will be fewer crowds and long lines of people. If you’re only in Italy for a short period, you want to save time. Plus, queuing in line for hours on end is not very romantic. 
  4. Experience cooler temperatures, perfect for cozying up and enjoying warm Italian comfort foods such as gnocchi and lo sfincione

Most Romantic Honeymoon Destinations in Italy 

Fortunately, there’s no shortage of beautiful places to visit in Italy for a honeymoon. The hardest thing will be narrowing it down to just one or two!

We’ve carefully selected the following towns as the most romantic places in Italy. This is due to the fact that they don’t get too overcrowded and touristy and still retain a sense of authenticity. 


Bosa – credits:

After an Italian honeymoon destination that’s a little less mainstream than Rome or a honeymoon in Venice? Head over to Bosa on the island of Sardinia.

Known as one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, Bosa is a colorful hillside town overlooking the sea. It has a medieval castle, a handful of churches, quaint museums, and plenty of gorgeous restaurants and shops you can enjoy on your couple’s holiday in Italy

Fortunately, there are no highways in Sardinia. The lack of major roads gives the charming Bosa and the rest of the island a rustic air of exclusivity. Here, get around via smaller, provincial roads that make for a more exciting adventure when exploring the 1,149 miles (1,849km) of stunning coastline. 

Bosa – credits:

In Bosa, enjoy a typical breakfast of espresso and rusks with tomatoes and olive oil before heading out for the day. If you and your partner are avid hikers, there are numerous nearby trails to explore.

Alternatively, spend the day sailing on a catamaran exploring the nearby Maddalena Archipelago. For cheese lovers, visit a local sheep farm and see how they make Pecorino and Ricotta.  


Florence – credits:

Dreaming of a honeymoon destination filled with art, history, wine, and food – Florence is one of the ultimate Italian honeymoon destinations.

Located in central Italy in Tuscany, a honeymoon in Florence is like something out of an oil painting.

It’s nestled amongst the rolling green hills and Italian vineyards and is complete with classic architecture, medieval churches, and grand piazzas. The city of Florence is synonymous with love and beauty.

If you’re looking for authentic accommodation, consider staying in an agriturismo – local farmhouses converted into small B&Bs. These agriturismos are a sustainable form of tourism that benefit the farmers and help to preserve the land. 

Spending your honeymoon in Florence absolutely requires a visit to the Chianti Vineyards via a wine-tasting excursion. Hop on a Vespa and explore the Tuscan countryside.

Follow that with seeing a classical orchestra performance at the Teatro Goldoni, an intimate theater built on a former monastery.

Lastly, end the day with a meander through the lush Boboli Gardens or view the city from the water by cruising down the river Arno on a vintage barchetto


Amalfi Coast – credits:

There’s no doubt the coast of Amalfi is one of the best places in Italy for a honeymoon if you’re searching for a romantic and chic seaside town with phenomenal scenery.

The Amalfi Coast comprises relaxed coastal villages dotted along its dramatic cliffside. Located in southern Italy overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Gulf of Solerno, Amalfi exudes mystique, romance, and luxury

Amalfi will leave anyone amazed. Filled with colorful buildings, shimmering bays, and hidden coves, it’s the perfect setting for a couple’s holiday in Italy.

Its small pebble beaches are accessible by steep and narrow winding roads. Some beaches, such as Lover’s Beach, are accessed only by sea.

There’s so much to do, from taking a scenic drive along the spectacular Amalfi coastline to booking a traditional cooking class to learn more about the historic Amalfi cuisine.

Sip on some of the best limoncello in all of Italy, as the Amalfi Coast is home to the Italian lemon liqueur.

In the evening, relax with a glass of vino and a plate of fresh seafood at Saracen Tower. From here, witness one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world – we can attest to that.


Verona – credits:

The beautiful Verona is full of history and antiquities. In fact, the City of Love is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Located in northern Italy, halfway between Venice (with its amazing romantic hotels) and Milan, Verona is a charming city that exudes romance and passion.  

Verona is probably most famous for being the setting in one of the greatest love stories of all time: Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. You can even stop by to see Juliet’s house and iconic balcony.

Although this house is just symbolic (and not to mention a potential tourist trap), it’s still fun to see – just don’t try serenading Juliet, as you might annoy the neighbors. 

Spend your afternoon rambling through the city until you stumble upon the lively Piazze delle Erbe. In the evenings, get dressed up and watch an opera at Verona Arena (Verona’s mini Roman Colosseum).

Alternatively, enjoy a candlelit dinner at Laconda di Castelvecchio, one of Verona’s oldest establishments. To end your evening, visit one of the city’s many intimate bottegas to sample some of the finest Italian wines.


Matera – credits:

Located in the Basilicata region in southern Italy is the charming city of Matera. It’s one of the best places in Italy for a honeymoon if you’re looking for somewhere a little more remote and off-the-beaten-track.

What’s more, perched on the edge of a ravine, this ancient city makes for a dramatic first impression. 

At over 7,000 years old, Matera is one of the oldest cities in the world. What were once former cave dwellings carved out of rock are now homes, hotels, restaurants, and shops.

Due to its unique architecture and cultural heritage, in 1993, Matera became a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Matera – credits:

Matera is a city made for walking, so spend the afternoon exploring the stone steps and winding pathways that connect the city.

