Key Takeaways

  • An Athens honeymoon gives you the chance to combine a vibrant historic city with beautiful coastal landscapes.
  • Visit the iconic Acropolis and explore the charming Plaka neighborhood.
  • Most people associate sandy beaches with the Greek islands, but you’ll be just a few minute’s drive from the stunning Athens’ Riviera.

The majestic Greek capital has been gathering the interest of travelers around the world since antiquity. However, travelers overlook an Athens honeymoon when planning their romantic escape.

This omission happens because the glorious beaches of the Greek islands steal the show with their famous landscapes and trademark aesthetic.

As a result, this leaves an Athens Honeymoon far behind on romantic breaks to Greece and Italy, a mistake many people make due to lack of information.

So here is your ultimate guide to an Athens honeymoon. Our honeymoon travel planners will show you all your reasons why you should choose this beautiful city for the most romantic days you will ever experience.

Why should choose Athens for your honeymoon?

Couple gazing at the Acropolis – credits: Aleksandar Todorovic/

The reasons why you should choose Athens as your honeymoon destination are plenty. It depends on your individual needs and desires but in our opinion, these are the most important ones.

  1. You can never run out of things to do. Athens is the cultural center of Greece. As a result, it is full of activities from the morning until night.
  2. Experience some of the world’s most fascinating archaeological sites. The Acropolis, the Temple of Zeus, and the Ancient Agora are only some of the remnants of ancient Greece to visit. 
  3. Athens combines an urban aesthetic with stunning sandy beaches a short drive from the center. The Athens Riviera offers vast choices for your swimming endeavors without wasting precious time on lengthy transportation. Excellent infrastructure makes it a safe option for a babymoon in Greece.
  4. Cultural stimuli provides inspiration at every turn. From fascinating museums to impressive art galleries, you could not miss the rich culture of Greece in its capital even if you tried to. 
  5. You will eat in excellent eateries, both high-end restaurants, and local-run taverns. Greek cuisine is recognized for its excellence around the world. Therefore, your honeymoon in Athens gives you the opportunity to figure out all the reasons why yourself.
  6. Combine your Athens honeymoon with a visit pretty much anywhere else in Greece. After all, the capital city has excellent connections with regions like Mani and the Peloponnese, and the Greek islands. Why not use it as the base for a Greek cruise, a Greek island-hopping honeymoon, or even a romantic Greek road trip?
  7. You will take a route most people don’t, making your experience even more unique. No one likes to be unoriginal, so why be on your honeymoon?

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When you should visit Athens for a honeymoon

Athens’ street overlooking Hadrian’s Arch – credits: Viacheslav Lopatin/

Another asset of Athens is that it is a perfect holiday destination all year round, unlike the Greek islands. So the answer to the question “when is the best time to visit Greece on a honeymoon?” is “any time.”

Each season holds an extraordinary beauty, making it a fun choice for a winter honeymoon in Greece. Regardless, spring and autumn boast the perfect Greek weather for your honeymoon in Athens.

Then, you will be able to explore the fantastic city without suffering from either the heat or the cold. The historic town in full bloom is a sight to behold.

The trees on the streets will be filled with flowers, and the bright sun will be shining gloriously.

Quaintly, Athens is the only destination in Greece that we wouldn’t deter you from visiting during the high-season summer months.

Due to the islands’ popularity, the tourist crowds surge to them from late Jue to late August. That leaves Athens empty and quiet, an occurrence only during that time. 

Top things to do on an Athens honeymoon

Couple in the streets of Athens – credits: Page Light Studios/

There are endless romantic things to do in Athens, which is why so many people choose to come here for Valentine’s Day in Greece. Here are the top things to do in Athens for a honeymoon. Follow our advice and include them in your Greece honeymoon itinerary. As soon as you cover the basics, you’ll be free to spend your precious time with your significant other any way you’ve dreamt of.

Visit the Acropolis

Athens Riviera – credits: Sven Hansche/

The jewel of Athens, the imposing Acropolis rock, is by far the most visited and admired landmark of Greece. Climb the thousand-year-old rock and discover the excellence in ancient Greeks’ architecture, culture, and aesthetics. From Propylaia, the marble gate of the hill, to the temple of Athena Nike, the Odeon of Herodes Atticus -that hosts cultural events to this day-  the famous Parthenon, and the Erechteion with its Caryatid sculptures, the beauty and fascinating history of the area will leave you speechless. Visit at sunset to see some of the most romantic wedding proposals in Greece.

Of course, no visit to the Acropolis would ever be complete without visiting the Acropolis Museum right across the street from the archaeological site. There, you will get to marvel at the findings that the excavations on the “sacred rock” brought to light. As a result, you will have the everyday life of ancient Greeks presented before you through historical evidence. Fun and educational, a visit to the modern Acropolis Museum will kill two birds with one stone on your Athens honeymoon.

Swim in Athens Riviera

Vouliagmeni Beach – credits: Jekatarinka/

Worried you won’t get enough beach time on your Athens honeymoon? As you’ll quickly figure out when you get to Athens, it’s not only the Greek islands that boast stunning beaches. On the contrary, Athens Riviera is a sea lover’s dream come true. A top locations for luxury vacations in Greece.

