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We are excited to share this journey with you. Our names are Nikos and Anna and we are a married Greek couple living in Athens with our little baby boy (talking about those sleepless nights!). Nikos studied Economics and holds an MBA while Anna has a bachelor’s in Elementary Education and a certificate in Digital Marketing.

We started our travel business after quitting our jobs in the private sector in the midst of the Greek economic crisis in 2015. Travelling has always been our passion -we’ve visited more than 10 countries together- so, inevitably, we made it our profession after all. Our aim has always been to introduce Greek culture to travelers from around the world through authentic, local experiences and bespoke journeys.

We got married in 2019 and the process of designing our honeymoon to Italy has been delightful. Choosing elegant accommodations, booking interesting tours and activities, searching for the hidden gems, making our reservations at select local restaurants, planning our day-to-day itinerary; all has been a tremendous source of fun and excitement.

The end result truly did us justice; it was the trip of a lifetime! Working in the travel business for years was our key to avoid common first-time mistakes, look for the real deal and avoid the touristy, unoriginal choices. This is when it hit us: why don’t we help other couples experience the honeymoon of their dreams in Greece, our very own beautiful country?

After months of research for the best itineraries, spectacular accommodation, top travel professionals, and unique experiences, we found our brand and our name: Eros+Psyche Travel. A dedicated space for couples who wish to celebrate their love by traveling to our homeland.

Our journeys are not on the cheap side, not because of some snobbish attitude, but because we believe that traveling together is an investment, a true gift that we should all make to ourselves and to our relationship.

In order to make the most out of it, what we can promise you are the following:

We will never treat you as yet another customer. If you choose us to work together, we will personally get involved with your request, get to know you in person, and talk in-depth about your trip. 

You will have our full, devoted attention, as we only take on a limited number of trip requests each month in order to dedicate the proper amount of time and energy to each of them. 

You will work with a like-minded local couple who will find the top choices for your trip. We don’t deal with the whole world, just our country. And we know it like the palm of our hand.

You will have at least two friendly faces when you arrive in Greece and our continuous support throughout your trip; we will be here for you before, during and after your journey to make sure everything meets your expectations.

We will be more than happy to design your journey from scratch, to make sure it matches your particular needs and desires. Every journey is unique and it should be tailored to what you have imagined.

All in all, Eros+Psyche Travel was created to celebrate love, traveling and a love for traveling. If you are like us and plan to visit Greece for your special trip, we are here for you every step of the way.

Nikos & Anna

From our trips together

A new philosophy in couples traveling

We believe in a certain way of traveling. And this does not include big bus tour groups, nor large chain hotels or just crossing destinations off your list. Our philosophy is that, in order to really experience a life-changing journey, you should:

Immerse yourself in the culture and the landscape of your destination

Take a moment to appreciate your surroundings and not hop from one destination to another

Exploit your limited time with the help of a knowledgeable guide who will open your eyes about what you see and give you a real perspective of living in this country

Trust an experienced, local travel specialist with whom you will design a trip tailored to your needs, avoiding endless research and first-timer mistakes

Who was Eros + Psyche?

Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies
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