Experience a stay in a luxury cave hotel and get transported back in time. Lastly, for ultimate relaxation, book a couple’s massage at the Aquatio Cave Hotel’s luxury spa.

For sweeping sunset views overlooking the ravine, head to Piazze San Pietro Caveoso, which is near many of Matera’s best shops and restaurants.

Matera lit up at night is also a must-see, so take in the sights while you enjoy an aperitivo (an Italian pre-meal drink). 


Cefalu – credits:

As a coastal town on the island of Sicily, Cefalù has everything from glistening beaches to ancient ruins to medieval cathedrals.

The small Sicilian town exhibits a perfect blend of tourists and locals. What’s more, the beautiful old city and ancient fishing harbor make Cefalù the ideal Italian honeymoon destination

Cefalù is home to some of Sicily’s finest beaches. The town’s clear water, beige-colored beaches, and exquisite craggy rocks promote a perfect place to spend your days lounging under the Sicilian sun.

A bonus? The water here is warm enough to swim until the end of October.

Spend the morning hiking up La Rocca to a magnificent viewpoint overlooking the old town. Next, indulge in afternoon gelato while you take in the lively atmosphere of the Piazza Garibaldi.

And for sightseeing, add the Duomo de Cefalù, a medieval cathedral and UNESCO World Heritage Site, to your to-see list.

Lastly, take a trip to the Museo Mandralisca, a private museum filled with the life-long collection of Baron Mandralisca. 

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Tips for Spending Your Honeymoon in Italy  

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Here is some advice to help you get the best out of your honeymoon in Italy. Remember that spending at least three days in each of the towns mentioned above is well worth it. 


  • Have a clearly defined budget – there’s no need to add unnecessary financial stress to your honeymoon vacations. 
  • Plan to spend eight to ten days in Italy for the full experience. 
  • Learn a little Italian to help you get by. ‘Bonguiorno,’ ‘vino,’ and ‘per favore’ are a few common words you’ll likely use often. 
  • Pack smart-casual clothes and dress modestly if you plan on visiting any churches.  
  • Decide on and book certain activities you’d like to do prior to your trip. If you visit Italy in the summer high season, there is a good chance that some tours and sightseeing activities can be fully booked for weeks. 
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  • Try to pack too much into your daily itineraries. Italian culture is extremely laid-back, so get into the swing of things and spend the day lounging and exploring at your own leisurely pace. 
  • Expect big, filling breakfasts – Italians like to eat light in the morning.  
  • Spend all your time at the all-inclusive resort – there’s so much to experience outside the hotels. 
  • Eat pizza with your hands. ‘What taboo is this?’ you may be thinking. In Italy, it’s standard etiquette to eat pizza with a knife and fork. 
  • Dine at all the tourist hotspots. Search for authentic eateries that will be a fraction of the price. 

Final Thoughts: The top Italy honeymoon destinations

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Honeymoons are important because they offer quality time with your loved one to unwind from the wedding stress.

They are also a fantastic chance to connect with your partner and start your unionship on a solid note. You could also forgo all that and elope in Italy – talk about divine. 

The best places in Italy for honeymoon depend on your holiday objectives if you and your partner are more beach-oriented and don’t sweat over how much a honeymoon in Italy costs, head to Sardinia or Amalfi.

Trevi Fountain – credits:

If you’re after culture and art, definitely go to Verona and Florence. For something a little more remote and unpretentious, pay a special visit to Martera or Cefalù.

Luckily, great food and scenery are nearly guaranteed everywhere you go in Italy. We promise a honeymoon in Naples or a honeymoon in Cinque Terre will be just as good if not better!

Perhaps you need to be sure Italy is the right destination for your memorable trip. Consider Greece as another beautiful holiday destination, and be sure to check out the best places in Greece for your honeymoon and evaluate your options by reading the best time to visit Greece on a honeymoon

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it expensive to honeymoon in Italy? 

    Italy is actually the fourth cheapest country in Western Europe. In saying that, popular tourist towns can still be expensive, especially during the summertime when restaurants, accommodation, and tours hike up their prices.

    For a budget-friendly honeymoon, consider spending time in smaller, more rural Italian towns in the spring or fall and not the most popular honeymoon destinations like Lake Como.

  • Is Greece or Italy better for a honeymoon?

    Both Italy and Greece are timeless and some of the best honeymoon destinations that guarantee a romantic vacation and a summer honeymoon made out of dreams.

    Italy is perfect for a cultural trip involving museums, history, art, and food, while Greece is more known for its beaches and relaxing atmosphere. It’s slightly cheaper to honeymoon in Greece than in Italy.

  • How do you spend your Italian honeymoon itinerary? 

    There are endless ways to spend your honeymoon in Italy – one of the most romantic destinations in the world.

    When selecting the best places in Italy for a honeymoon, you could keep it lowkey with romantic wine tastings and sun-filled beach days, or expand your knowledge with intimate activities such as cooking classes and castle tours.

    In the evenings, no matter where in Italy, take time to revel in the country’s glorious gastronomy, and if you’re visiting the Italian Riviera, catch a mesmerizing sunset alongside your life partner.


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