And as if that wasn’t enough, it is only a few minutes away from the vibrant city center. As you drive along the length of the beautiful Athens’ riviera, you will come upon many beaches, each better than the next one.

From the beaches of Edem, Astir, Yabannaki, and Kavouri, to the stunning Cape Sounio with the Temple of Poseidon, you will find what you’re looking for if you’re in the mood for sandy shores and shimmering blue waters.

Alternatively, you can also choose to swim in the Vouliagmeni Lake, known for its therapeutic properties and mesmerizing setting.

For more incredible beaches, you could also consider a day trip to the many couple-friendly islands near Athens.

Walk around the neighborhood of Plaka 

Plaka – credits: Milan Gonda/

There are only a few more romantic things to do in Greece than a walk hand-in-hand with your better half across the historical neighborhood of Athens. Of course, most districts of the historic city are worth a visit. However, Plaka, in particular, is perfect for a romantic stroll. It has been characterized as a traditional settlement and is also known as the “district of the gods.”

Plaka, with its picturesque Anafiotika district that is reminiscent of a Cycladic island, is today a pole of attraction for thousands of tourists worldwide. Wandering around its alleys, you can’t help but take in their calming energy. You will come upon beautiful houses with flowery balconies and colorful, imposing, wooden doors. 

Οn Tholou Street, you will see the first building. This building housed the first Kapodistrian University of Athens. This house is one of the most remarkable monuments of Athens and today houses the History Museum of the University. ‘Giasemi,’ the most famous cafe in Anafiotika, is waiting for you after your walk with an excellent buffet at the entrance. There, you will find all kinds of delicacies, savory or sweet, to accompany your coffee. You can sit on one of the outdoor tables, on the steps, or the terrace, from where you enjoy the view of Athens. If you love exploring romantic cities, you could also swap your Athens honeymoon for a honeymoon in Venice.

Eat souvlaki

Greek food, in general, is always a good idea. However, you cannot leave Athens during your Greece honeymoon without trying the local street food delicacy that has the world drooling. Souvlaki, the king of Greek street food, can be found in all shapes and forms around every corner of the Greek capital.

The chances of tasting bad souvlaki are close to none. However, our favorite souvlaki establishments include ‘Kostas’ and ‘Hoocut’ in Agias Irinis Square and ‘Elvis’ in the neighborhood of Pagkrati. Choose the meat of your choice and stuff the delicious pita bread with the ingredients of your liking. Tasting souvlaki will be a culinary experience of a lifetime.

How many days should you stay in Athens for a honeymoon?

Couple in an infinity pool – credits: Sven Hansche/

When planning your honeymoon, or even simply your luxury vacation in Greece, the more days, the merrier. That, of course, stands true for Athens as well. With the abundance of things to do, see and visit, ideally, you should stay no less than a week or two.

However, if you’re using your Athens honeymoon as a starting point for your Greek islands vacation, then make sure to spend to least a couple of days in it before heading out to the islands or the countryside. It is worth the time and effort, and doing otherwise would be a shame. If you’re short on time, it’s easy to pack the best things to do in Athens into a Greek minimoon.

Where to stay on an Athens honeymoon

Andronis Athens BC

Being a destination thousands of people choose for their vacations or Greece honeymoon every year, Athens possesses excellent tourist infrastructure.

Therefore, you will be no short of choice when it comes to deciding which Greece honeymoon villa you’re going to stay at or which neighborhood of Athens you will choose as your temporary home. 

Our advice would be to choose a central spot, from where you’ll be within walking distance to Athens’ key points.

Alternatively, if you’re looking to relax away from the hustle and bustle of the big city, and you want to opt for something a bit quieter and secluded, Athens’ Riviera is the way to go.

In any case, we have put together a carefully selected list of romantic hotels in Athens we think can meet the standards of even the most demanding of travelers.

Choosing your home away from home is an integral part of planning your trip and ensuring its success.

Athens has been praised for its beauty and historical and cultural significance for thousands of years. It is also an incredible Greek honeymoon destination that can host the happiest and most fairytale-like days of your life.

So give your married life the best start by booking your honeymoon in Athens. It will be the first of many couple vacations you will have there that will produce some of the fondest memories you could wish for. If you love city breaks, you could also consider a honeymoon in Rome or a honeymoon in Florence.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How far is Santorini from Athens by plane?

    If you’re paring your Athens trip with a Santorini honeymoon, a flight there takes around 50 minutes.

    But you have to factor in transfers and time spent at the airport. For a more relaxing and budget friendly experience, you could also take a ferry in 4-5 hours.

  • Is there a train from Italy to Greece?

    It is possible to take a train from Italy to Greece but it is a very time-consuming and complicated way to pair the two countries. The easiest way would be to fly or take a ferry.

  • Is Athens better than Santorini?

    Both Athens and Santorini are great options for a Greek honeymoon.

    Which one you prefer will depend on the type of couple you are. Santorini is more quaint, with unique views, pretty towns, and fun outdoor activities.

    While Santorini has an interesting history, Athens is home to archeological superstars like the Acropolis and the Temple of Poseidon.

    The city has a more youthful and edgy feel, and is usually more friendly to a Greece honeymoon budget.


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